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  • As a 3d printing enthusiast, filament specifically, I was really confused how he managed to get such a wide colour gradient on his prints. I was thinking he must have like 8 extruders. Then I realised, he is an artist, he painted it😂

  • This is awesome

  • like $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • jazza how much money do you get paid to aford everything

  • Did he even gain any more money from this video?

  • I miss 40K. And, now, I want tiny Space Eldar to make into jewelry.

  • Y

  • I really want jazza to get some sort of huge 3D printer so he can make a life-size dragon bigger than him.

  • jazza: *fast unintelligible jazza sounds* 3dprintmy *more jazza* sothatitsthesame *jazza* awebsitewhereyoucandesignyourown *jazza* quickprint- the guy who he pays to sit with him and listen: *chuckles* im in danger

  • Dude I love your channel

  • youll get a better result of you remove the supports before curing, just wear gloves while doing so.

  • you should do a diarama of a mini u doing a mini diarama

  • Do you need a hand? Jazza: no, i could just 3d print one.

  • Jazza:nerdy, geeky, crafty stuff *NerdEcrafter has entered the chat

  • Am I the only one here who found the removal of the supports of the little 3D-printed figures odly satisfying???

  • paint the smol boi

  • Java’s content is the only one that never gets boring 👑👑👑👑

  • Dude, you wanted to show off epic scale and yet you printed multiple pieces at once...print them all separately at the largest scale you can. That'll show off some real scale.

  • Keep painting minis! Watching you get excited is fun.

  • I bite my fingers too who new other people did.

  • HO Scale JAZZAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Me:he didn't Him:100 boxes

  • I would think sharing studio space with you would be a blast! Great video, really like the jump into 3D printing.

  • how big would the dragon be if one part of the dragon was made one at time? it would be big XD

  • Jazza

  • I was skippibg through and the only thing i heard was 'print , pribt , print , print ' .

  • You really should be pinning large models like that. Jus' makes it more durable.

  • I love how jazza unironically did the "reading the text upside-down" bit irl


  • Tiny scale is awesome. 6mm and 3mm are totally war gaming scales

  • Try vapor smoothing abs in area

  • I would love to see what scale of details can com through after painting.

  • didn't hollow out the models... How much money did it cost???

  • 3:42

  • didi you use specific setting to print these small miniatures? i got several fail printing very small object, even with very basic geometry!

  • Very impressed how you talked about the scale of your dragon without making any dragon scale puns.

  • I was googling 3D printers that can print super small for months now - totally ignorant that this video existed from someone I'm subscribed to. Your timing is eerie!

  • Today I learned Jazza does stuff with minatures... and also that he's collaborated with other miniature painting and diorama building youtubers I watch... AND that he is friends with Shad from Shadiversity AND that he helped design Cogent Roleplay? Apparently everything I watch is interconnected somehow

  • a machine that actively destroys itself (the uv destroys the lcd) is not a machine that I would ever buy or ever support, no matter how well it prints. resin prints are so far still too far in it's infancy.

  • gotta remove the supports before you cure, itll save you a lot of headache

  • SO happy Tabletop Time is coming back!

  • Jazza: sorry I bite my fingers Me: No, there artist hand. Your blessed.

  • Now Make Something The Size Of An Atom

  • I thought Australian people could read upside down

  • I've just started my resin printing adventures as well, make sure you're using gloves and a mask!

  • jazza=art muselk=gaming jazza=muselk😆😆😆🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Can I have the download for some of the models please?

  • The support marks trigger me so much.. remove the supports before you chuck it under the uv and finish it. I take the supports off before i even wash it and have never had support marks because the resin is still softish and doesnt snap..

  • Try to remove the supports before the curing, it's easier to remove them :)

  • You should Sooooo print some of your own "Lego" type pieces (Generic Building Blocks for Legal Purposes obviously) and build a model out of them. 3D printers are amazing for alsorts of different things (Have a look at Matt from Mantis Robotics channel he build a big rideable Lego Go Kart!!!)

  • Micro paint please 😁

  • IKEA instructino Manuel be like

  • Anime watchers when a human size 3D printer comes out: Mother, you won't be hearing from me for a while.

  • Or could've used tweezers

  • I love it.

  • Geek energy intensifies!

  • A 3D printer that prints a 3D printer

  • So its great for 6mm Epic scale. sweet.

  • That partially built first one looks really cool. I hope you paint it sort of bloody.

  • 0:54 my friend asking why i have 7 different notebooks

  • His accent reminds me of Blackpink Rosé's accent😍 Me to myself: of course Jazza and her has the same aussie accent🤦😅

  • Wait, are you really Shad's brother? @Jazza

  • Oh a cartridge for the resin? That is cool.

  • When they put on the jazza mask it looked like he was John Lennon (I’m dying😂😂😂🤣😅) Now one ,not a single person Me. hey he looks like John Lennon

  • I want a 3D printer because I absolutely love 3D modeling and I know how to it, but sadly can't afford one :D

  • Ummm jazza...i can see layer lines on your fingers

  • wait did i see this right? DID JAZZA READ INSTRUCTIONS?!?!?!

  • My teacher in year 4 gave us 3 D prints I asked for a golden retriever puppy 🐶 her son did a lot of printings she moved to a different school 🏫😢🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ ɐzzɐſ

  • Great!

  • Man U guys just hate having money don’t ya


  • Thanks for this video Jazza. I've been thinking about getting into the 3D printing business.

  • 1:40 , can someone make a meme from that???????

  • Resin printers bend my reality. I get so confused on how they work. It is literal science.

  • buys the most expensive resin printer damnn

  • Learn to thumbnail like Jazza

  • 4:38 thought you could draw?

  • nowhere near the smallest 3d printed object...look up two-photon lithography

  • Omg!!!I haven't watch you in like 3 years and now I finally am

  • Hello

  • I tried to make a watercolour out of chalk it worked

  • imagine playing d&d with this

  • You can get rid of the layer lines by giving them an ammonia vapor bath


  • Love this video!

  • Wow I've never wished I had enough extra cash for a 3d printer so much in my life 😂 I love this stuff and I'm excited that tabletop time is coming back!

  • Bro you have a tabletop channelllll??!?!!!??

  • they should have made the printer cure and print for those who are not just printing non stop

  • Shad is your Brother?? So you got the looks and charisma, he got the arrogance and bullheadedness?

  • You should make an Orion mini for part 2 of the seraphim's son one shot... hehehe 7u7

  • Choking Hazard Labels: "Am I a joke to you?!?!"

  • Hiccup approves..

  • Jazza likes FINGERS

  • You should make annima charectars but make them better

  • So how long until the episode with the Bob's Burger-Millhouse character, 3D Printed on a flying dragon to assist your dystopic mercenary and seraphim guided by the Pharoah in a quest to save the world episode?

  • What brand is it exactly, or are they custom build? probably can't afford it, but I'm am intrigued...

  • We are all geeky or we wouldn’t be subscribed

  • Really auto supports? These peints don't eben need supports. Edite: ok the dragons needs some.

  • “DA FINGAS” Jazza 2020