PAINTING in Microsoft WORD!? - It works so well!!

Am 25 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • 1:39 luffy!

  • This reminds me of elementary school when everyone would spend the entire class making one overly complicated powerpoint slide that looks cool and then get none of the actual assignment done

  • Whoever in the programming staff that took the time to code in a working and decent art program in WORD.... Ya'll the best XD

  • cool video

  • The story is so cool! And the picture looks so good (allthough I don't like Microsoft I give them credits for the tools).

  • Legit a possible Netflix series

  • Make that shit into a movie god damn

  • This story is like ready player one

  • That illitrateinon should be a movie 🎥 would love to watch a movie about that

  • you could make these stories into whole movies or tv shows, i swear.

  • DEFINITELY try the letter type thing. it's this but hard mode

  • His Zelda art work looks like an elf from escapists

  • From now on I will just add a 3D Model to all my word documents 🤣 extra marks?

  • Jazza: "it can change your biological sex" Me, a trans boy: "hippity hoppity this must be my property"

  • MS Word is better than MS Paint... my mind is blown...

  • Great so...where can I watch this movie? Because umm...I wanna see that story on the big screen!

  • Jazza, your TabletopTime is showing

  • Wow. Why do we need paint?

  • why is no one talking about the story I-

  • Сайхан эрхтэн байна

  • The part where he drew with shapes the guy:just standing there and smiling the town behind him: AHHHH FIREEEEE jazza: look at his glasses :)

  • That view of the future sounds so damn realistic lmao. I think Dave's a profit

  • when I get my graphic tablet, I am gonna start of with word artworks

  • Im a the only one that would like to see the story but in a movie

  • boo, you using the newer version which has everything instead of older version.

  • How about we have him write a story and make it look like an artwork in text? Anyone??

  • I love how the city is just on fire in the 2 picture lmaooooo

  • Imagine teachers' reactions if you drew something like that in word to use it as a cover for a school project...

  • U actually can flip objects in Microsoft applications

  • Looks like Ellie from the last of us 2 ;)

  • Have you tried making pixel art on excel?

  • What's next Excel?

  • hey

  • your kid is absolutly amazing, i want to be a good dad later like you are.

  • You have the best content on YT ❤

  • We had this in computer class in 1st grade. I loved drawing so i did my best and the teacher liked my art... If you can call it art now that i look back...

  • Did he say it’s 2019

  • My counter: Is microsoft actually a good art program? Or is it just Jazza being amazing at *everything* lol

  • Pro's backstory is better than literally any sci-fi movie I've ever seen- I want 'New You' to be an actual thing too, imagine the possibilities. I'd pay to see this turn into an anime or something

  • Art with Microsoft Exel

  • Making Art... in Word.... WordArt?..... *1995 vietnam style flashbacks*

  • Try to draw animals but choose an animal that Best describes a member of your family and make it look like them

  • 12:18 Mindblowing results 🤯

  • wasent your son like 3 yestder day

  • 10:00 it's just cyberpunk 2077

  • New U is a spider-man clone reference

  • When Jazza was talking about the story I couldn't help but think of Ready Player One

  • Isn't there that one guy who paints using excel?

  • I'm not a big fan of kids sometimes, they scare me pretty easy. But your kid is pretty awesome and adorable!

  • I suppose I can try on Microsoft Excel

  • I have an idea if someone actually makes a whole book about that What if the bOoK or MoViE is called « Identity Stolen »

  • I haven’t watched your videos in such a long time but I saw this on my recommended I CANNOT believe how big mini Jazza is???

  • Bro, you should write a book about that story, i'd read it Hell, if it gets picked up by a movie studio I'd watch it

  • He should have used ms visio Its like paint and word mixed together for drawing and writing

  • Can you like plz right a whole book 😩I wanna know what happens!

  • Well.. since I'm using Word 2000 since... 21 years... I was wondering if you would do pixel art with tables or some crazy ClipArt compilation... Since when has Word become paint xD? And then you were like "Stock 3D models!" Excuuuuse me princress: What? Btw: I love that your son has a fox and is a Zelda fan :D

  • You just describe the world of overlord lol

  • Hey it's the story from your tabletop camaign on Table Top Time!! Cool

  • lmao this reminded me of Peter Quills (Starlord) possible long lost half brothers 🤔Marvel you got to get Jazza on this😊

  • i thought when he transitioned from showing his child to clapping his hands that he just slapped his kid

  • 4:20 I like how the guy is staring at us smiling while a city is on fire...

  • Memories of IT lessons at school, avoiding getting caught messing in Word

  • barely anyone remember him as ketchupy baby wipe man

  • If Jazza likes that sort of story he gave his character...he should 10000000% play the game "Paradigm" As it has the same sort of story but...less serious I'd say haha

  • i tried to draw in word with my Wacom it didn't work. I could not get my word to let me use the drawing tools.

  • Make an attempt to make a collage in Google Slides. I'm telling you your ego and patience will shatter, I've done it once..

  • What about paint 3d?


  • I got so hypnotized with the drawing that I hear nothing from the telling

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that he made a full fletched story about a drawing that looks like something from cyberpunk 2077

  • K time to make a fan fic of Pro

  • i can taste this video...

  • jazza accidentally drew dirk strider and nobody even cares. nobody said anything

  • After your kiddo came in and you took him back out and were brushing your hands my dark humour wired brain thought you killed him. :,)

  • soooo um, you gonna announce the winner?

  • 2:37 YES!!

  • The drawing with characters would be a cool video

  • Next: drawing in the youtube search bar (works really well)

  • Jazza, i love when you add a story to your really brings everything together!

  • I love how he has a story for his characters. Makes it much more involving!

  • The orcs kinda depict jazza and mini jazza

  • Mini Jazza's stuffed animal is so cute!

  • if you watch this in 0.75 he sounds drunk

  • Did someone win this challenge??

  • Since when you can make drawings on Word?

  • 4:36 oH No! PaTtOn HaS cOmMiTtEd MaSs ArSoN!

  • I think jazz’s should be an anime creator

  • do one note next !

  • 2022 plot sounding pretty interesting

  • Jazza draw in excel, i used to do that in class

    • I would click on the square and color it

  • Does anyone else think Pro looks like Arin?


  • How cuuuuuute

  • jazza why don’t you try out a paint 3d?

  • Mini Jazza is a nerd in training. UwU its cute

  • That is Amizing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • *ASCII art* , *ASCII art*

  • When’s this game coming out on ps5

  • There is no way, in this bloody universe, that Jazza has the patience to do ASCII art.