This AI program turns your Drawings into HORRIFYING MONSTERS!

Am 27 Nov 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • Jazza puts the "art" in artificial intelligence

    • @Matthew Alonso Damn! It took like 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

    • dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Insta Portal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    • true

    • @MixerPlayz can I steal this and we be friends this is art

    • Hi

  • choose your fighter: the werewolf thing with a raging erection or a deathclaw with wings

  • 6:20 looks like scp 096

  • I'll just leave this here: -

  • I was gonna say a furry?!?! XD

  • This is basically what I saw in my nightmares last night. Literally.

  • This look like the hyena Simba could not defeat.

  • Plz make siren head on this app

  • Why not make godzilla with it

  • It kind of reminds me of the muttations from the end of the first Hunger Games

  • tell me plz

  • what is this called?

  • Dis dude makes a screen shot with his hand me rushes to desc to see if he put a link for his half glove

  • Just me or did the last one look like a hiena

  • 6:29 you just made the creacher look like a cat! Lol. 🐈

  • What app is this?

  • Jazza! Love your content man! Thanks for helping me get thru my days by distracting me from everyday monotony! Been a supporter since early 2019😁

  • whats the site pls...

  • 6:37 doesn't that look like a deathclaw from the game fallout?

  • Name: Ed

  • NUMBER 4 LOOKED LIKE A REALISTIC CHANGELING! (Changelings are from my little pony)

  • I don't like how the AI puts it in midair, maybe you should make a base for it?

  • 4:53 that is... venom

  • He cleared it by accident!!! hahahahahaha

  • Excuse me what is the game called

  • 4:54 it kinda looks like Koopa from the 1993 Mario Brothers movie.

  • imagine he did a self portrait but it didn’t change

  • Scary Monsters! -Diego Brando

  • It looks like more as an ai which turns your drawings into burn coockies

  • 7:24 M’kay meme

  • This feels like Spore 😩

  • U should have people send u shapes and u make art with them

  • Bro when he said teeth grrrr he sounded like a Minecraft zombie 😂😂😂

  • 6:16 you're monster looks like E.T adult version

  • What no Undo!!???

  • Art ifficial

  • How could you draw that dragon

  • Where can i get that

  • I'm really sad It does not work on mobile

  • 7:34 My favorite by far. A seal's neck and head with a lion's mouth, a set of wyvern wings going back into shark fins, the hind legs of a bipedal dinosaur rocking a cat tail. Freaking sweet. The chimera's also complete dope.

  • probably would’ve looked better if he knew what a muzzle was

  • What is this called like the website

  • What app is this?

  • what app is this?

  • what is this app

  • Dabbing is $!/*+,:= dead.

  • The most versatile man I've ever seen

  • 6:37 skinny deathclaw

  • You need to try and draw the demogorgon with this platform

  • 6:35 Jazza made a death claw lmao

  • Jazza

  • Its chimera ant breeder from HxH

  • 6:36 anorexic deathclaw

  • 6:40 that guy looked kinda like shy guy

  • Did he just make a deathclaw 6:35

  • When you created this you Had to be thinking of Spawn with Michael Jai White & Charlie Sheen.

  • It kinda looks like a gnoll from dnd

  • I can't believe I didnt know u before

  • U should do another video on this where you draw all the body parts seperately!

  • Dude look back and look up a death claw from fall out

  • Fun fact:this video suggested to me by you tube AI after i watched two videos about AI

  • 3:15 forbidden gummy bear (This is not my comment I saw it as a video title)

  • 1:20 awwwwwww-WHAT THE FU-

  • Bro you sound a little like Jackfrags🤔

  • you misunderstood the legs, upper leg front refers to the upper part of both front legs vice versa. Not the closest whole front limb

  • 6:40 what you've designed there sir is a Deathclaw

  • what is the website that your on in this video

  • DEname must’ve unsubbed me from you wtf ?

  • Dude, I've missed you! I haven't watched you in so long! I'm going to start watching you again more, especially since I've gotten into drawing, I look up to you, and I have since I first saw you. Keep up the great videos, art and other projects.

  • "The most horrifying creature of all.. a furry."🤣😭

  • Im - did he just draw a pp

  • How do I use this?

  • At one point I swear I saw him go for like a violator from Spawn kind of idea.

  • So... that glove... that is missing the thumb side of a hand... what is its purpose? To keep you from oiling up your paper with the heel and outside of your hand?

  • where does one go to try out this AI?

  • I looks like crappy pancake art

  • Looks like you made a Gnoll with horns in the end.

  • Whats this app or whatever

  • 10:50 - 11:03 is hard to pick one name, could be scruffy, fluffy or Clawmagedon eviscerator of worlds........................ u know thought 2 pick ;p

  • Your glove scared me


  • The first ones made me belly laugh 😂😂😂

  • He looks like a Charakter from risk of rain 2 acrid the posion doggo

  • A hyena and a werewolf got together after being drunk, this is the result.

  • 6:37 Congratulations! You just made a Deathclaw :D

  • Kinda sound like Shad from shadiversity.

  • Друг aesthetic r/cursedimages

  • Te is the New craft Attack man

  • Whats this app?

  • If its a website send link

  • Is it a website?

  • Pause at 5:36

  • At 6:37 did he accidentally make a deathclaw ?

  • Whats the Games name?

  • looks like youve created a.... regular gnoll

  • Imagine if this was the birth of siren head

  • His name is eraser and he annoys people by pressing erase button.

  • As someone who is working on creating creatures for a series, this will be very helpful for concept designs

  • Whats this app called

  • where do you find this, all im finding are blogs or unrelated things