Time to move!

Am 8 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
I'm SO excited about taking THIS channel, and Tabletop Time, as far as possible!!
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  • This year is going to be EPIC! In fact since recording this video I already have HUGE NEWS I can't share yet - but SOOON! Also, please SUBSCRIBE TO TABLETOP TIME! dename.info

    • pak you

    • He having another kid

    • I love geeking out Jazza. Geek out everywhere!

    • Even if you do it once, sing again dename.info

    • Why don't you make a sneaker customisation video. That's art too I suppose!

  • The Jazza Puppet in the background is the best

  • Making space for “hobbies” or creative outlets is SO important! In that theme, seeing as how I can’t host dinner parties anymore... I turned my dining room into a ceramics studio! Just finished getting all the electrics set up for my kiln! All set to play in the mud!❤️

  • Wow I didn’t even know about table top time, and I love tabletop games and I really enjoy art! Time to check it out.

  • Commenting for engagement

  • Jazza's hobby room is bigger than my whole apartment....

  • My 2021 art plan: I started an Instagram for my art to encourage myself to make art more regularly

  • Hear me out... Chainsaw sculptures

  • Jazza

  • This January, I finished a Star Wars fanfiction, that I started last year, at 68 chapters (aka 100k words). For 2021, I'm planning on writing the sequel, continue working on the first draft of a novel, and graduating college.

  • Jazza pls help, I live in Asia and I ordered the sculpting set in NOVEMBER and its still hasn't come. Pls HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Keep on keeping on, Jazza.

  • 5:00 *BURNING* that's it everyone, Jazza's gonna wind up killing himself in this new space

  • i'll be honest i'd really like to see jazza try art styles he isnt good at (etc. anime)

  • I've been following Jazza for since 2019 iirc? But he helped me get better at art with his tutorials and made me laugh at times. I know its kinda irrelevant for this video. The first video i saw of his was his Copic Marker vs Wish marker video, and then i watched his tutorials. Thank you Jazza for your videos and i will keep supporting you.

  • Am I the only who stared at the puppet in the back a lot

  • whats the song called, when he is showing the different channels. I have been serching for that one on epidemic sounds but I cant find it

  • Jazza We run a charitable enterprise in Bedford. We train people in Bedford U.K. develop, upskill. We really want to do art. Can you help? Gracias.

  • So excited for you to do more channels and expanding your work space! Great start to a new year. Behind you 100%.

  • Can you make a video with the basics of table top gaming. Like the how the dice play a role, the character development charts, and how the game is essentially played?

  • Me: *sees jazza has two channels* Also me: I CAN WATCH MORE JAZZA?!?!?

  • As an Ace, I was just incredibly distracted by your ring during the entire video. 😅

  • I want to get into d & d and tabletop time sounds awesome

  • I’ve been doing research on how to start drawing digitally and animating, and your videos have been a huge help and inspiration. I’m going to buy one of those monitors that I can draw directly on and start working on my first animation and learning digital art! Thank you so much, you’ve helped me get out of a huge rut with my music! Your story about the kid who’s father was an animator for disney who was amazing at drawing who ended up with a mundane job, while you get to make art, and you said something along the lines of “I try to enjoy every drawing like I did when I was a child enjoying a blank piece of paper, and link that feeling of the first time I drew to every piece of art I make(I’m obv paraphrasing but you get the idea)” helped me a lot. I was comparing my Music to every other musician, and I was so scared of criticism that I was wasting the potential and skill that I’ve practiced for 13 years. I’ve been very confused and directionless for the last few years, emotionally scarred, unable to let go of the past, and trapped somewhere I can’t seem to claw my way out of. DEname has helped me to express myself and move forward, set goals for myself, and truely find pride in myself, and you have inspired me to bring my musical and artistic talents into my channel in all new ways. I know it must be hard, but the fact that your smile never fades gives me hope that if I keep working hard I might some day be like you. Thank you

  • why dose Jazzy always move???

  • But..But I just saw the video in which you painted your door!

  • You do you, boo!

  • I’m so excited to watch you grow even more Jazza!

  • I'm happy to see you reinvigorated and happy in this video. Seeing that spark and passion from you is infectious. Actually in 2020 you were a major influence to me getting back into illustrating and exploring all the facets of cartooning and illustration. I downloaded your app which was a big help creatively my favorite has to be the incremental design portion. It reinvigorated my love and passion for character design, for a time of the past 2 or so years I hadn't really committed myself to illustration hadn't done anything new. But watching your videos while at my job it got me excited and gave me ideas of things I wanted to try. And currently I feel so good with what I'm producing, your channel has helped me to challenge myself creatively with ideas and concepts for characters but also to push myself further testing my ability with dynamic posing and inking coloring. So thank you Jazza for being such an influence on me in 2020, riding the high and that wave of momentum into 2021 I'll proudly be going back into college via online for my bachelor's degree in animation. Also I know this is long and rambly sounding but thank you to anyone who's read all this.

  • Jazzy is just saying big words for more free= more chaos

  • All I wish is you don't burnout, I enjoy your content no matter how often you upload and it always just inspires me creatively.

  • i was sold when i saw star wars

  • You should make a podcast out of table top time

    • amazing artwork that I'm struggling towards being able to emulate or draw on the same level as. Feels like, I dunno, super cliche or whatever to say this, but watching your stu

  • I been enjoying my creativity box that I got by Christmas but it’s been nice to see your videos come back :)

  • I love how puppet jazza is just in the background screaming

  • DEname kind of stopped suggesting art videos to me so I'm thinking that others have also experienced the same problem. I didn't even see any of your videos on my subscription fee. Either way 2020 was not a great year.

  • Jazza is honestly one of the best youtubers

  • I haven't had the mental health capacity to watch. I have the inky box and I am allowing myself to open it when I feel better. Good luck. Be safe. Dx

  • I legit started WH40k this past winter and am getting my first Eldar army this weekend. Perfect time for me to hear about that second channel. Haha. I'm glad you are keeping your drive with something you are passionate about. Psyched to see where tabletoptime goes.

  • Thank you Jazza, Have a great 2021 too. I'm also planning to finally open My Workshop "Creaturix", where all the Magic happens and Creatures are born. 🧙‍♂️🔮🦖👾🦎⚔️


  • Omg jazza I’ve wanted a 3D printer for ages cuz u inspired the heck out of me and finally ma parents bought me one for ma birthday and I love it!

  • Nice video, but I would call it "Time to Expand", then it wouldn't be clickbait.

  • I'm glad that you too see what I'm seeing. I thinking art videos as a whole is dying. I'm subscribed to multiple good art channels and they all had dip in views. Meanwhile, crafting/invention channels are getting bigger. I hope it goes ok soon

  • My ipad gave me this notification just now

  • would you recommend the HUION HS64 drawing tablet

  • All I wish is you don't burnout, I enjoy your content no matter how often you upload and it always just inspires me creatively.

  • you should defenitly do a collab with nerdecrafter/jackie

    • Jackie is so entertaining to watch. I love her and Sika.

  • just wanted to state that I really enjoy your artwork. I've seen most of your videos, but kinda just realized that I wasn't subscribed? I probably was going too earlier, but then got distracted by something or other (happens a lot) but luckily I'm rectifying this mistake. Looking forwards to spending more hours staring at a screen slightly drooling over amazing artwork that I'm struggling towards being able to emulate or draw on the same level as. Feels like, I dunno, super cliche or whatever to say this, but watching your stuff helps me to actually force myself to draw and improve when most of the time I just end up spending 6-7 hours on a piece, look at it, feel like ****, and just not touch a pencil for a week or so. thx, I guess?

    • Hey man you are like my idol in drawing you should make more "How to draw" videos

  • im starting ceramics! my uncle rob hague, a artist, was kind anough to lend me his pottery wheel and a tone of clay! you should try if you havent, have a good day jazza!

  • When is #creative2021 video is coming?

  • I was just thinking the other day, boy I haven’t seen Jazza in a few weeks......Must have something “Big “ Planned.

  • Sorry bud, the table top thing is not for me

  • Hey Jazza, you are the biggest Inspiration in my life... you and your work inspired me so much to try different things.. you taught me to love smallest of the things and made me smile.... you are such an inspiration... thank you so much... a huge fan from India... loads of love..❤❤

  • hello i want to be a digital artist is there any cheap drawing tablets you suggest

    • Huion or xp pen. But huion is my personal fave. Wacom is too expensive for me

  • Here comes another door

  • I have a video idea you should make art by only creasing and folding paper 🙀

  • I identify with what you're going through a lot. In 2020, I was one of many artists laid off from my comfortable full-time job. Knowing that I didn't want to go back to an office, I decided to focus full time on building a living for myself as an indie artist. I pursued a lot of different things, anything I thought would make some extra money. Etsy shops, Redbubble, Spoonflower---I spent the rest of 2020 dabbling in anything and everything, but not necessarily what I really wanted to do. My favorite art style to work in is very elaborate and time consuming; I like to spend 20-30 hours on my best pieces. I avoided working in that style because I thought the low production rate wouldn't be sustainable. But in December, as a birthday present to myself, I dedicated several days to doing some fan art in the style that I love. I shared it online and it went viral. Suddenly, it looks as though I'm finally going to be able to make a living because I decided to do the thing I really wanted to do. I wish you the best of luck, Jazza. Here's to following our creative passions.


  • Does anyone know the best drawing monitor on a budget? I know a lot of you Hague’s are experienced in this sort of thing, thanks! (Maybe $200 and under)

  • Man I really wanna see him make a sculpture entirely out of paint, that could be really challenging and cool.

  • Jazza, I know you probably wont see this but I have an issue with finding an animation site online. I don’t have access to a computer at the moment but I do have an iPad, but the thing is, this isn’t MY iPad, therefore I cannot download any apps that support animations. The only option I have is Pixilart.com, but the animation feature doesn't support sound, and it’s PIXELS!! There’s now way for me to get a clean stroke for lineart, and everything is choppy and unpleasing to the eye. Also, there’s no multiply, you cant adjust the size of a selection, and much more. Please, Jazza, Help me! - Qwoot__Sorriee

  • Hey man you are like my idol in drawing you should make more "How to draw" videos

  • Why did I my mind hear him yelling I'M A KINESTHETIC LEARNER in that thumbnail 🤣🤷‍♀️ . . Edit: it was definitely the shirt that I unconsciously read while scrolling 🤣 took me 4mins in to realize it 😅

  • Thanks for all your inspiration and personality you do inspire me Look at this. I see you inspire the world! instagram.com/p/CJ9Lqpqh99B/?igshid=19eg2bg6ul001

  • Suggestion, could you draw scientists with superpowers related to their discoveries?

  • That table top sounds awesome.

  • I wish I had friends to have fun with like this.

    • Omg same. So can we like be friends or something? 😚

  • your videos are awesome !!

  • i support your channel you support mine

    • Funny, I'll support you, if you support mine 😉

  • I didn't know you had another channel! I've always enjoyed your character making videos very much, so I'm excited! :D

  • For me 2021 will be socks and drag. I want to kearn hiw to crochet socks and learned how to become a drag king

  • In 2021 I wanna grow my youtube channel and twitch. I love making art and im still growing and learning everyting. My next step will be better camera equipment.

    • Good luck to you. I too have DEname channel but it only has 2 subscribers 😭

  • You're my inspiration Jazza 😭❤️

  • If I could a get a heart from Jazza ❤️ it would make.my day

  • Just something I wasput on to someone made a Tabletop Roshar! I know you read stormlight a while ago and the new book did just drop, sounds like an audible sponsorship video

  • The ‘artists mess’ a place for him to chill, because we all know how relaxing power tools are! Can’t wait for 2021 for the channel

  • could you please nd print me one day God Jazza :P

  • Jazza, please bring back your music channel or at least have some singing/musical content every once in a while.

  • Im waiting still for my jazza ultimate creative art boxes. I really want to try out the sculpting

  • I'm so excited to see what you will come up with this year

  • Do you still wield the throne?

  • Bro you should try mixology I think I’d be pretty funny to see jazza try and make drinks that not only taste good but look good

  • good luck with new changes me in 2:20: What happened to his hands?🤔


  • My plans: finish my MSc in Geography!!! I have to draw an illustration of my study area in interpretation for 4k yrs ago. So, that is my next art project.

  • IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS !!!!! I'm getting into the minitures I have a 3d printer otw thank you Jazz's you help me push me to use my creative side

  • Jazza: “This year’s gonna be great” Meanwhile in America...

  • It really makes me happy cry to see you so excited about TTT ❤️

  • I'm trying to start an etsy shop this year I was trying to start it January 1, 2021 but I didn't have the resources to do so as well as primere my webseries and my self published novel all of that was supposed to be out January 1 but it was an epic fail😔💔😭

  • I just got the jazza incredible inky box and it is missing the chizzle pens?!?!?

  • What is the best free pc drawing software

  • All these things you are planning are great ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing all these things happen! Also I just saw this and figured this was right up your alley to try to create an epic piece of art with. Although maybe a scaled up version. dename.infoM0GFEEuLPVI

  • This is the best thing!

  • I'm just sitting here thinking "That's not how you spell 'kinesthetic.'" Then I realized it was mixed with "aesthetic." I love wordplay. Ooh, tabletop games!

  • I bought an I'm an adult jacket, i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bolder in building relationships with our fellow creatives taking part in more collaborations, all the while growing our channel by Inspiring & Sparking our viewer's ART-fire within!

  • If anyone on here deserves the title of creator, it’s definitely Jazza.

  • Who else thinks this is like acts from passpartour

  • your best stuff is always your drawing, please never stop drawing for us