FIRE reactive PENS!? - They really work!

Am 13 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Shoulda photocopied the Fire pen art with a printer

  • what was that part where he was silent talking

  • That marriage to grave picture was amazing!! really gave me the feels!! my favorite one!!

  • This was really cool

  • You need to have it colder than 40°F

  • i used to play around with the Frixion pens and if you set it in the freezer for a couple hours the ink should become visible again

  • Damn , UwU

  • here i am stuffing pizza rolls in my mouth, crying at that second drawing

  • So to make people happy i should set them on fire! Great idea Jazza

  • The pic with the kids playing together in the fantasy setting. I actually thought that they were actually fighting and that the reveal showed them in their past training together before they became enemies and had to fight as adults.

  • Damn that’s such a creative way to use those pens!

  • The message- every homeless man is secretly Jack

  • Hi, question, Aren’t they just friction pens? and If so they are like a pound in England and I hope you didn’t have to pay more than 10 dollars or pounds for all of them. 😁

  • That second piece of art was a tear jerker

  • if you've seen TKOR's vid, they used those erasable pens, which also are heat sensitive, and cooling the ink like in a freezer or with liquid nitrogen brought it back!

    • please make him see this I want to know if it will work

  • i have skillshare

  • me wondering the whole video, "How is the paper not burning,"

  • Literally asking kid "would you play with fire and paper?" But good lad knows what's up with this shit

  • There's More Than One Layer In A ~~~Person~~~

  • that wizard art was so cool, it seems liek jazza is always improving with his comp and style which is amazing

  • Also this IS ALLLL MADE WITH A BALLPOINT PEN just think about that

  • Ooh I wanna draw a crying girl whose burning up/ halfway turning to ass, and when you use the fire the drawing transforms into the phoneix. ->Stronger from pain and trials by fire

  • Are these not just frixion pens?

  • u made me cry!! for the first time..

  • What if you utilized this transition multiple times? do one set of before and after, Scan in the after so it becomes the next before - > after of the next set and chain it a few times, and see how that comes across?

  • 12:00 Maybe try putting it into freezer because this maybe reverse fire from me with simulare pens.

  • Why did I think it said penis instead of pens I-

  • Lol yeah but he’s smiling at his wife’s tombstone at the end lmao

  • Can't believe he didn't do a Dragon -> Dog

  • King of random took liquid nitrogen to bring back erasable ink try that to see if your picture comes back

  • you can buy them cheaper at target under a different name - erasable pens; my high school teacher lost a student's full assignment because the student wrote it in erasable pen and the teacher left it next to the fireplace overnight :')

  • You should have used hair blower or heat gun

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I read that title wrong And you probably did too

  • Can you microwave your drawing?

  • These pens look like knock-off Pilot Frixions.

  • did I read that right? oh

  • these are friction pen LMAO 🤣

  • I think you need to put it on the fridge overnight to revive the invisible ink

  • As a dyslexic, I had to reread that title 😂 Fire reactive penises definitely had me doing a double take

  • Oh my gosh his name is Josiah!

  • could you use a blow dryer? is it a heat reaction?

  • I mean, he's got the nice dad jokes

  • Age progression (or regression) would be so fun to see!!!!

  • Eraser*

  • I just want to know if I'm the only one that read the video tidal as "fire reactive PENIS!!!???' ..............I just wanna know 😭😭😭😭😭

  • those are legit just friction pens, i tried burning some letters that i used those friction pens they work the same way.

  • Try to put the paper in the freazer so it gets really cold... maybe that would work, to get it back....

  • That is so 😎!

  • I immediately paused the video after we saw that they WORKED, to buy some for my nieces/nephews- and then I realized that I was about to send *Pyro-incentive art supplies* to a bunch of kids between 2-10 years old.... So I bought them for me instead. 🤣❤️

  • You need yo put the paper in freezer for a while and it'll be back ... supposedly... I use frexion pens and once by mistake put a coffee mug on my homework and had to freeze it back

  • This is cool because it's kinda like the opposite of invisible ink which becomes visible when exposed to heat... Which begs the question what awesome art could you come up with if you did a drawing using both these pens and invisible ink? Some things appear and others disappear, could make a cool video. 😁

  • I’m 100% sure my mind is 5x dirtier than anyone who commented on this video yet I’m the only one who didn’t see “P*nis” in the title 💀

  • The pilot frixion pen would probably work like this

  • Whenever this pops up on my recommended, I read the title as “fire reactive penis.” Every. Time. Sounds like a much more traumatizing video. Lol 😂

  • Have you ever used erasable pens that's all this is if you put the drawing in the freezer it will bring back the original drawing

  • Frixion pens

  • You can bring it back If you put it in your freezer for ten fifteen minutes

  • You thought you could just draw Sirius Black and we wouldn’t notice? 😂

  • Kinda wish you had done the big Beauty and the Beast transformation. Either way, prince to beast or beast to prince. Either would have been so cool.

  • Those pens aren't actually meant to be art supplies, they are more of a school supply thing and they're just meant to be erasable. It wouldn't make sense to erase a wrong part of your notes and then have it reappear with cold.

  • In order to get the ink to show back up. You can make it cold. Like putting it in the freezer

  • Who wants to he the one to say we can do the same with a Frixion I think. Since it's also heat sensitive.

  • When did MJ get so big!!!

  • I thought it was a fire reactive willy for a moment.

  • I think if u leave it in the freezer for a long time it might come back cus i saw someone else do this and i think thats how they brought it back

  • aww little Jazza is so adorable 🥰

  • I had to re-read that title again 😶

  • Jazza

  • I read PEN!S

  • This is great if you have children that want markers to write on walls other than the fact you erase it with fire

  • A cool idea is you draw Tony Stark and you draw the iron man suite over him and then disappear the suite

  • they're just erasable pens, you can buy them in ur national bookstore. basically, they're pens with rubber tips as erasers, and when you rub rubber, it creates heat. the heat erases the ink. for this instead of rubber, you use fire to make the heat

  • I think the message is, dont judge a book by its cover

  • what does he say? 13:12

  • If you put it in the freezer then the ink reappears

  • Me and as well as many other people read the title as “Fire Reactive Penis”, not going to lie, that would be a pretty interesting video

  • With those types of pens you can use liquid nitrogen to bring the color back I’ve seen it done on one of the king of random videos

  • Amazing thing for sketching..

  • How did that paper not catch on fire 🔥

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  • 3 mins in the vid then skilshare what the f***k

  • The King of random brought it back with liquid nitrogen and also by placing it in the freezer. Maybe not the same ink, but give it a try

  • Stick it in the freezer for a half hour.

  • Cool idea: if you’re son is into art you should make him a channel called “mini jazza”

  • The homeless man transition was just... Caleb Widogast vs Bren Aldric Ermendrud 🥺

  • the married couple one nooo😭

  • Jazza pls help, I live in Asia and I ordered the sculpting set in NOVEMBER and its still hasn't come. Pls HELPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Tbh, my pen is also kinda fire reactive.

  • Jazza:it’s jazza but with really bad eye infection Me: my step sister also has a really bad eye infection

  • im crying u prob know why

  • My guess is that the zombie is actually the Jazzattar

  • Comment how many times you had to read it.

  • I thought the end would be a dragon I’m sad now 😭

  • I... I thought it said fire reactive penis

  • Jazza didn't do the search well! It's possible to return the ink in a easy way!

  • Liquid nitrogen will return the color

  • excuse me fire reactive what now?

  • This reminds me of the Hunger Games scene when Katniss dress changes from white and burns to a black mockingjay

  • So... If we burn homeless people, all rich ones will be happy, right?

  • i get the message get a hair cut