Corrupting ART with AI?! - This is SCARY GOOD!!...

Am 18 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • furry ?

  • I actually have artwork that I generated from Artbreeder hanging on my wall, it’s sick. I wish I could post pics here

  • I want to try using this for city and level design in a video game. Use some landscape images, mimic a town or architecture, and go from there!

  • I used it for background designs because I'm shitty at drawing backgrounds

  • The Jazza Lisa

  • artbreeder is a ton of fun to use, and now you can add user made sliders. theyve added a ton of features over the past year

  • Jazza play minecraft again please

  • Jazza hot.

  • 100/100 just for the Moana Lisa

  • Mona looked just like Robin Williams

  • Old Jazza danged near killed me roflroflrofl!!!

  • When da Vinchi is sus!

  • 11:41 Archetype nordicuck

  • Ohhh no imma have night mares now

  • I use this mostly for landscapes for my story I see what I want but with this I can show others too since I'm not good at landscapes

  • Is it just me or does 3:28 look like Ricky Gervais?

  • when the ai is sus.

  • Artbreeder challenges!

  • 2:51 That’s looks like James cordon if he had a baby with a troll

  • 3:56 you made a high elf...

  • the thumbnail: when the ai is sus

  • This is just amazing

  • 3:23 too happy


  • Can you make a black and white video normal

  • They had some cool event up at the Redding...zoo? aquarium? it was a mythical creature exhibition at the sundial bridge is all I remember and me and my nephew dying of laughter using snapchat filters on the fine art. xP

  • A good idea i think would be to use art breeder to mash a bunch of ideas together as like a way to visualize a character and then use those new images as a reference to draw from so you come out the end with something entirely unique and less like the original silhouette of the image. Id be worried about how much of this art the AI can breed from is people's private commissions personally, I'd be fine with my artwork being on it say but i know other professionals might not be so chill with it

  • Wow this will help me with creating concept art holy moly

  • I want to see you make your avatar with this

  • Ah finally, now my waifu's can be fused to make one 💖G O D D E S S💖

  • 3:47 Ben Shapiro

  • please merge your face with Bob Ross

  • Time to bring my waifu to life Sadly I don't have one I have an actual girl 😎

  • Oh no, anime and furries.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that thin-faced Jazza looks like Jacksepticeye?

  • Fab video... I had a go with this software and was cool as-

  • The mona lisa as jazza made me crack up

  • Jazza is my daily dose of serotonin

  • this is soo cool. it will help make your stories even better. i love the variety that this site offers

  • Jazza Lisa 11:28

  • this is really cool. might use it to make landscapes and my characters portraits

  • I know a ton of writers that use artbreeder to create settings and characters to use as reference for their work.

  • Hi guys, just commenting to say that if your after a new Pen tablet/display, HUION are having a sale on their website, ive just bought myself the H1161 Tablet so I can start making my animations on blender, only problem is the shipping time, I ordered yesterday thinking they where based in the UK, but I got an email with a tracking number on this morning saying to expect delivery next week from the Netherlands, so I'm abit bumbed about that but it saved me some money anyway so all good, if you don't mind waiting a week until delivery then get yourself over and save some money, I don't work for them lol I'm just sharing because I went to by the model down off ebay for 55 then saw it on their website for 39 brand new, then I saw their 2020 model for 59 so I bought that instead, I can't wait to play about with it on my phone too lol already got pain apps downloaded ready! so wish me luck, i might copy and paste this if I watch any more of jazzas videos, if anyone has one of these pen tablet I'd be grateful for any advice? il be using it to make animations and cartoons, i make my toons in blender, I'm not sure if Huion works with blender, but my plan is to create my art beforehand in a separate program and then import it into blender as thats how I do it now anyway, just very slowly as I don't have a pen tablet as I've never really had the spare cash until this weekend, so I hope I've made a good decision. anyway, stay safe everyone, I hope you're all well, happy and that you have a great day. thanks in advance for any help 🙏

  • From what I heard, you can only do three of these for free.

  • the animal XD

  • 2:38 hi Stan I thought you died

  • She looks like the glowing one from fallout 4 3:23

  • 9:41 thats unironically a fursona that could totally be built on

  • I'm a writer and the landscape section seems amazing for generating visuals for fictional worlds

  • Ngl, there's a very good chance this is going to become the new "tracing is illegal" scandal

  • You was looking damn good as a lady you should may be the miss universe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Keep up the cool videos jazza

  • lol

  • Lol even AI knows that Jazza's nose is chaos

  • Gabe Newel + Robin Williams = 3:29

  • 1:58 Did anyone else see Shoto Todoroki? 🔥❄️

  • I've used artbreeder to make a few of my OCs look realistic. Certain things I couldn't do that so I had to photoshop. Honestly artbreeder is amazing, especially for creators who can't draw

  • Jazz, what have you done? You have unleashed a beast. I'm going crazy with this stuff...

  • 11:56 omg that's Shoto Todoroki

  • Jazzy looking at earth: “I like that ‘glow’. atmosphere: “so it’s like that now?”

  • this is crazy

  • 3:18 I don’t think you’re happy enough.

  • I might use this for schoolwork if i dont have time Edit: ofc imma tell the teacher though. Otherwise im just fked

  • 3:11 anyone else got scared ? lol

  • Jazza

  • Huh. *gets lost on Artbreeder for 3 hours*

  • No copyrighted backgrounds HELL YEAHHHHH!

  • The Jazza Lisa

  • I don’t think you realize how bad it would be for AI to be more creative than humans.

  • Welp this is an amazing dming tool for making landscapes and planets. I'm sold :O

  • Mona jazza

  • I used this to make characters for a short story to see if it worked and it did! Ai is taking over the world and I’m scared!

  • I've been using artbreeder since it was known as ganbreeder. I actually recommended you try out artbreeder in a tweet once, but obviously you didn't see it amongst all the tweets you get.

  • 4:00 that photo looks like she wants to kill someone, but at least it's not full-on demonic.

  • I've created 16 portraits from 3 initial images

  • The prompts on the teddy-dog are what was used to make both images

  • That dude with the wire hair tho 😂

  • i saw a shoto todoroki realistic version :0

  • The happy male Mona Lisa is just Robin Williams, change my mind.

  • When I saw this I was going to dnd in 15min

  • 11:00 looks like a character from Anestasia

  • 4:24 .... NO COMMENT

  • He should make hisself an anamie babe

  • ok

  • Omg if this becomes a thing i can see people on instagram and tiktok posting stuff they produced with this. But dang it, how does this work? i want to see, art+AI two things im really digging in *. *

  • Jazza pls help, I live in Asia and I ordered the sculpting set in NOVEMBER and its still hasn't come. Pls HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • “We’re all just one slider away from chaos”

  • 10:47 Dave Filoni?

  • 11:30 looks like ben from #simplynailogical

  • I would use it for dnd

  • I might actually use this for landscape inspiration, becausr that's where I struggle the most. I wish there were interiors too that would be amazing.

  • this is crazy good

  • Remember kids, don’t take to much happy gas, or else you’ll end up like Lisa.

  • Woahhh...You did Mona Lisa as a dude & instantly my brother's face appeared! Weird!

  • When the imposter is sus

  • # MonnaJazza

  • the only thing i can see myself using this for is turning myself into an anime

  • We nned to stop inproving A.I before they take over as better humans

  • Im so mad that i didnt see Pucci when he searched Priest

  • Awe man, I love using artbreeder to make characters! I usually make a random portrait, then make a character design (usually to make the outfit) and then finally make a scenary. It helps so much with coming up with stories and fun characters! It'd be so cool to see what you'd do with that concept! One other (slightly cursed) idea would be trying to re-create a real person using artbreeder, and no pictures of the actual person. It'd be cool to see how close you could get :0