2,600 YEAR OLD Ink Medium - This is SO COOL!!

Am 8 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I can't watch this video just because of the sound lmao

  • Jazza is like the 2021 art attack guy .

  • The fact that you aren't paying any mind to any comments correcting you ever is getting annoying. All you had to do was the bare minimum of learning what they are and how to use them and go from there with experimenting. And you apparently can even do the bare-bone basics. There's a difference between learning and just being stubborn in not even looking up, "How to use [Blank]." You said you don't mind being a channel for kids. At the *very* least do the basic diligence of actually looking up how to use something. I know you like diving head-first, but it has to be even the tiniest smidge balanced with actually learning *how* to use the thing the correct way. Refusing to do so is not being a kinesthetic learner, it's just being a stubborn dimwit who uses it as an excuse. Looking it up serves as the foundation, and then the kinesthetic and actually doing it is the next step.

  • Pretty soon we can consider cursive to be merican calligraphy

  • Everyone saying he ought to have researched it first, that depends on his intentions. I would be a lot more effective at doing crosswords if I looked up the answers first, but puzzling them out from the clues is more fun.

  • Awesome

  • Awesome

  • That landscape portrait looks amazing

  • For some reason you remind me of Shadiversity. It might just be because you are both Australian

  • You should try grinding them in mineral oil, since it seems to be a suspension rather than a solution, meaning that they don't actually dissolve in the base.

  • Looks like a good consistency to use in a fountain pen or quill.

  • bro this is so cool I wanna try now haha


  • I respect his talent and passion, but I feel as a person, he is kind of a douchebag. The content of this vid partly seems kind of disrespectful towards another culture.

  • WOW 😳... that was great ... And I would totally hang that on my wall too. 10/10

  • Just recently I watched a traditional Japanese stamp maker use those ink sticks and you should take a look on his technique. He got incredibly good results out of just a few scraps on that board 😬👍🏼

  • Too much water...

  • Bit late to comment but way too much water, give it another shot Jazza :)

  • Those look like the chocolates Billy ate from that episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

  • Gosh I literally teared up when he started mutilating his poor white sumi stick. I've only done Calligraphy and Sumi-e for a little bit but watching this video I saw just about every rule broken in both art forms within the first three minutes. Nevertheless, I'm happy that Jazza enjoyed playing around with the sumi ink cause thats the real reason I started to do Sumi-e in the first place. So if he had fun than I see no real harm done. However, I think it would be interesting to see him try to do Sumi-e properly so he can see how difficult it is. even for an artist like him it would be difficult cause the strokes are so precise technically and yet still so simple in form. He would have to reevaluate everything he has learned as an artist which I think would make for an interesting video.

  • I did this in my middle school art class

  • Humans who sell items: sell it! me: nu he (owner of is video) nu sell it >=[ -------------------------------------------------------------- is a smoll joke by me :>

  • Wow that looks so amazing

  • Mixes water... Me: Nouuuuuuu

  • I feel like this video is missing an element of proper technique. It would have been cool to compare you’re blind attempt and after doing some research to do proper technique so how different it is. A major opportunity missed.

  • Ok it's really painful to watch 🤦‍♀️༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Dear people that were offended in the comments, Constructive criticism is great! Just make sure you’re being kinda and respectful-I see a lot of comments saying “oh my god I nearly died when Jazz’s did x” or “jazza why would you ruin it by doing x”. Jazza, like myself and many others, have never heard nor seen this art medium-therefore have no. Idea. How. To. Properly. Use. It. So it’s great that you guys are helping out by telling us how-but please don’t be abrasive or rude about it. Also special note about the whole white ink stick-Jazza was doing an experiment on this new medium, it was meant to test the limits and gauge the composition of the materials. Please don’t be rude about that one either. Thank you, A Concerned Commenter

  • Presses like button

  • Hi Asian here cringing at how he said “oriental” music eek

  • If it's been around for literally millennia then it must have stuck around for a reason

  • That final painting came out nice

  • Interesting, i am now being recommended your channel i assume because i watch your brothers videos.

  • So according to their research a poor quality ink stick should not scratch the stone and should not make much of a sound yet in the video we can tell that it is a very poor ink stick

  • Jazza makes art while all if make is a mess

  • me using calling 12th bce pretty recent: ... people from around the world: SO OLDDDD

  • As an Asian it hurts to watch this video lolll Edit: love the drawing tho

  • You should've worn glove , that red stick might be contained cinnabar

  • 9:05, If this guy was born 2600 years ago, he would have been a chinese calligraphy Legend...

  • I want your Oriental landscape drawing

  • if those sticks are really 2,600 years old, what a shame. You should have kept them, they are a precious collection.

  • Don’t mind me just waiting for subs

  • Watching this made me feel like if you're gonna mess around with a medium that has actual cultural significance it's better to search up some good sources/tutorials first. Glad the comments agree with me and I wasn't just being sensitive ^-^; Obviously he wasn't trying to be disrespectful but still

  • Ur supposed to use a few drops, not a buck ya mouldy sack a potatas

  • What does the white ink stick used for?

  • Watches the destruction of sacred meditative instruments: 😱😱🤬🤬🙄🙄🥺🥺😭😭😭

  • Ive used black sumi ink and rice paper, but this vid made me wanna try colors for the first time. Im expecting to see you try just black next, proper (rice) paper and sumi brush - I -wanna- need to see what you can do with it :) Ps. Word of warning: Ive painted like that so long in one sitting, I had physical trouble letting go of the brush in the end - addictive gray scaling you might say..

  • Now i wish i had this ive always wanted to draw with it

  • I think he got ripped off it looks like water paints😂😂

  • Cheeky 69k likes

  • Not native or anything... But the white one... Got me

  • The guy should've been fishing instead of wielding a sword, but man that's gorgeous

  • Idiot who wants to do his own thing and wastes supplies- look it up!

  • I find very disrespectful when people without any knowledge about have acess to ancient stuff.

  • yikes the racism in this one

  • This is the closest I've ever come to using the word "cringe" to describe a video..

  • Looks kind if like sealingwax

  • It’s a calligraphy ink set. Yes it can be used for at (see most ancient Chinese painted artwork)

  • Very cool, love what you did.

  • Pls someone tag @asmrsurge here aaaaa

  • My only critique with what I've looked into last year. A little to much water, a little goes a long way.

  • I think you used too much water

  • definately stop adding water

  • 0:46 I got goosebumps 😖

  • use less water

  • You really need a black. What you often see in Asia for paintings and calligraphy does with these is a primarily black painting with the colors used as accents on that painting. A common example is a cherry tree done in black with the blossoms done in red, or an animal with the eyes and tongue done in a different color.

  • I thought he was going to melt it.

  • I knew POC we’re gonna be enraged haha, I love jazz’s but his privledged white boy really jumped out with this traditional media lol

  • DEname recommends: More random fascinating Chinese culture. Chinese troops begin deployment to local McDonald's to see if our Big Macs are really so different to theirs... and a red sun rises!!

  • So you've got three primary colors: Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails.

  • Actually the act of making Sumi Ink is an important part of the process in creating calligraphy for special occasions like temple ceremonies. I always looked at it as a cross between something like the Japanese tea ceremony and the daily ritual of a cabinet maker sharpening their tools in the morning. Even the act of grinding took on meaning. In China they would grind in circular patterns on the flat end and in Japan they would grind at an angle on the edge in a straight line.

  • reminds me of,,, Ma Wing Shing,,, 🤔🤔🤔

  • hey look. anime things.

  • If I hear him say he’s a kinaesthetic learner one more time then I’m jamming a pencil straight trough my eardrum into my brain..

  • good lord im dying inside hearing all that grinding and seeing that poor white ink stick get murdered

  • Did you burn books for fun as a kid? What did that little white ink stick ever do to you

  • You lost your ISV-card!!! Isv-card (ink-stick-virginity-card

  • Man discovers water color

  • Its Trogdor The Burninator!

  • I was looking fot the "like" button, but couldn't find it. Only found some "thumbs up" button :-)

  • We'll now wait for part II after you take a proper lesson in the use, study, keeping, and Zen of ink sticks, including the proper saturation of the inks for intended use. Look at some of the works created with these. They'll make your water color project look so basic. No insult here. This is not a Western technology, but many many Western artists use them to great effect. A little more time formally learning about them can transform your experience from "meh" to "why did I wait so long to learn?!?!?"

  • Every time I see jazza I think: artist Gordon Ramsay (I can’t spell) But ye u look like him

  • That's an excellent shade of green

  • 12:00

  • Ily but i had a heart attack when you put the white stick in the water😩

  • You last masterpiece is COOL!!! but if the background is black would be LIT🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • I love ink stones!

  • clickbate

  • OMG cultural appropriation! He should be cancelled!

  • And I'm crying at how he is grinding the ancient Chinese inks, way to watery and way to fast

  • I think it's fine that he can have a hands on play at first with the new medium, but he should also search it up for ways on how to use it properly, since it comes from a culture that isn't his and is often misrepresented anyways. Not to mention that it could also improve what he wanted, like thicker paint

  • Korea also used these but I never knew what they were called

  • Eugh, kinesthetic learners are the worst. We all learn better with our hands. These people just don't want to listen or follow a plan. Yes, I do this too; because I'm stupid.

  • it's really disheartening to see how you could've done so much better with this but outright refused to

  • Finally I found how to do that. Those novel keep me learning

  • I’m not subscribed to any channels like this.... but this was very entertaining and interesting so I have subscribed 🙂

  • What it you used a very small amount of water and tried to make some thick paint

  • Did anyone else struggle to watch him mutilate that poor innocent white stick?!?!

  • You should have researched before making this video. I'm not chinese, but I love asian traditional culture and looking at this just hurts.

  • I think it is Japanese 🐉🐲dragon festival🐺

  • jazza experimenting with a chinese ink stick is not "disrespecting" chinese culture. he does this with all types of art supplies, but for whatever reason it's only offensive when the art supply is from a different culture. kinda weird but ok