THE SERAPHIM'S SON - Ultimate Character Design 2! #UCD2

Am 9 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • TO PARTICIPATE IN #UCD3 Leave a comment in this video beginning with one of the following: AGE: | JOB: | PROP: | SKILL: | PHYSIQUE: | FEATURE: | SECRET: | MOTIVATION: | ENEMY: Please make ONE suggestion per comment, but you can comment as many times as you want! For example, you might write: SKILL: parkour using roller skates And if you wanted to suggest something else, in a separate comment you could write: FEATURE: An eyepatch Make as many suggestions as you want, but try and make them interesting, since the ones with likes from others will have the highest chance of being picked! ALSO - take a few minutes to upvote some other people's interesting prompts, to help get the ball rolling!! I'll create UCD3 using them!

    • I have ideas that link together, so maybe I should try to draw again so I can do it myself.

    • and silveryish white hair

    • a small delicate 5 year old girl who weaves unicorn hair that she finds in the forest to help the sick of her dying village

    • Why not something a little futuristic? Secret: this person can build amazing machines from gears that work magic, to massive mechs

    • Enemy: Time

  • Race: Dragonborn people in medieval time

  • do #UCE3 PLS

  • Feature. They can disassemble their body and reassemble it at will. When disassembled the body parts still work and can be controlled from long distances.

  • SKILL: Ability to liquify. (turn to water or liquid metal etc...)

  • Amazing

  • Job: Demon Hunter

  • Setting: cyberpunk tokyo

  • ❤😈😇❤

  • OMG you are so good at story and art

  • neeeeeeeeedd moooooooooooooreeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JOB: Tattoo artist

  • Hell yeah! #UCD

  • Fellow weebs you can all agree this is givin u SAO vibes

  • ENEMY: literal eldritch gods

  • A fire goddess is cool that has bin banned to earth because she did something bad I’m Dutch so sorry if my English is bad

  • Cool

  • Dude! Wtffff these are even better than those concept design sessions! It’s like your literally creating a comic book as your narrating. I love this, the concept designs is how I really got into your channel and this is a massive fun step up.

  • I love this so much! This is awesome!

  • This is amazing ❤️❤️

  • Feature: smoke comes out of their lungs as they breathe

  • Late to the party, but great stuff, Jazza! I really do like using saturated colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel (like orange/purple) in situations where the drama and angst need to be pumped up to max, you're right on how it feels 'unnatural' at first, but the end always is something great! Cheers! Next prompt- FEATURE: They are bioluminescent in some manner.

  • We need more characters design videos

  • SECRET: they’re re actually a secret agent who’s really close to cracking a case

  • JOB: Accountant, stereotypically the most boring job. I want to see it how you can make it interesting

  • I’m genuinely so excited about UCDs it honestly feels like the whole community is a part of it. Seeing the story unfold and the character design slowly get perfected is so cool

  • h

  • Secret: when ever they tutch an animal, parts og ther boddy change into that animal. Tutch a bunny they get ears, a tail and a butten nose, eksetera

  • SKILL: ses the world in a diferent way than others.

  • SECRET: an old lady adventurer with a bunch of cats who’s known for going around helping people, talking with them, and giving them candies, little do they know she’s actually a badass fighter and could take down 8 men by herself

  • Woo

  • I heard seraphim and thought DoOm EtErNaL

  • Job: a doctor during the day but at night he works for demons that pay him in gold to turn humans into monsters to fuel there army

  • These videos are always so cool and inspire me to write more fantasy stories. Thank you Jazza for the inspiration!

  • Motivation : Saving humanity from their dreams of immortality ; if a human was to truly become immortal , he would become insane and go on a rampage that would ultimately destroy man kind ,because he doesnt feel pain , and comes to life stronger after every death

  • PHYSIQUE: a human like figure with horns like a red deer

  • Yesssss!!!!

  • SECRET: kidnapped his/her identical twin to steal their identity years ago. No one even knows there’s a twin any more

  • Feature: horns that come from the forehead but are made from glass and filled with geodes and gems

  • PHYSIQUE: Skinny from lack of food and hard labor as a slave.

  • Orion look like if Lucifer was a nerd and instead of becoming the king of hell he is basically Jesus

  • i didnt eaven know that there is second part

  • This makes my little brain go nuts. I am just so excited for the next vid

  • Jazza

  • FEATURE: They glow in the dark. #UCD3

  • Feature: chicken king, like a rat king, but out of chickens #UCD3

  • Skill: The character is blind but uses the power of magic to see. But his vision is not a normal type of vision it’s like A thermal vision.

    • enemy is a man who took away his normal sight away

  • Prop: A scroll that controls time or an important law of the universe. If this item is put into the wrong hands or destroyed bad things will happen.

  • lol who thinks all of his character designs should share their own cinematic universe? If Jazza writes a book or a comic where all these characters just fight it out, It would be a great day

  • I would so watch this if it became an animation or even a comic book. I just love everything about it, it's like a novel with a really good plot that leaves on a cliff hanger.

  • race: a half cheetah half sloth mix, a lazy but fast animal.

  • Prop: has a pen that whatever they draw turns out exactly what they are thinking of the pen reads minds

  • best videos ever!!!

  • I absolutely love these types of video’s.... I wish I had your talent XD

  • Someone pleaseeeee right a book around this concept!!! That is a phenomenal concept. Jazza you have outdone yourself!!!!

  • Excuse my potty mouth the story was fucking amazing

  • SKILL: Able to send his/her soul into other peoples body’s to control there body’s for a few minutes Or He/she is able to read there thoughts while his/her soul is in someone else’s body.

  • I WANT MORE OF THIS, soooo good

  • Job: chef for a five star restaurant in berlin

  • Enemy: an evil squrril with an amputated limb

  • Keep it going Jazza!

  • back for a second watch , god this was good :) :)

  • I really like the UCD series

  • I love this so much and I love u explaining the story

  • Welp, this is in my top 5 favourite artworks now.

  • hell yeah !

  • Algorithmen :)

  • #UCD3 JOB: cafe maid

  • A really cool story!

  • Waiting for UCD 3!!!!

  • I like this

  • Love it

  • Prop : Glider/staff - Staff that can be transformed into glider which loolks like a dragon wings (Inspitration from Avatar the last airbender - tv series !!!!Not the movie!!!!) , The staff is round and from dark brown/Black wood .

  • Everything except for Orion is a bit like attack on Titan W in which the female god you had in mind were like Ymir the nine angels were like the nine Titan shifters and the regular humans were like marleyan and the other people In your story were like eldians

  • I feel like this is a different Hellboy sort of concept but with a much more in depth background. Well done!


  • I love this series so much so far. The first UCD I was so engrossed the entire time, same with this one. The stories, the art, the dedication, it just is so amazing and I love it so much

  • SKILL: The character is an excellent archer and can fire arrows that instead of injuring the target, it gives them uncontrollable fear #UCD3

  • I like your knew background

  • For some reason your art reminds me of hieroglyphics but more realistic

  • skill : can blind people if they threaten him

  • Damn this video is SUPER well done! Love it

  • he should right a book or manga

  • More UCD

  • Real angels are mentioned in the book The Laws of the Spirit World written by two angels/high-souls themselves indirectly through through their mother. If you read it you may find plot for interesting stories.

  • #usb3!

  • Enemy: The Titan Thay They Live On.

  • comment

  • U

  • skill: wizard age: 98 #UCD3

  • PROP: a sword hidden in a cane

  • I LOVE HIS CHARACTER DESIGNS!! I’m SOOO glad they’re back!!!

  • there should be a movie about this

  • #UCD2

  • Woop woop!

  • I love #ucd

  • Honestly... i love this story BUT I WANT MORE! What happens to him?! What does he do? How do the mortals and non-angels react to him! UGH

  • I love these vids so much!!

  • I love UCD episodes and watch them over and over again, it actually makes me learn and progress my passion of Artwork

  • Prop:uses a pen that transforms into a flaming sword