Drawing Painting and Sculpting - Colorblind?!

Am 15 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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    • Your not supposed to read the color do it again get a cup and pick based off of what you see

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • The clown remineds me of the clown of the simpson's

    • Hello can you give a link to the glasses? Btw I love your channel !

    • 10:34 Pieck Finger is that you??

  • Bruh this isn’t even a challenge all you’re doing is reading color names and coloring regularly while wearing red glasses

  • You should have covered every name on the markers. Otherwise good. :)

  • 13:55 anyone can be a cook.

  • Jazza you have inspired me so much ☺️

  • I am colourblind, everything you coloured basically looked fine to me 😂😂

  • This guy doing this blind me still trying to do the line 😓

  • Alright the clay one turned out really good, I’m using that character for my next d&d campaign. Elf nobleman that abuses his people and power. Greedy and really creepy. Love it thank you jazza!!😍😍

  • Didn’t that give you a headache? It gave me a headache. Too much red 😂

  • I really like your positive attitude

  • *Georgenotfound* what’s red?

  • I'd love to see the marker colorblind challenge done again, but without reading the names next time. Make it look good visually as monochromatic without knowing the colors you actually picked. Maybe even scatter them out first so you can't even guess based on your knowledge of their normal layout. Put tape over the names, ect. Loved the clay result! I understand that wasn't the point of this video. But that would be one way to one-up it for next time.

  • The color filter on the lens was kinda dumb, you can just drag the blue and green levels down in post...

  • My boyfriend is slightly color blind to where he can't fully distinguish the difference between green and yellow. So when he is putting colors on his little figurine in Hero Forge, I look at his little guys and tell him which one is green and yellow so he can fix it.

  • How about them greenish looking laser glasses

  • Okay but did you cheat?

  • You definitely cheated 😂

  • I feel like you cheated 😂

  • I want to commit not colour blind

  • i try to do animations and being colourblind, and the animations come out fine, but the colour story is...questionable

  • Jazza, you've used the Virtual Boy too much.

  • The "You are my Sunshine" one made me happy. Why? My mama used to sing it to me to get me to go to sleep. Very heartwarming.

  • Lets talk about this “son” of yours

  • The sculpture looks exactly like Donald Sutherland in Day of the Locust

  • Oh wow this will be crazy

  • 1:51 - 1:56 I’m partaking in some *adult activities* and this part is making me so happy I just keep replaying it

  • I have theese glases because they block blue light so whenyou look at the computer its less likly for you to get glases


  • Loved this one, Jazza! Thank you!

  • I can see every pixel in his a#*

  • I think he cheated 😕

  • 05:59 Yellow oranges ?🍊

  • I think this highlights the importance of colours being labelled in art supplies, it is better with physical supplies as they are more often than not labelled. Digital however I find pretty horrific how often it is missed out in digital software. And it's not a coding issue because MSPaint has given a hover over colour tooltip of what colour something is for as long as I've used it, and that includes colours you paste in to it.

  • waluigi

  • Hey man you know on dark rooms isn’t all just seen read right

  • The sculpture looks like a Tim Burton character

  • I'm slightly disappointed that the results were so normal =/ How about having a bunch of different color markers with the names taped over next time?

  • If he wouldnt read the color names in the beginning it wouldve been a more fun video

  • Jazza your content is 🔥🔥🔥

  • There is not a skin tone there is multiple skin tone/color

  • Eddie Redmayne did his bachelor thesis in art history about a painting that is just a completely blue canvas, while being color blind. Don't think anything can stop you.

  • Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? Yes. Nailed it, first try 😎

  • I wanna see this concept again but with no color names to go off of.

  • no fair looking at color names Jazza ooh and if you have not used the old school 3D glasses for comic books and old 3D movies to look at art works you should it does some amazing things to the work

  • The reason green was the darkest is because Red & Green are complementary colors

  • Jazzy I just wanted to say thank you!!!! I am legaly blind have depression 2 types of anxiety and ptsd but with your quirky attitude and you supportive personality you inspire me to do things that most would not exspect. I sew both by hand and machine . I work with leather as well beads and I am in to photography. But because of people like you putting out positive content that not only is fun but shows that it is ok to fail sometimes helps me ecsept that I don’t have to do things perfectly as long as I have fun and enjoy what I am doing. So again......THANK YOU JAZZA!!!!!!! ✏️🖌✒️🖋🖍📝🖊✂️📍📌📐📏

  • noo I was saving for that box but thought I had more time :(

  • Thanks for making the camera red too so we can see like you do! 😁

  • GeorgeNotFound

  • The clay was my favorite.

  • As a colorblind person, I love it.

  • 3 weeks late but I'll say this: clicking off the video prematurely. I bought into the idea that this was going to be a challenge, but it just turned into him using the same markers he'd regularly use while reading names. Of course your art will look like this if you do that. I wanted to see a fully surprised Jazza creating art with wacky coloring to it all, but instead we got a slightly blinded Jazza that still somewhat knew what he was using.

  • Same brain podcast music

  • This is the redemption video for the digital paint version, where simply knowing where colors are on the HSL grid made it trivial. I'd have liked to see you try a more realistic take in one image, though, since that's less forgiving of wild colors.

  • How did he not have a migraine from wearing those for so long?

  • You should buy glasses that takes colour blindness away and give it to your son and see If he can do some art.

  • Woah I haven’t watched jazza in YEARS

  • Since when did tony stark give his glasses to jazza??

  • You shouldn’t be allowed to read the names of the colors

  • hmmmm i am a little sus about that he got the right colors he wanted for the first 2 drawings.. dont the colors pens and pencils have names? its kinda sus

  • next time, try green! our eyes can pick up more shades of green than any other colour:) (assuming youre not colourblind)

  • I think the paper said subsrcribe for the ink?

  • My head...😫

  • Anyone can cook... I mean... Be creative.

  • Hey Jazza, have you heard about these glasses for colorblind people, that makes them see color? You should get those and try them out, maybe together with your son.

  • Red is my favourite colour.........I want those glasses

  • Jazza is Jazzas biggest fan.

  • Ive seen a few videos with these glasses, and iirc theyre rather expensive. If you want the same experience, look into laser safety glasses. They're much cheaper and you can get different colors and such.

  • Wish a can buying the jazza box but I'm poor,, I'm old fan,, you inspirational to me ❤️

  • How- I don’t- ok

  • My grandpa's best friend (wasnt family but still called him uncle!) was an amazing artist and he was colorblind! He only could see in black and white, and could tell what colors where what by the different shades of grays. He and I connected through art and I miss him dearly.

  • To be fair, the glasses are red. Green is the opposite. It makes sense that green *looked* black through the glasses. The glasses are a vibrant red so a vibrant green would look black

  • Jazza can colour and sculpt colourblind better than I can do those things normally

  • Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? No Yellow? Yyyyyyeaaaaaahhhh

  • Your son is colorblind? Oh man...What kind of colorblind is he? Red/Green, Blue/Purple, Yellow/Green etc....Colorblind colors? I am not used to knowing the colors of color blind...

  • i wish i had these

  • No one: Not a single soul: Not even my brother: Jazza: "Waaaaaah" 😲

  • Next time: color shifting glasses

  • this video is one of the many proofs that jazza is chaotic hidden genius

  • The colorblind glasses

  • I have bad vision so I am always drawing and coloring blind 🤣. It's why I use a lot of color because grayscale is hard for me to see.

  • I feel like you had help lol it's too perfect!

  • I cant be the only one who thinks him reading the pens and marker colors is cheating

  • He needs to do this again but not read the color names on the markers or pencils, that pretty much ruins the whole experience of the video, he knows what colors hes using so that automatically takes away the surprise of the reveal because we already know he got the colors right the only question is if he used them right.

  • I feel personally attacked as a colorblind person who does art.

  • I thought that you are going to draw with randomly choose colors

  • Just founded your channel 🥺

  • yellow? no. yellow? no. yellow? no. yellow. no. yellow? no. yellow? YEAH!

  • So you could see Jazza was seeing red throughout this video... I'll see myself out

  • Okay. So if you're new to the channel this is just a friendly little disclaimer for you: Just because Jazza does this kinda thing with relative ease doesn't mean it's possible. Enjoy the channel and all of his content for what it is...impossible.

  • There's this dude called Chaesu on Twitter, he's colorblind and he is amazing!

  • He needs to block out the names on the pens 😂

  • Jazza you look like quicksilver

  • Jazza

  • I don't even need any goggles to be colourblind

  • It’s messing with my eyes

  • whoever said that Jazza was weird was not completely wrong but Jazza if u see this just know your weird in a good way.

  • we can't forget that Jazza ia a very experienced artist.

  • Art in night vision!

  • Me just chilling with red led lights 👁👁