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  • Sid but if he never knew the toys were alive

  • Look it’s sid from toy story

  • ima start watching table top time what episode do u recomend me to start on

  • i see your using discord

  • now thats a kaiju

  • DAEMON!?!

  • That gorilla butt though!!!

  • More, More, Mooooooooooore

  • As an art kid forced to study medicine, jazza sighing and saying "I love my job." made my heart ache. I'll come back soon art, wait for me.

  • That's one pink booty

  • But what about using Horrifying Monsters to make Children’s Toys?

  • The little butt heart makes me so happy!!!!

  • He looks like a final form of the Critters from Critters.

  • I love how Jazza needs to wear a shirt that specifically states he's an adult while shopping at a toy store alone....

  • we finally found sid

  • Nobody: Sid from Toy Story:

  • How dare you rip the cat😾😾😾😈😈😈👿👿😬😬😡😡😤😠😬

  • I love this so much! It is so creative and fun. The end result of the monster is Inc.redible (😉) Wish I had the materials to do all this fun stuff!

  • What putty did you use

  • 8:05 r/dontputyourdickinthat

  • Best thing in that monster is a BUTT

  • *jazza cuts himself* I used the knife to destroy the knife

  • I have an idea you should do on your channel we fans can make your own monstrosity I send you the pictures through an email or Facebook or Twitter and you can be the judge and see where are the best monster I think I will get started on mine I have an idea I want mine can be 🤔

  • Ok sid

  • “I DREW A BUTT!!” -Jazza

  • 0:12 Wait a minute I think I know who this is, no wait IS THAT PURPLE GUY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Marzia’s creations

  • I love him!!! Such a great little monster!!!

  • He did the monster mash It was a graveyard smash It caught on in a flash He did the monster mash

  • Cut + superglue = insta cure

  • YES I do this often! So cool to see I am not insane/alone . I BUTCHER ALL THE TOYS

  • 4:00 Jazz’s exposes the price of the dinosaur for 39.99 That’s an expensive Dino

  • There's such a different vibe between Jazza at the end of a vid saying I liked how a smaller challenge piece turned out and actually seeing the distinct pride from doing a week+ of detailing. We love you

  • That dude looks like yetis and big foots goofy little brother that drank some paint as a toddler

  • This is tormenting for little kids 😂

  • Thats... werd

  • You should make a custom gunpla

  • lol

  • I feel sorry for the gorilla

  • Not gana lie but that monster is kind of T H O N C C 😳😳😳😳

  • I can't believe how well that dinosaur mouth worked

  • Thicc

  • Don’t use a plaster on a cut like that, just gets in the way......SUPER GLUE IT! It’s what cyanoacrylate was made for!

  • Awesome job! Reminds me slightly of where the wild things are.

  • Thanos frogman

  • I'm trying to figure out the size of that base, because if used as a mini, that matters (for me, at least). I fear if it's a 3 inch, because that means its size is huge.

  • Oh god I love it

  • You look like that child of toy story he is also breaking toys en stick it to one im dutch so im not god at typing love you bydeway

  • 4:41 those toys in the background

  • someone send this to Marzia

  • Man makes goo jit zu A horror creepypasta

  • Sid

  • me hearing this: *pretty much me*

  • Sid!

  • So this is where sid is now

  • Any one know what brand sells that miniature base? (inbuilt magnet slot on the base?)

  • barney?

  • seems santa has hired jazza for thin year

  • I loved this ! I hope someday I might do some "out of the box challenges" like this with a some creative artists .

  • thanks sid from toy story

  • Love this vide! I have been enjoying watching you do miniatures as well... would love to see you make a scene for miniatures ... maybe something like this

  • Love that stream of blue with the fish 👍. Great job!

  • This whole project was inspired by sid

  • it was my birthday when he posted this lol

  • 10:35

  • Barney on drugs be like

  • I like how Jazza is all shy and saying what an honor it was to collab with these people when hes the "biggest" youtuber out of all of them.

  • Marzia will be suing! Be careful 😂

  • The real KongGizilla

  • I love it when you spend a lot of time on a artwork ^^


  • I need more of this! /r/terrainbuilding would love this aswell ;)

  • This make me remember that toy story boy....

  • Do this again!

  • Why does this remind me of sid from toy story

  • Tittle: Using CHILDREN'S TOYS to make HORRIFYING MONSTERS... The horrifying monster: * has a shiny butt with a heart tatoo *

  • Real life Sid

  • Are you by chance named sid? Just asking not judging.

  • I'm surprised 'Slimer' is not in toy stores. ....showing my age....

  • Jazza: Here's this project that I didn't finish Also Jazza: Here's this project that I finished twice ❤️😁👍

  • The playlist link doesn't work

  • Jazza I really want to know, where do you get these tools for texturing and carving online. Thanks love your videos

  • Is there a way to watch Monster Bash 1?

  • Its like you are a great artist but you are destroying nature

  • Hey that's him! The boy from Toy story.


  • Hi jazza I’ve been a fan ever since I was a kid and you inspired me to keep doing art

  • Imagie bein an adventurer being lost in the woods at night. Then you see zwo glowing eyes staring at you out of the woodwork. You are paralized of shock while this hulking beast slowly approaches you and steps into the moonlight. A few metres away from you it suddenly stops, turning its backside towards you. For a time that feels like an eternity you two just stand there in complete silence, the creature still looks at yoiu with its beedy eyes and that exited open grin. The silence is suddenly broken by the creature slapping its hand on the left cheek.... What does it think...? What does it want...?

  • Oh hey Sid, glad to see you’re doing well.


  • The monster reminds me of critters

  • Very cool and lots of fun. =) You’re Monstrosities are cool. =)

  • This is what happened sid from toy story 1

  • pls make more vids like this i realy like them

  • Ooooh yeeaahh, put that rear end on display one more time for me ;D

  • Wow i will say my mom to try that

  • tbh the monster looks like Thanos

  • 8:33 , that person's work was kind of cool, well Jazza's obviously so cool

  • Cant stop watching this

  • this nicely done diorama reminds me of playing spore. good work