I did SHOCKING things to get 1 BILLION views...

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  • So much foolishness, that's awesome haha.

  • “Your welcome” -The camera he was talking to

  • Fun fact: Jazza has the mind and humor of a twelve year old, but the skills and intelligence of an adult

  • I was disappointed that Jazza stopped doing tutorials... until I realised that with 200 FREAKING VIDEOS he basically covered it all.

  • thank you for all that you are doing, you inspire, entertain, support and just are charming personality. Just do what you fill is right.

  • This. Brought me sooooooo much joy

  • Thanks 🙂

  • 5:40 what is that laughing

  • Jazza

  • According to google your a millionaire now

  • Jazza pls help, I live in Asia and I ordered the sculpting set in NOVEMBER and its still hasn't come. Pls HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Its well deserved. I have much respect for you and what you do. - From a fellow Melbourner! (:

  • The bouncing boob video is the first video of yours I ever saw, and I've been here ever since. I don't regret that choice.

  • When you told your friend not to reply because she will never get noticed and you didn't but she gets noticed anyways

  • I need that towel in my life XD

  • Had no clue he was so naughty lol

  • when youtubers say how grateful they are for me having poor time management, because their career is basically based on that makes me feel very loved. Thank u :')

  • fun fact :jazza is an artist and you red this because i wrote fun fact like if you did

  • Uhhh

  • I’m hella late to watching this vid. But dang it really has been a ride the whole time I’ve been subbed/watching your vids mate. It has helped me a lot and even eventually got me to start drawing... at 18 years old but hey, better late than never right?

    • I also got kind of emotional looking back through Jazza’s videos and realising I’ve been watching him since I was 13 or 14... I’m nearly 20 now. It has been an experience and I’ve loved watching the content evolve over time and watching him have fun with it. Thank you Jazza for making my teen years a bit brighter for me and giving me something to look forward to, and the art streams I managed to see whilst they were still going on. It has all been very fun and you helped keep the childlike wonder within me. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart

  • Jazza you should Do you A video where are you draw a picture by shooting holes in a target!

  • Thank you, man.

  • I need that t shirt 😆 🤣 😂 I am one too!

  • that soap video was the first i seen from you 😂😂😂

  • XD

  • My parents gonna kill me for watching thin XD

  • Jazza you are a very thirsty boi.

  • We all have to get the bouncing boobs to 1 million views

  • I thought Shad has prepared me for you. I was wrong.

  • At 5:59 it was funny how we kept a straight face in the vid-

  • Jazza’s Dancing Monkey video has earned more subscribers than my entire channel 🤣

  • Jazza needs to be the new Fandral in a Thor movie. Such a despicable hero.

  • Animated Jazza wearing budgie smugglers....wow

  • This video, should be in this video

  • Could you try digital painting in excel like Tatsuo Horiuchi 😲

  • video idea: making art on my phone without stylus

  • Jazza where you go?

  • Omg hi jazza

  • So what happened to jazza? Is he okay?

  • You are my favorite DEnamer because you inspired me to create my own DEname channel and make what i love doing

  • Watch People Die Inside... Jazza is in this video I found after about 45 seconds.

  • just letting u no its doge doe j

  • Jizz

  • rip 2018 jazza

  • So you now when you did blow pens you can make a sunset with a town and it says Happy 2021

  • I was just thinking about how even if you went to a small village in germany with not even a hundred people living there there would still be one person knowing you and going crazy. That's kind of a funny picture to me😂

  • ZHC co-lab, please ^^

    • @Candy_Bot it would still be cool if they did

    • Jazza at Australia I think and Zch dunno

    • And thank you jazza and jazza crew for being so awesome

  • #RedrawMyArt Ep.8 plsssss You're the best jazza

  • Jazza did you quit posting? Please answer

  • Yaaa jazza is bbbbaaaaacccccckkkkk yaaaaaa

  • jaza please try to sculpt the jolly painting or just make it from fruit i think it would be wonderfull

  • С новым годом!

  • What program do you use for digital art?

  • 6:45 no context

  • I wish to whether "Jazza" will return. He has not posted any video since 2 weeks(while i comment). I waiting if there is going to be something huge. Love you Jazza.

  • Yeah like stealing peoples work for your thumbnails! I've written to you numerous times but still no response..

  • Hey jazza please make sketch of franco from mobile legends game... i want to tattoo it but i cant find proper art in google.. please make your own sketch i want to ink that ...

  • Do it in cornhub

  • Does anyone know what quality of paper jazza uses? Please if you know tell me.

  • Do more Touhou

  • Dude give some pen as giveaway to us

  • C’mon make some more jazza box related videos!!!

  • Mom: What are you watching ? Me: Jazza Mom: ok, wait whhats that girl Me: *Oh no screams JAZZA*

  • Hi Jazza are you still posting videos or did you quit please answer

  • Happy for you Jazza!😁

  • You should do a challenge on isometric graph paper

  • This was 1 of your best videos by far dename.info/film/09qUjKO6l6NvfJ0/video

  • I dare you to animate something on scratch.mit.edu

  • Congratulation 🎖️🎖️ my main mentor, I love you and I will never unsubscribe this channel. Because it give me the opportunity to learn and improve my channel. This is writing to let you know, support other small channel who need your help like me. Always thanks for this amazing content 👇😎 I love your channel keep it up boss.

  • thank you for all the tips! I was jw, I’m gonna get the 72 copic sketch markers set but I saw they got series A and etc. which one do you have or would recommend to start with?? Drawing mainly anime and comic Thanks again!❤️❤️❤️

  • Can you use Time Warp Scan to make something amazing.

  • Can you make Minecarft skin

  • No pun intended.

  • 8:03 I can't watch this anymore... I've had enough.

  • congradulations! well deserved.

  • Try to make a sculpture with kinetic sand

  • Does anyone know why he hasn't uploaded in 2 weeks?

  • Jazza hasn't uploaded in 2 weeks hope he didn't catch rona :(

  • Can you please sort out peoples orders. I ordered your jazza box in September. Payed in full. Haven't received it. No email back. No confirmation. My email is smithsharni@gmail.com please get back to me

    • same for me, best to write to the smartartbox support to see whats up. But I'm quite disappointed with the whole handling, all I get is that I should receive a mail as soon as it's shipped (I had to contact three times to receive some information what's up)... hm ordered in the first half hour it was available. a lot of money charged immediately and still nothing received yet nor do I know when I will :(

  • I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on this video, but I certainly received it.

  • 7:00 I literally died

  • dename.info/film/2qSCpGW2to6coXM/video Let take a look,a Japanese tutor morning routine video😀

  • omg jazza is so sweet i cant-

  • Lol... you sure did undespicable things bruh

  • 7:38 I just realized this dancing monkey vid was posted on my 5th birthday so that’s great and no one cares 👍

  • Please Review Autodesk Sketchbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi jazza, i have question. Why ,,Jazza's arty games,, can't be downloaded in my country, and will it be improved soon? :)

  • Jazza, thank you for you entertainment, education and inspiration over the years. You’re incredible!

  • New challenge... Bob ross tutorial with pancake art love to see that thanks

  • Dear Jazza, i've got a challenge for you. the challenge is to take a blank sheet of paper and you have 5 seconds to do squiggly lines and any kind of other design it can't be a person place or thing or any kind of form you can take your time or go fast. Anyway just try it, it could be fun!

  • Are you friends with RoomieOfficial?

  • Video idea for you. 3D print your face, again, but this time don’t paint yourself. Turn your face into movie characters like the joker or pennywise

  • You should do thank you art

  • video idea: calligraphy dip pen with non-art supply liquids. dip pens can work with any liquid, lets test that. juice, of any kind. To through in a twist, lets see how thick the viscosity can be. honey or syrup. that experiment could get messy and twisted. I would also like to say how amazing your channel is and applaud you for the work youve done and continue to do.

  • question how or where do you store all your art projects..? cloud ssd nas ?

  • Don't ever change Jazza - we love you the way you are!

  • did you try artbreeder?

  • Mature Drew Durnil?

  • ....

  • On Christmas 🎄when I went to my brother's house, I was walking past my niece on the sofa and she was watching you. I said "your watching Jazza" . She said she loves ya, you draw great and that she can't draw at all and wishes she could draw like you. She has only been watching you for 3 months. Your great. I can't draw either. great content. Continue it all