"Custom Painting" He-Man because.

Am 29 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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    • *I was interested in how many years would this method last being that its plastic an clay, would it age up well or what can i do to persevere the figure being that clay an plastic age differently when applied together being that its not mixed as one element*

    • Thank you for getting rid of he man yee-yee butt haircut 😂😂😂

    • Can't wait for the studio 💖

    • The sword is a half, Skeletor having the other half, that's why it looks odd. Like said in Game of Thrones: "You know nothing".

    • I used to watch art attack when I was younger and I have an art attack book and dvd I am superior

  • Wow, omg that was incredible!!!

  • loved the video

  • Custom painting he man because. Because why not?

  • 3:51 that would be expensive in 2020 🤣🤣

  • He keeps calling them "He-Men," but i think, technically, the plural of He-man would actually be They-Men.

  • The new He-Man looks like he's Mexican right out of the package.

  • Holy Crap! Your He-Man looks way cooler than the original one! Great job as always, Jazza!

  • I very like the heehee man

  • The sword is actually meant to connect to the sword that comes with Skeletor

  • You just turned He Man into Conan the Barbarian, nice 👈😎👈

  • I've done some He-Man customizing, sort of. In the more proportioned 90s? wave, the one where he wears pants and Teela has the long ponytail. Anyway, I turned one into a Quasar of the Avengers and another into an original character I came up with China Dragon, a blonde half Chinese martial arts master. I was actually thinking about buying more when this line vanished as quickly as it came. If I had gotten a 3rd he might have stayed He-Man as I was making up a team from Independent characters at that time.

  • What can I say you're welcome

  • Ngl he man looks creepy without eyes lol i can just imagine him as a horror character

  • Really really cool

  • Why not make more boxes?

  • Iván el trolaso !!!😂😂😂😂

  • nice try, but this look is just ugly and dirty.

  • I'm gen Z and I love he-man ❤️❤️ it hurt when you ripped off his hair 😭

  • Nice job! Customized mine as well.

  • Did anyone else see when Herman looked like Donald trump

  • Is there anything this guy can't do?

  • Hey jazza I Really enjoy your videos and seeing what you do you really brighten my day after a tough day of school

  • I just saw this video and never heard of this guy I totally want to order the box but I'm confused, so I can't? i ran out of time or something this is weird.

  • Sucks I missed out on the box, would of been fun to create some stuff with 😖

  • when he-man gets rid of his yee yee ass haircut

  • I love how the music changed once it got to the modern version 😂😂

  • U know i cry some times when blah blah blah i said hey whats goin on uwu

  • He just made an of brand Conan the barbarian out of he man. I am so sad

  • cos i said heyyyyyyyyeyyyyyyyeyyyyyayyyyyyeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyy i said hey whats goin on me:he-man

  • He-man and Viking hybrid. I like it.

  • Turned out awesome:) great job. Time He-man got some love 💕

  • He has a *DIAMOND SWORD*

  • There’s an entire community online that just paints and modify custom action figures and some of the stuff they pull off is amazing

  • Makes me wish Jazza would have a shot at Granamyr.

  • Keep up the good work jazza!

  • Getting rid of the joints was a weird choice. Looks good.

  • I like how you use different sounds for old He-man and new He-man

  • He-Man...never heard of him I prefer He-God

  • Behold as I jazza turn a $5 toy in to a God damn $300 statue!!!

  • because wat it said he man because

  • 6:27 for my own reference

  • You do the paint job better than Hasbros marvel legends good job

  • Can you maybe do a snakeyes from gi.joe and maybe optimus prime from transformers and do what you did with He man to them

  • He-Man and parallel universe He-Man! ..... Twice the Power!

  • This turned out awesome!!

  • When he takes the hair off, he looks like the rock

  • the rock in the first stage look like an ice cream sandwich

  • It should be he-man and she-man

  • E

  • How is he so good at everything!

  • Jazz’s can you PLEASE MAKE THIS A LITTLE MINI SERIES!?!? Imagine how many cool modernizations you could do. Power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, so many cool possibilities

  • By the power of Tom Cruise that's well done.

  • The remastered he man is looking great

  • He turned He-man into Simon Belmont!

  • You should do a version of skeletor, but show pieces of his flesh melting off. Basically showing his curse and his face just dripping off of him.


  • I've always had trouble getting metallics to look good on minis and I am totally going to steal the black base coat trick.

  • So cool I want it

  • Heman turns into conan

  • You vs the Guy she told you not to worry about

  • Now you have to do the other ones too! Please!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jazza: add glue and a little bit of paint! *Puts almost all the paint bottle into the mix*

  • I'd really want to like really, really want to, but since I'm in college I can barely take care of my physical needs and get food on the table. I'm sorry I couldn't support you with this amazing project and enjoy all the effort you put in this once in a lifetime art box.

  • As awesome as this is, a spray primer would have looked so much better than the super thick paint-on primer that left all those brush marks.

  • That's brilliant!

  • As a fan of articulated action figure, it's actually kinda hurt to watch when he permanently glue the joint...but what can I say, it's still a cool customization

  • Skeletor be like, HEMANS?!?!?

  • Why no more art bundles? It's such a hit. Even if your not trying to make profit from it do it for your fans? Smh I missed out. 😔

  • Do a Barbie doll and other action figures! I love watching you play with minis and things like this!

  • zombie He-Man

  • I'd love to see jazza make a doom slayer

  • Glueing those layers together made me want an ice cream sandwich

  • Could use some blood on the sword

  • Thats not HE-MAN anymore thats Conan the barbarian

  • Fun fact you don't colour eyes of figure


  • I like older one more and I have that same toy

  • And i say, ayyyayayahey ayaya

  • He man got that diamond sword

  • in order to get the sword to not look weird you need the matching "skeletor" mating pair sword

  • Trapjaw would be good to do.

  • Sick

  • Jazza can you please get a Skeletor one and customize him please

  • Toy Story flashbacks

  • 🤩😍👏👏👏

  • That looks awesome . Any plans to custom an original 80's He man figure or even skeletor? I have a broken Starbug (red dwarf vehicle) that I'm wanting to do a crash scene with but in snow so any tips to a newbie please on where to start ?

  • I see his feet is small it's uncomfortable

  • Do you wanna see my video it’s really hard baby fox

  • Hey I am I have the same he man toy ants go tour and a orange guy I don’t know what he’s name and

  • alternate title: grown man bullies action figure's hair for 14 minutes

  • Are you trying to change the history is it do not look like cartoon human original site cartoon he man yeah looks good but it's not human

  • He kinda ended up looking like Simon Belmont!

  • Goddamn, that actually looks dope

  • Nostalgia is high with this one... My 1st cartoon.

  • Just casually sculpting hair, 10/10

  • You should do more of this type of video

  • He-Man nunca se había visto tan genial. ♡(> ਊ

  • Look how they massacred my boy

  • Vhs then 4k