This "ART PROGRAM" was NOT what I expected...

Am 3 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I think you just reinvented Salad Fingers.

  • Oh wow I actually use Photopea. I don't draw on it though, I use it for cleaning up my comic drawings

  • Jazza: let's enjoy this thing * ad comes on*

    • The sounds of summoning a demon... This is how imma sleep from now on with this on

  • What is the name of this website?

  • That was................... ......AMAZING!

  • This is some Kubrick levels of bizarre

  • That was both amazing and terrifying 😆 Mrs. Jazza has an amazing voice!! 👏❤

  • INtEresTIng

  • I was disturbed as fuck. My eyes just can't be widened enough watching this.

  • Watching this hiiiiighh was a mistake but also AWESOME AND AMAZING AND SO SO Transcendent wow I love jazza

  • *A R T*

  • Heyum what is the app name?

  • Glad I didn’t watch this right before bedtime lol. Insane Creator is insane

  • Cursed.

  • I-I... I am... speechless... 😱😂😂😂

  • Oh wow

  • This was stunning. Terrifying, creative, high production quality.. A true masterpiece

  • 11:24 What kind of acid trip did I just go on what-

  • 10:49 *emphasis on "artwork"*

  • he has a wife?!?!?!

  • Jazza has a family.. wow weird.

  • YESSSS its always an amazing video when Kate comes in. i was delighted by her singing.

  • I'm a musician and I applaud you 👏. This made my day 😂

  • That end result WAS SO CURSED

  • I would pay to watch that for three hours 😓

  • I'm scared

  • Nobody: weed smokers:

  • I just sat and edited a video in Davinci Resolve for 4 hours yesterday, but then it decided to just empty my timeline next time I opened the project, so all my work is gone.

  • This is so weird xD

  • THIS is my most fav video of Jazza cuz its funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’ve been watching this channel for YEARS and this is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen here 🤣 And that is saying a lot knowing Jazza hahaha

  • This was awesome I loved it!!

  • That’s the first time I’ve seen his wife

  • The end result just gave me so much anxiety, omg. Created an uneasy atmosphere... But your wife has a fantastic voice, so talanted! ✨🔥

  • Husband was tripping on acid and was not ready for God-Tier Morty

  • The clipping

  • Photopea is pronounced photo pea

  • They grow up so fast

  • No words, just epic.

  • Anybody else think Marty looks like salad fingers in the final piece?

  • #nightmaremorty So so entertaining 😆

  • You might consider GIMP too. It's the one I defected to from Photoshop and now I like it better. Also..... the rest of the vid, no words. Someone a thousand years from now are going to think there was a cult called Jazza and this was the pinnacle hymnal masterpiece that everyone revered. Yea... I don't know. It was spectacularly... weird. lol

  • Lol. My chorus teacher was playing with that website.

  • This i sounds like a real opera

  • I’m.... disturbed.

  • Jazza has lost his damn mind. Still love him though.

  • What the fuck did I just watch...?

  • UCD

  • This online program is a subset of features you will find in Expressii

  • If you are trying online photoshop equivalents then you need to try Sumo Paint it is one of the first and probably best at online editing.

  • This was something

  • Pixil art is what me and my brother use @underbros-two is me and my brother is @underbros check us out

  • Obnoxious but consistent. This made my day, now I have seen everything 🤪

  • Haunting

  • That art music video was creepy and epic at the same time haha. Your wife is quite a great singer!

  • I made a reaction video to this I hope you all enjoy Jazza thank you for continuing to bring us amazing stuff!

  • Someone give me a soundtrack of this art this beautiful music

  • I don't even know how i feel after watching this creation of yours. I'm sort of just staring at my phone right now thinking... what the f did I just watch

  • This family is so talented, wtf?!?!?! my parents can do nothing LOL

  • Cannot stop laughing. This was soo funny

  • Gotta say, this was mildly terrifying.

  • I feel like ive fallen down one of those three a.m. youtube rabbit holes, but no... Its just jazza.


  • No one is saying how he's already done the Free Photoshop alternatives before, It's just pretty funny that 3 years later he is using the same idea. Love you Jazza.

  • There's something very salad fingers about your depiction of morty in your artwork... 😂😂

  • That was insane kinda weird way. It had a very “salad fingers” feel or vibe to it. How amazingly talented is your wife’s?!? Creative married another gifted Creative! Beautiful.

  • Hahahahahah!!! So amazing!

  • My only complaint with DeVinci Resolve is that the free version doesn't use GPU acceleration for video rendering. There are certain OpenFX things that my computer just won't render because of it. The render crashes any time I try it.

  • can some1 pls help. i dont have a fineliner but will a regular pen work with alcohal-based markers or should i use like a sharpie or something

  • this made me laugh and appreciate both your skills and ypur wife voice hahahah and the emd picture is cursed but Im so glad I watch this 😂🤣

  • This is a fever dream

  • Um... wat?! 🤣

  • Jazza... What the f have you been smoking?? XD

  • Ayyyyy, Photopea :D

  • Flight of the Disturbed

  • Standing ovation to Mrs. Jazza! 👏

  • I don't know which Morty is more likely to haunt my dreams - skin pulling Morty or Michaelangelo Morty - I know at least one of them will be there. Why did I watch this before bed?

  • This is going to give me nightmares

  • This has jack stauber vibes so hard hahaha

  • Congrats to MJ😁

  • This has the *HE HAS RISEN* vibes

  • absolutely beautiful work from your wifey!

  • If this isn't played at my funeral, I ain't dying. Periodt.

  • I've only recently discovered Jazza through becoming an interior design student and looking at tutorials for software and this wasn't quite what I thought I would find, but you know what, I'm inspired. Stay weird man, you rock 🎸 😂

  • Cool video, what did you use to edit it? :>

  • Somebody play this in church.

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yep.

  • Favourite Jazza video ever 😂

  • goddam this reminds me of that amazing worllld of gumball episode about the remote Idk why tho

  • Almost a religious experience? This WAS a religious experience.

  • this is unspeakable levels of cursed

  • 11:22

  • Jazza, you should check out Affinity Photo. It is a low-cost, one time purchase, competitor for Photoship and I would love your thoughts on it.

  • Mrs. Jazza was excellent!

  • The end result is both horrifying and amazing at the same time, I'd say the derailment was worth it lol

  • I didnt know Salad Fingers had a Morty skin

  • Please tell me MJ stands for mini-jazza

  • I need help. My husband is an artist, but put it aside because of the military and our family. He lost everything in our many moves. He has such passion for art. I need help on what to buy him to bring back his passion. It is a suprise so I can't ask him. Maybe a good sketch set and good coloring pencil set, sketchbooks and pens. I'm clueless on this matter. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

  • With all due respect, I hated that. 😅

  • This looks like a video that would 100% win a movie award at the Cannes Film Festival.