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  • Is there anything you can't do? You are so amazing. 😍

  • First of all, great work. As always. But you've made it quite hard for yourself. As you were carving, the wood was moving way to much. It swallows all the power of your movement. The steadier the better.

  • Ngl the end result looks kind of like jazza If he worked constantly on an artwork for 2 years

  • Only 2 things 1. The eyes are a bit too wide open 2. What about the black tattoo stuff around his eyes

  • Why have they named the main character Eivor? It's a girl's name. For a Swedish person you expect a little old lady, but instead it is a big viking man. Strange...

  • You should really collab with Bobby Duke, he does the exact same stuff you do here!

  • One prayer for Jazza to get the wood out his mouth.

  • Is it just me that realised that jazza’s beard was short at the start but long in the end

  • Dude I love your videos. Great content. Keep it up.

  • Title: Viking 0:01 : *Angle Grinder*

  • I have just recently found your channel, how? Idk?! But I am loving it. I have jumped around from when you started and to now. I am amazed, how much you have grown as an artist and you literally can do it all lol thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  • He looks so haunted..

  • I think this Is the reason why jazza gets sponsored so much "ya sure I'll spend 100 hours on a sculptor for your game"

  • Anyone else scared he was going to chop it in half at the end?

  • Your dog is ADORABLE

  • I got assassins creed Valhalla before I saw the video and it costs £41 it’s so fun

  • I think what Michaelangelo said was: "first, you gotta lick the marble, wash the marble, date the marble, BE the marble".

  • I literally coughed when he put that saw dust in his mouth

  • When Jazza picked up the axe, I actually thought he was gonna strike the sculpture.

  • Kind of Russian Viking accent there, Jazza ;-).

  • U do so much kinds of art Mr. Leonardo da Vinci

  • 8:03 ay, it's Big Ed

  • 1 fail = 1 pain and rage

  • This game is awesome! I got it for Christmas and it might be the best one yet!

  • 9:26 i thought an ad came that was a trailer for a movie, but then when i looked away from my phone, i realised it was you ;-;

  • If you wait for the "like a VIKING"- Part skip to 6.30

  • I love the title "like vikings" with directly the images of modern tools being used 😂😂

  • I saw Viking and was like: “woah, Viking? Wow I just finished playing Valhalla, what are the odds?” Then I found out that this video was sponsored by Valhalla, what are the odds??

  • Shoulda brought shad in

  • Plot Twist: 0:13 was the sculpture coming to life

  • hey Yazza, how about giving it a go as a wall dog! I'd love to see a giant mural from your hands.. PS your little charcoal bag was the Q

  • It is going to scare the f**** out of you when you see it right after a good nights nap🥶

  • It looks Dwayne Johnson in a way

  • I'm trying to get started on wood sculpting and would like to ask what kind of wood did you use and where did you purchase said wood?

  • The size of the mf dremel this guy is using 🤣🤣🤣

  • how......you....did??? i tried so many times to carve even simple faces and all ended up into a firepit cause frustration

  • Why do I feel like the song playing at 3:58 is just a metal version of the skyrim theme

  • Never realized Vikings had power tools....

  • Don't stain if your using good wood, just oil it

  • i do stuff like this

  • vikings were only the name for raiders nothing else. thats really disrespectful

    • I promise you no one gives a shit not even people of nordic descent

  • This is completely unrelated to the video but I just wanna ask if anybody else have felt this way. Have you ever just randomly feel really weird? It's like sadness but not really. I wouldn't say "I feel empty", it's just that really weird feeling (I don't think it's something like depression, cuz the things I've read about that doesn't seem like what I feel, like suicidal thoughts and things)(Plus I know never to self-diagnose). I know there must be something wrong but I feel afraid to go to therapy and stuff, I feel like my brother and sister would are gonna say I'm just overreacting. I really don't know what to do. I have a lot of requirements I need to finish, but every now and then that feeling just zaps out my motivation and I would feel like shit for hours.😭😭😭

  • I don't think there's a DEnamer more likeable than Jazza

  • New Disaster : Wood Storm Lol

  • I think I would have just used dry weetabix for the coughing out wood shavings bit, gotta respect your dedication.

  • Watching you use those gouges other woodcarving tools was extra cringe 😬

    • Gouges they are gouges not chizles it is a gouge if it is curved

  • looks very bad cuz of the dirt it looked very very very good before the dirt

  • You should try it with marble 🤔 Greetings from Germany 🤙🏼

  • When he said hands in and tiring my mind went to dark places

  • 木雕手艺高超,牛逼🐮克拉斯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Professional wood artists when they see jazza‘s work be like: •o•

  • Bruh, that's impressive. In general.

  • I know you most likely won't see this, but if you think those characters look cool you should see what the grounders look like in the show "The 100" (everyone loves Lexa and her ink makeup) !They are not just tattoos, there only a few tattoos!

  • Did anyone else notice that eye is bigger than the other

  • Wow great job!! You put so much time and hard work into your art and it shows. You are awesome!

  • The cut scenes at the end really made this a great video tbh 🤣

  • There is nothing he cannot do...

  • Lmfao i thought for sure he used shreddies or something for the wood chips in his mouth part. I was wrong. Jazza Does his own stunts.👌🏼

  • You should’ve touched it with a blow torch then I could’ve gotten a nice crispy chicken tender look

  • Anyone else think this turned out like “Viking” from mr beast

  • Are we going to get a black smithing episode

  • Vikings are not Italian, Jazza...

  • I still play assassins creed Black Flag because it's my favourite game.

  • Jazza is actually really talanted😂

  • Hello

  • I AM a viking

  • The Vikings face is my reaction to Jazza not wearing any mask or protection with all that wood carving

  • He looks shocked and terrified, like someone just shoved a hot poker up his backside haha.

  • He is good at everything just name something that he's not good at exactly nothing he is bad st nothing

  • 5:05 Me: that sounds like Transformers music My brain: autobots, roll out😂

  • Jazza: Carves wood like a VIKING! Also Jazza: Uses power tools Also also Jazza: *LIKE A VIKING!!!*

  • That is amazing and looks surprisingly simple with the chisel and hammer

  • Margo is adorable is she a golden poodle?

  • Hey that's a good idea put a perfectly amazing piece of wooden art next to a bunch of candles.... What could go wrong lol

  • For a second I thought that the dog was a bunch of wood chips 😂

  • I’m nit gonna lie, for the first shot, I thought it was Leonardo DiCaprio from the revenant

  • Real legend

  • I’m an artist Oh cool what’s your field All of them

  • Can anybody else feel each hit he makes with the chisel?

  • When he started speaking like a Viking I was like omg your really good bro

  • How many people thought Java was going to cut that sculpture in half at the end

  • I mean this title is a lie, I came here for the carving like a Viking not to watch someone use power tools...

  • The eyes is staring into my soul

  • Hey love the carving!! but where did you get that axe!? I've honestly been looking for one like that for a while

  • woooow awsome man

  • My brother was doing this for college

  • Use a proper mask sawdust ruins your lungs

  • he looks like obi wan has had a bit to much high ground

  • dose carving include all those tools?

  • That carving’s pupils are staring into my soul.

  • Wow Vikings have some really advance tools for carving

  • I wish i had the resources and money to do epic stuff like this man

  • Awww what dog is that I need to get my self one 4:07

  • Video idea: make Slavic pagan idols they are fairly easy to make. But hard to master. I want to try making some later this year.

  • I could feel the dust in my eyes when he took the goggles off and there was dust in his hair 😳

  • Jazza not knowing how to put on a mask

  • If you know any friends with a metal-manipulation shop, it’d be cool to see you try at metal fabrication art

  • Now I know I can out carve him

  • I remember when I was younger my mom said she used to carve beautiful rose designs on wood and I would be so amused and satisfied watching people carve wood with hand chisels

  • You should put it up in your home then you can see it everyday just a idea 😀