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  • Jazza: "send a picture of your workspace..." Me:...

  • I wish i had a computer now

  • I refuse to belive that the naruto one was made with no drawing tablet

  • 2:57 naruto vs sasuke

  • Late night driver was the best one

  • wow so cool

  • 2:56 copyright music huh

  • That's beautiful. All of it. Shit.

  • That moment, that i have no place to take a pic with cuz i have no workplace.

  • 4:55 its spelled night right, or am i just trippin ?


  • I really liked the fox one

  • Amazing... I was speechless 💕

  • Man I really like the Midnight Drive one I wish it won something.

  • Why is powerpoint so expensive

  • just me or anyone else find that some of them are like then loops at the beginning of streams on twitch/youtube?

  • I don't know why and how but "mllm *liquid* " got me laughing for a solid 30 seconds

  • If your teacher told you to make a project for like, any reason in PP, and you made the runner up that was about Jazza lol

  • I liked the fox and eagle one

  • hey

  • 2:26 Kimi no na Wa?

  • yeah

  • Hey jazza, since you seem to be interested in alternate ways to animate, you should look into this old program called 3d movie maker, which allowed you to make 3d animations, and there are a lot of great ones here on YT

  • This animations are better than queenbee's animation

  • same I really thought he would win so yeah

  • 2:22 i don't think he understands the anime "your name " reference 😂

  • HOLY at 6.00 thre is an ad at the perfect time hahahahahah

  • The way Jazza just loses it to the one at 6:12 (could be earlier or a bit later) just made my day lol

  • how do you run slides automatically?

  • tbh he sounds like my art teacher

  • I know this is later but their is a application where you can do animated artwork i used it when i was in eoght grade but i think its called Adobe Animate so i would be cool if you try it

  • “I should not have opened up with flexing...” This should be a T-shirt

  • Avatar

  • Is it just me or does the one skill guy have a subtle Russian accent

  • I really made some illustrations, animations, and even Photoshops in PPT that are better than any other program such as Adobe. I love PowerPoint.

  • Microsoft after this: *I AM GOD*

  • Now it's going to hard to convince me that South Park isn't animated using PowerPoint. XD XD XD

  • am I the only Jazza follower without any talent??

  • I made this animated video in PowerPoint:)

  • You can tell that 3:54 was made in PowerPoint because of the crush animation but if I never knew that is would look like that he did it in Adobe Flash

  • Me who uses keynotes on the school iPad- *yes*

  • Josiah Brooks 5:23 - *WTF*

  • OMG. Right before the winner was announced I LEGIT got an ad about powerpoint animation gifs! OH MY F***ING GOD-

  • My terrible life in general

  • Me: notices the transition slides in that 1 animation. *you know im somewhat of a scientist myself*

  • Imagine spending countless hours on background movements only to lose on 8:09

  • The animation at 3 mins was traced from naruto

  • why do i love ALL of these-

  • I feel there a bit of bais here.. The top 3 especailly the first top 3 that showned. But ok

  • Wishlist ... Its awesome

  • "I know I know" Me: hold my brush time to go virtual

  • 0:17 Poeple in the video : really, are you sure

  • i sighed at the same time he did

  • dont mind me, just putting some time stamps down here 4:31

  • @owsemedia

  • Jazza

  • me making excuses that my laptop cant run animation softwares so i cant start animating things.... talented people making animation on PowerPoint nd making me feel more bad about myself

  • 4:58 How come that didn't win?

  • Dude the guy with Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu with naruto vs sasuke was a legend

  • Let’s share our dreams by throwing them into the fire trust me they are never going to come true life is meaningless

  • I want another Microsoft power point

  • @jazza 5:05 Black in the front layer

  • Google pixel 4 with moment case???

  • Wow I don’t know one skill was get into this

  • From 1:52 starts the ninja animation


  • animation of the guy smoking in the car should be on the list! it's like red dead redemption in the future!

  • Just- Ho- How

  • More Like Leaonardo de vinchi

  • 5:48 😂😂 watch it to the end.

  • I think Jazza broke. Jazza broke at least 10 times in this video.

  • POV: fans flex on jazzy for 15 mins

  • On one it said gif and that is an animation like emojis so they chited

  • does anyone know the song at 5:19?

  • Jazza: *"THESE ARE ALL WINNERS"* me: *"gentelmen, we got him"*

  • This is what the professors want to see in our presentation ppt

  • No one: Jazza: this is couey as hell Me :ok... Jazza again: i dont know how to choose!! Me: do the fox one dummy!!😁😆

  • You: I’m so proud of what I made! Now let’s see what everyone else did.... Everyone who made art: we are better then you and will fill you with shock.

    • @Adonai Ori wow that is deep... You are very good at saying thing much like this and I hope you are doing well during these times!

    • need to proud of what you are.doing as long as its not harming others. I am proud too that i can draw eventhough i am not as good as others. I still need to proud if myown skill no matter how small it is. This is how i love and appreciate myself to stay happy. 😁

  • 3:48 when you spend weeks on an animation, but you never realize that you put the thumb on the wrong side of the hand

  • There where beter ones

  • 13:13 let’s admire the l’manburg flag

  • Jazza pls help, I live in Asia and I ordered the sculpting set in NOVEMBER and its still hasn't come. Pls HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Grats to the winners. I liked the fox one (:

  • You need a green screen

  • I loved the guy in the car smoking. I'm in love with it and I think I'm gonna take up animating. Excited to start!

  • I used to make animations with PowerPoint all the time when I was younger, it's so cool to see people doing this!!

  • Alternate title: Jazza questions his career choices for 15 minutes.

  • Me who wants to win Me who doesnt have: laptop Paper like tablet and talent

  • Hi


  • We all just gonna skip over the fact of how well that naruto fight was😭😭

  • to make a really complex animation through powerpoint in the easiest way, you need another picture editing tool and make them as a stop motion material the only thing you'll adjust is the frame per second :P (0.01 I suggest)

  • And I thought I knew how to animate in PowerPoint, then again, I kind of created my own version of rigging and focused more on quantity than quality, I still got much to learn

  • I really liked that dark night smoking dude he was amazinngggg

  • 4:55 does anyone know what song this is? i cant find it :(

  • this was epic

  • Imagine the dude that made the a wsome animation with the guy in his car and the cool radio sounds with cool lighting when he saw that he got beat by crappy stick art with a robot voice

  • Is that a YOU’RE NAME reference “have you ever wondered if you’ve crossed paths with you’re soulmate without knowing

  • Man, I am sure these people put a lot of work into their entries, but I was kinda disappointed by the top three pick😔