Is this the BEST WAY to mix paint? - I WAS SHOCKED...

Am 19 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I’ve never seen jazza so frustrated and swear so many times in one video lmaoo

  • 3:19 does the opposite of what he says

  • I love creating art and using paint, unfortunately art supplies are too expensive for me right now so I love watching your videos so I can at least watch someone create art!

  • Judging by the title, I'd say the "shock" was out of disappointment

  • Do you have a video on blending with alcohol markers? I just got some ohuhu markers to try and step up my art but im having trouble

  • What if there was something like this that was automated, where you could enter in RGB or CMYK values and the machine would automatically mix the paint to the exact color you wanted. Kind of takes some (or a lot) of the fun out of the painting process, but I guess it could be useful.

  • With this product, it sounds like someone was looking for a problem, when there was no problem. What's the phrase, "If it's not broke, don't fix it". This did take me back to my days in art college, where we would use random bits of cardboard for our mixing palettes, then made an art piece of of the finished with palette :D.

  • Am i the only one who pictures that design in the background, in the middle of it as a pair of slippers?

  • I called the number as a joke and it worked the first time I don't know what happened

  • Great video to let know not to buy this product 😂😂😂

  • Lol I think it’s just a waste of money

  • Brought to you by: That one kid who somehow failed their color wheel assignment in Freshman year art class.

  • I am NOT a kinaesthetic learner and it was so frustrating to watch 😫 I guess that guys who created this were frustrated as well because they posted a video with more examples of how to use this device 😂

  • Shouldnt you use cyan and magenta instead of red and blue

  • I love painting but I have a hard time mixing colors becouse I am colorblind.

  • If something like this actually worked it would be good to get a consistent baseline to work with, especially on a larger scale where you often have to try to replicate a colour more times than perhaps expected.

  • Jazza is just an old man that doesn't understand our modern technology.

    • Whetever you comment on my video I will make in MINIATURE- the most liked comment on my video I will make in MINIATURE!!!!! I reply to the comments too !!! ( CLICK ON MY ICON)-thanks for reading this !! :) I really need Ideas!!!

  • I don't know why you're obsessing on 'equal parts' of each paint. Mixing paints often uses a formula; you want this specific shade use 1 part x, 1 part y, 2 parts z and a speck of a. The 'turning thing' on the top is how you choose how many 'parts' of which colour you want. It doesn't seem to work well at the dispensing granted, but your incredulity at the concept is honestly surprising to me here.

  • Could this be attwmpting to solve an issue someone with a disability may have possibly? No idea, just suggesting. Things like this are invented for a reason.

  • In my color theory class I trolled everyone with a milligram scale. I measured the exact measurements with a scale.... not a dumb syringe thingy.

  • As someone who can't ever get her costume colors the same it would be nice to have a tool that told you the exact amount of each paint you need. But this ain't it.

  • When he explain about the products he may be talking about childbirth but with paint

  • Imagine mixing paint normally bruh cringe

  • Jazza I thought you *were* a kinaesthetic learner

  • who else thought that you have to choose colors digitally?

  • I think, this is the best method to Waste time and Paint😅

  • Just a waste of my time

  • 9:04-9:13 KILLED ME

  • He's trying so hard to find good things about this 😂😂

  • Jazza wy u say f word 7 times

  • Wow

  • 2:58 looking orange to me 🤷‍♀️

  • Can you do a wish water cooler review

  • who else about to call the number just for fun

  • Lol jazza is such a goof

  • u could just manually pour each paint lol... edit: wrote this before he said this :D

  • This video is just an angry australian

  • Man I thought it was gonna be an automatic machine where you type in hex values or something and it makes the exact colour but the fact it’s manual is really funny

  • Imagine someone actually calling that number and some ACTUALLY replies

  • Is there a blue condamnet

  • 3mins of watching this video conclusion: literal shit product made just to make money has no practical function at all; not easy to use, doesn't work as intended, colour pigments aren't all equal and who the fuck knows what rations you can literally do this better by hand.

  • This is like a dad yelling why would they change math, math is math

  • It’s becuase it’s meant for more watered down colours

  • Heh, "Pick up a bit of paint and pick up another bit of paint, AND MIX!"

  • This is hysterical! I showed my art students and they were dying laughing!

  • So the 1-800 number works.... But they would not sell me any "mix paint" Only CAR WARRANTIES!!!

  • OOOO

  • The og is the og I guess

  • Don’t forget plant. You forgot plant. Plant wants souls.

  • How can he judge this product if he doesn’t even know how it workssss, that’s not fair. He didn’t even read any instructions

  • Glass....tubes...

  • I'm colourblind and this could *maybe* help but it's better just to have a colour-visioned friend😂

  • Pause at 8:15. You're welcome.

  • hey

  • it is 100% the digital revolution. Digitally you can mix, redo, undo save, layer, restart and so on.

  • before I knew I was colour blind, I would get berated every day by my art teacher and so I fell out of love with using colour in my paintings and only used black and white paint. with that thing, I think I could have kept a bit of dignity, and maybe I wouldn't have gotten kicked out of my art class lmao

  • Honestly I feel like this isn't a terrible idea. The product was just executed poorly

  • Jazza: Using 10ml Pipettes Also Jazza: Okay let’s see if it’s accurately 20ml….

  • Nerde crafter needs to be extra salty and try this! #nerdecrafter

  • You’re the best. Love laughing with you. Would seriously be doing the exact same thing

  • "Might have been for the colorblind" me, a colorblind: "Just buy the needed color"

  • Jazzy is prob going to make a documentary about the mystery of the paint people😂

  • This video is gonna push their sales to the highest they ever been in the past 5 years

  • He's wearing the kinaesthetic shirt!!

  • RYB will never be able to produce all possible colors. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow provide a better color gamut as they are secondary colors which work better with pigment.

  • Called the number they are so mad😂

  • This looks amazing. Can’t wait to get mine it’s going to take my painting to the next level

  • Its so nice and sweet that he's trying to prove that he's doing something wrong, prove that the product is something more, and trying to be nice about it!

  • I looked it up out of interest and their website is working now, but it doesn’t show that much. It says it’s a color or scent formulator and how it’s accurate 🤔 it didn’t look that accurate or easy to use 😆 also why weren’t there any instructions. I don’t really get it, but surely if you wanted such accurate measurements you could just use syringes

  • So.., someone thought " hey you know pipets and syringes and stuff? Well they're too accurate in getting you the same amount of something every single time, so why not make a shit version, and have 3 of them at the same time using a weird and overly complex system to dose with them so that accuracy goes away!"

  • So why do you use red blue yellow? Which aren't even the complementary colors. Cyan, yellow and magenta are.

  • I literally thought u were Gordon Ramsey for a sec..

  • I guess this is only helpful if you need near exact colour mixes multiple separate batches of the same colour.

  • I love Jazza so much he is so wholesome (even when he's not lol) these vids really help to take away from the horrible parts of the world and of people

  • hahaha the commercial at the end is so good !!!

  • I don't mind the concept but the execution wasn't there. If they programed this part to squeeze out a certain percentage and controlled for color (meaning they would have to stick with one brand of paint) I could see using a UI to select a color blend of your choice but this kind if application really has been done, more industrially from my limited experience but the utility of it has been invented all the same.

  • Lol....hillarious.... I love watching you testing things out you are so funny :):):) just a thought but you filled all your syringes full of paint....the video showed only a small amount of paint?....and did you shake your paint dont know how long its been sitting dorment in those tubes!!!....Lmbo!!!!..... Too funny :) have fun, and a nice day :) stay safe and well....and keep up the great videos!!! lol.... magz :)

  • I've been using something like that when working in a printing house (the spec wheel, however, was controlled by a computer). It doesn't matter where you push - as long as your paints have the same consistency the mix will have exact same proportions each time so these parts where Jazza is frustrated because he tries to make the mix blue or red "heavy" are hilarious. In my case the scale in the app UI was converting from CMYK to whatever colour palette you had.

  • Fill it aaaaall the way to the top

  • They didn't even give you the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow. Love your Videos Jazza also please bring your beautiful wife back❤

  • Love your videos man , please never stop making them , even if u got some other job or something , I cannot think of my DEname feed without your videos

  • First World problem :D


  • This would be useful if you are trying to recreate a colour you made previously. As you know how much of each colour you added to get to that specific hue.

  • I can't how Jazza keeps using red, yellow and blue, when he could do probably somewhat better with CMYK

  • Atleast he got a video out of it. Otherwise it was just a waste of time

  • Me: watched video Jazza: swears My mom: **looks at me** **me looks back** ... Few minutes later- Jazza: swears again Me: shit- My mom: OK WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING AND NO SWEARING **cri**

  • I m loving your patient's on how long the frustration making your blood boil just on this vid I've subbed

  • Louis moved on from PB&J to paint mixing. Keep moving forward I guess.

  • No links to the video and websites in the description?

  • i dont know what it is. but jazza has an amazing new energy in recent vids

  • To be fair Jazza, the paint in the video on the company’s channel seemed more liquidy

  • this is something that feels like it would work better with basic syringes because it would always keep the pressure needed in. and you could measure the amount of paint you drew into the syringe. the contraption itself gets in the way of the concept its trying to take advantage of.

  • Is it just me or your human paintings are so "white", or at least predominantly white.. would it be amazing if we see more representation even in drawings.. :) Anyway you're rocking jazz, keep it up! Much love!

  • I read "I WAS SHOCKED" and thought "Oh no he doesn't have to plug that thing in does he?" Like he got shocked literally.

  • 10:23 who else wanted to see the rest of the painting?

  • 9:47 I love this so much.

  • My theory about what this is for: Traditional animation? so that you get the same consistent color throughout the whole animation without having to make a bunch of paint?

  • the fact that you use RYB, instead of CYM is very disappointing.