Soldering: What could possibly go wrong?...

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  • Finally someone said solder the right way

  • Jazza deserves a90s style mocumerntary tv show

  • jazzas so fing dum

  • ...

  • is it just me or does Jazza in this video look like Chris Hemsworth/Thor when his hair was cut short

  • I was trying to skip the sponsorship thing and the I just heard Jazza: let’s do my skin *skips* Jazza: purple

  • 3:44 me on my physics exam

  • Jazza in every video: “I’m a kinesthetic learner” Jazza in this video: “I’m a visual learner”

  • “Gold is just brown with delusions of grandeur” BEST QUOTE


  • Heh I got flashbacks to when I first got into electronics. I feel your pain man, but after you done the V=R*I enough times it becomes second nature to you.

  • are you in Australia?

  • I like maths =÷×+-

  • "Everyone needs an engineer friend but not many have one" Good way to cover up that most engineers don't have friends😂

  • I relate too much too I forget everything even though you just explain it

  • Bro, you've got to collab with NerdForge! 9:46 That's actually the best way to learn something if you don't like it! Attach your need/want to learn something like math to something you already love doing or are interested in, like art. Keeping your curiosity peaked for learning subjects you don't like is extremely important!

  • I love Jazza with friends, it really feels like they’re just hanging out and messing with stuff, it feels happy to watch

  • Wait who uses C to mean current? I is current goddammit it 😤

  • Jazza. Think of the electric stuff as water in a hose. Voltage is how fast the water comes out, amperage is how much water is in the hose, and resistance is the restriction at the end of the hose

  • Maths is love Art is life - Me 2021

  • Your training went much better than mine

  • Me doing all of this in school rn: i KnOw AlL oF tHiS! Jazza: 👁👄👁

  • " Math wont get clicks " Absolutely wrong! Also it can bring smart ppl to be good cuz being part of smart community is much funnier

  • Jazza needs to learn arduino

  • I’m 8 and build robots

  • The swearing in this video brought back good memories of Drunk with Jazza...

  • im doing this at school atm

  • I AM the engineer friend. 😎

  • I did prototype assembly at my engineering job - sometimes all day. Once my iron cord was caught on an oscilloscope and I didn't know it. When I rotated my chair, the iron spun in my hand and came to rest against my eyelid. Yes! It is hot!! I lived.

  • One of the first time I soldered I grabbed the hot end when it was fully heated up and I melted a layer of my skin!

  • "Not everyone has an engineer friend" - O_O me being that engineer friend

  • yall, we gotta appreciate his effort tho

  • 3:49 Same here, Jazza. Same here. Title: Soldering: What could possibly go wrong?... Me: 7:19 That, lol.

  • That’s high school maths

  • 0:15 Me touching the kettle, forgetting I just boiled it

  • Lol

  • Ed must be a really good friend to help and teach u everything

  • I feel like this is the embodiment of two parts of my brain trying to do a nerdy project.

  • I can't believe you do not understand how you do not get it I'm 13 and I can weld solder.

  • I have those strippers mine are getting blunt though

  • I cooked my fingers with soldering iron

  • but isn´t it "I" for current and "U" for voltage everywhere?

  • The thumbnail is a masterpiece

  • Id be down for a picture guide to ohms law. Ive been wanting to get into electronics and LEDs myself, but THE MATHS! Its scary. Im just like you.

  • 7:03 I'm surprised Jazza didn't make a remark at his pun (A-Head)

  • Great job jazza next you should work on using the laws of thermodynamics to make entropic art!

  • The engineer is cute tho and the last thing he said 🤣

  • Had tonlaugh when he burned himself because I just recently started pyrography (wood burning) and after dozens of videos all warning me about the heat I burned the ever loving shite out of my hand on day God damn one.

  • this video made me realize that im really good at looking like i understand whats happening.

  • 2:13 is he italian? 😂

  • Yay jazza inspired me to chase my dream of art

  • Me: Huh, cool channel, guess it's monetized as well Jazza: Why does this remind me of the human centipede? Me: Nevermind...

  • waht're theyyy... ?

  • The Gordon Ramsay of art

  • When you think you have *seen* everything

  • I was waiting for the "I'm a kinesthetic learner" lmao

  • Whoops, I killed a person because I used real ammo (gold) instead of the fake one (brown). Gold is brown with illusions of grandeur. Basically the same, an honest mistake. Happens to everyone lol

  • Maths is cool not gonna lie

  • Ed was very EDucational

  • best leds on the market for hobbies and enthusiasts.

  • himbo jazza

  • @Jazza Well Done! This might be my favourite video!!! It might be my favourite Jazza video!!! Jazza: "that was in the title of the video" me: Can't stop laughing to say anything...!

  • Dude this is like a recap of my last semester of mechatronics.


  • Is it just me or is anyone else also noticing how obsessed Jazza is with shopping 😂

  • At the beginning I thought the zombie was potato

  • 13:16 That was a very clean description of what can be a very difficult idea to get a handle on. Well done!

  • Wait, you guys still have a Radio Shack analogue? All of ours died in the great purge of 2016.

  • 3:39 literally me in physics class

  • I want to watch this. Unfortunately being an American it’s impossible. We say Sodder not solder. And I can’t fix it

  • I think Jazza hurt his ears lol

  • Hi Jazza, you recently made a video about Powerpoint animations, and you probably don't know but there are many more things you can do in powerpoint, like games! If you search for "PPTGames" on youtube you will find a channel that makes very good games on Powerpoint! PPTGames has already discovered how to make 3D games on Powerpoint !!

  • 2021: Maths with Jazza!

  • I'm proud of you! I'm not opposed to this kind of content, but the maths make my brain hurt. lol

  • As an electrical engineer, this is quite painful.

  • Jazza : this is a anthor totally peaceful video first 0:16 seconds : (jazza burns his hand and says) *UH* thats really f**kin hot

  • Thank god he had adult supervision while doing this

  • Trying to get artists to do technical things

  • I wanna learn this thing called “maths” and “engineering”

  • Add some “hair” to the back of the head and paint the cords so the seem like muscles or veins! Just to take it to that next level

  • Why is both such a five year old child and an absolute mood

  • If somehow in my life i'd find myself in such gorgeous shop, like this (2:00) , i will spent all my salary down to the last coin

  • That’s a bit more “touch and go” than I expected

  • When you are the engineer friend... (I already know how to solder so this is accurate)

    • Seriously don’t sell yourself short this stuff is not easy for a beginner to learn (take it from an engineering student) you did an awesome job!

  • Jazza: whats that called A solder station Jazza: k let me buy that. I dont know why but that was funny to me

  • I really enjoyed watching this video. My father, uncle and grandfather are (or were) all engineers. My grandfather (RIP), Major Eric George Stacey Bavin, was a Sapper in the Royal Engineers, and both of his sons worked for what was the RAE (Royal Airforce Establishment) in Farnborough, England (Farnborough Airport). My father used to do non destructive testing, including x-raying aeroplanes for cracks (Concorde was one of them!). Anyway, your video gave me a small idea of what engineers do, and now I want to learn about LEDs and stuff (including the math!!).

  • im inspired to learn about electricity now, ive always loved lighting

  • More than "math side" is the physics side. Physics uses math to express concepts or phenomenons that you observe. Hence is not memorizing the equations but understanding what they mean in reality or applied.

  • Jazza: points at innocent drawing) also Jazza “Why dose this remind me of a human centipede?”

  • Zombie head was actually creepier when he was stringing the wires through. Or is that just me?

  • I know how it feels that's why I have had a mechanic friend also I'm an idiot when it comes to some tech

  • You are using WAY too thick wires! You could have used much thinner ones, as the current is very low.

  • 3 amps. Jazza, that would frickin' kill ya, Jazza. 3 volts. That's what you want.

  • I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but you really want to use extraction when soldering, the fumes are incredibly harmful and cause respiratory problems and early death.

  • Its sodaring

  • Jazz has no idea what’s going on

  • Maths won't get clicks? Have you not discovered Matt Parker of stand up maths?

  • 3:43 Come on Jazza this is Highschool physics basics. Keep up. LoL 😆 But seriously good job for giving it a chance. So many refused to look at a subject because they view it as impossible task. That it for only those who good at it. But that such limited way to view the world. For example look at me. I'm a civil engineering major so I'm great at math, but art is kinda hard. I amazed at the sense of form, line placement, value, technique, etc that Artists can do. Making Art still confuse me, but I don't shy away from it. If you look at my Avatar imagine I'm still proud that I was able draw it my self.

  • jazza was literally me during the entire soldering unit of robotics

  • Ikr shes sound like a dream