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  • 😂😂😂don’t we all just dump our stuff in holes I know I do. Oh and that was a cave noise that ruined your rhythm

  • this was so hard and funny to watch

  • Oh u playing java edition too I have java and paid one but thing about it u can't play multiplayer in java edition

  • Every one plays minecaft I play minecaft

  • 8:05 did anyone hear the aww man to when he said "oh there's a creeper

  • Hardcore minecraft

  • Minecraft best.

  • You just rewrote the unspoken rule of minecraft and used diorite in your build

  • Timelaps: way to dramatic. Then again he had *DRAMATIC BIOMES* on

  • wet sponge for an apple stem....

  • "I need a chest to store my precious resources" this is diamond

  • Jazza:see I'm a pro at this game Also jazza:HRY DOGGIE WANT A APPLE

  • Jazza:"The deeper you go the better it gets"

  • "I'm just going to reintroduce myself to the game and make a fool of myself infront on the youngin's" indeed you have

  • the power of minecraft repels any other game >:)

  • Cool music

  • Jazza: Crafts an axe first Me: *discomfort*

  • 12:19 eeew

  • me in 2021 do it again

  • The dislikes are from people who don’t no how to play.

    • Or by people who do know how to play and were disgusted by how he played.

  • Jazza: Wait for me I’m crafting in the mine Everyone else:

  • "The deeper we go the better it gets" -Jazza nice.

  • What are you say that the beginning video was a lie no one plays Minecraft anymore well catch that everyone plays Minecraft now a days sucker

  • Do you have a notice since you thought that Minecraft is not really played game you should’ve checked because there’s over 1000 Minecraft videos made this year

  • Stupid they only dogs only eat me in Minecraft

  • Real time or survival

  • you are he worst player i know who tried hard

  • idiot dog kills when u hit ittt


  • Gosh, everyone knows the pain of accidentally hitting a wolf and having to put an entire pack of them down so they don't kill you 😔

  • Honestly, I didn’t doubt it when he said ‘stone armor’ 😂

  • Ok you grandpa

  • Jazza: how do you make stone armer 🤣🤣😂

  • Da Intro = LOL

  • I like how he made his house 2 blocks high

  • "helmet booties" I died

  • Sorry about that I’m using the voice text I meant to say they’re not playing a different game than you

  • They’re not playing a different game with you but they are making the portals

  • Jazza: Doesn't know what minecraft is ... Jazza (again) I'm gonna sculpt! After finishing his build Me: holy

  • who else got epic hunger games vibes when the time-lapse music started

  • Moral of the vid: Dogs don't eat apples

  • i have one question, wth happened to the dog’s left front leg like it look broken

  • U use multiple bones to tame a dog

  • 11:14 when i first played minecraft survival and found iron

  • Him: OMG I'm going to die from falling off of something 😱 me: WOW, did you know there is something called a shift key?!?!?????!!!!... 🤨 dename.info/film/u8xjZGm1k6euX4s/video

  • 8:39 when the teacher calls on you 10:57 when you get it wrong


  • people that know how to change commands night to day jazza: hmmmm lets sleep

  • I play

  • I think dog focus to love the apple

  • No way you play that

  • Jazza: see i remember some things. Also Jazza: I cAn MaKe StOnE aRmOr

  • I kinda wanna see Jazza use worldedit

  • Don't get me wrong, he is bad at the game but when you hear those creepy noises in caves it totally breaks my rhythm

  • jazza: hey doggy! want an apple? how do i feed him? every minecraft player: hes gonna hit it isnt he?

  • “Ah there’s a creeper to” “awwww man”

  • THEY HAVE SCAFFOLDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umm can we just apriciate jazza's voice

  • This is the only thing I can do better than Jazza

  • nooooo not diorite

  • "no one plays minecraft anymore" dream team, wisp, fundy, and more minecarft youtubers: what am i? a roach?

  • This was triggering

  • You're supposed to feed dogs bones...

  • Everyone plays minecraft

  • Jazza you are a very good singer

  • Lmao jazza explaining the best selling video game of all time, like noone has ever heard of it

  • Ur scared of A KIDS GAME!

  • Me: everybody deserves mercy My sister: I kill dogs in minecraft for xp me: okay most deserve mercy

  • He should 100% do this in RL craft

  • Little did he know, minecraft was about to resurge so hard, the world would never be the same.

  • The loaiding time was really funny

  • u r a n o o b

  • 8:12

  • what was the seed????

  • I am like 30 yrs younger than u but 10x better than you at the game

  • Jazza: nobody plays minecraft anymore Minecraft literally being on trending

  • I͜͡ n͜͡e͜͡v͜͡e͜͡r͜͡ s͜͡e͜͡e͜͡ j͜͡a͜͡z͜͡z͜͡a͜͡ c͜͡o͜͡u͜͡r͜͡s͜͡e͜͡ i͜͡n͜͡ v͜͡i͜͡d͜͡e͜͡o͜͡ 😭😭😭😭

  • Not the puppy

  • This is so pure

  • Please don't say " no one plays minecraft anymore " . Try shaders.

  • Superb as compared to a new player or saying clearly one who played it ages ago. But you could have made a bed to spent the night.

  • So he kills the dog and I get an ad for funeral planning

  • I play Minecraft

  • If you wanna get rid of some sounds in the game, you need to click ESC, then go to options, click music and sounds, and you can turn off any of the sounds that scare you. Like the cave ambience.

  • Poor Doggo, lol. Great job Jazza!

  • Me watching Jazza take his sweet time in hard-core Also me getting diamonds before the sun sets on the first day

  • You were not trying to offer doggie an apple you were trying to MURDER doggie with an apple


  • Jazza: If I fall off, I'm dead. Crouching: Am I a joke to you?

  • theres a news flash for you, minecraft is TOTALY not dated

  • Hi, im rewatching this and now i know the "joke" the deeper you go the better it gets Timestamp: 12:19

  • Jazza:What are you doing little dog? A minute later: Jazza:Ah...I killed him

  • 6:15 veteran: XDXDXDXD

  • When you want to make art but you just become a harder minecraft lets player

  • He used diorite(worst block ever)

  • You sshould continue making minecraft videos.it will be beneficial joke show

  • You made a fool of yourself un front of a minecraft hardcore god

  • That’s beautiful I love it

  • yo jazza everyone knows what minecraft is. p.s.go to my channel i do minecraft roblox and boxfort videos and etc

  • 'i have stone I'm gonna make stone armor'