Animating in Microsoft POWER POINT - It's ACTUALLY GREAT!?!

Am 24 Nov 2020 veröffentlicht
Submit your Power Point animation to Twitter before Dec 10th 2020 using #PowerPointAnimator for your chance to win some great Huion Prizes! (show in tweet how it was made in PP)
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  • Woow so easy !!

  • Zhc is the best🙄🙄

  • "this anime is like a slideshow" literally

  • #animation god...

  • When he screams he sounds like Muselk...

  • Jazza: *Draws in pp* Also Jazza: ''THATS GOOOOOOD!!!''

  • Because im 10 i use Canva. I love it

  • Mom ! Can we get adobe flash ? Mom: we already have adobe flash at home Adobe flash at home :

  • Yes make how to animate blood video

  • I think my animations are better than this

  • why does he actually kinda sounds like Jay ( from kubz scouts ) or is it well think i do

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • holy sh*t, i didn't know you can animate in powerpoint, i should have not download this freaking animator app that is about 5 gb big that i was just tryna animate stick figures

  • Lol, good 1

  • Awwww wish I had one of those huion tablet s

  • Your the new Alan becker

  • Yes how to animate blood

  • Plss stop saying oh my God stop plss stop

  • Why didn't you put the skater in the frame before you duplicated it over and over? Then all you would have had to do was move the figure slightly each frame, rather than copy-paste-align every time! Be lazier, Jazza!

  • DId he know he could hold spacebar at 2:34

  • He actually wearing the iconic red t-shirt

  • 01:26 how did you select him in a circle and make his background transparent?

  • Now our presentations are gonna be better :3

  • i love how he makes a trillion links of the same thing, but he doesn’t provide the sound effects

  • wow

  • Love your tutorial. I have learned a lot. My question is, what do you know about NFT art?

  • Please please please do an hou to animate blood video

  • Watching this makes me feel like I probably watched a lot of Jazza's stuff on Nrwgrounds back in the day.

  • Jazza: What could my video be sponsored by. Skillshare,Wix,Audible and Huion: ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES

  • Wait I am not the only one who tought of that no joke?!

  • The trutg is i want to buy thtat tablet so iam saving for it

  • There's an option that you can set a default background so every page you open it will be with that background.

  • 8:14 yes

  • this is the first video im seeing of yours and im realizing having a drawing pad with a screen is wayyyy better than not having the screen.... help me reach my dreams animating man. ive got things the world needs to see, and im willing to work for them.

  • If I've got this correct, the first 4 minutes of the video shows us how he used to make videos? After that it's to sell some product for $219... no thanks. Thumbs down on this video from me.

  • 1:37 Repeat until done Copy Paste Next Frame Select Grab Move Place Select If make mistake then Undo Select Delete

  • stick death...

  • Watching him freak out over the draw feature could’ve been the entire video and i would’ve been fine with it

  • Some person: Ayy what animation software ya using? Me: *p o w e r p o i n t*

  • Imagine If power point then adds an onion frame

  • make a short animation fight then see who can do the best voice over

  • When I was in 8 grade my classmate And I create a whole functioning game in powerpoint presentation as a project in my computer class..My teacher gave us perfect score.

  • I would definitely love to see a blood tutorial

  • where do you get your sound effects?

  • hey

  • hi i just want you to know GOD loves you ♥️♥️remember he gave his son so that our sins will be forgiven and if you repent now and believe in him you will have eternal life in heaven and your sin will be forgiven remember dont be decieved by the lies of the enemy pray to him GOD BLESS YOU ALL♥️♥️

  • alternate title: Australian man goes crazy over presentation program

  • the dude was having such a hard time trying to make the skateboard guy actually be implemented on that side of the screen but nope he had to delete it because it was being stupid

  • Not going to even lie I have been using Huion for three years now and for a fair price selection and variety it has served me well.

  • Are You Using Linux?

  • I used to used powerpoint to animate as a kid because my parents wouldnt buy those EXPENSIVE programs for a 12 year old me

  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I love animation

  • Omg.I seriously use to do that. Nostalgia😳

  • I can't do one because I don't have a drawing tablet

  • i challenge you to animate in roblox studio

  • 2021 i live in god

  • paralyser

  • Great video! I have a short question where I can get a pdf license for animated video before posting it on DEname?

  • That was an eye opening

  • please make an animation using morph transition

  • Great channel, but an ad every minute, plus the merchandising of the sponsor, is a little too much.

  • Can I have one I want to be a animator just like you and a DEnamer to plss I'm a Filipino

  • Robazz here playing powerpoint presentation

  • Yeah I once did this because back then I didn't have a good computer or anything to use for drawing also I hated Flash for animating btw talking with school

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he made a stick figures head blow open with no remorse

  • can you do a "how to animate liquid" video (water/blood/slime etc.). Please use paper or a free software such as PowerPoint/photoshop etc. That would be great thx! 😉😄✏📝🖊

  • Sooo excited, I have been using powerpoint with students to create the frames for stopmotion for a few years but the draw function is a revelation... can't wait to start playing!

  • "Would you guys be interested in a how to animate blood video?" - This is the moment I clicked like on this video xD Love your content as always man! :D

  • yes

  • I like that glove, pretttyyyyy NEAT!

  • Me:muuuuum, can we get an animation program???? Mum:we already have one! The animation program:

  • this guys a beast

  • that is not how

  • I was more impressed by his reactions rather than the animation itself.

  • is that Danny D ?!!

  • 0:50 when you realise that it’s the weekend

  • He would be like : ONLY 1 milion dollars!

  • lol time to test my drawing and make an anime

  • imagine animating a disney movie in power point 😂😂😂

  • congratulations

  • This is awesome... beautiful actually. Now, someone made a whole OS in PowerPoint so.... haha (that''s when I quit PP lol)

  • “Is anyone interested in a ‘how to animate blood’ video?.. *laughter*” Me: “Of course.. :)”

  • I love the original Stickdeath vids, the way that they incorporated the desktop icons was iconic!

  • Wait ... Were you the original creator of Stickdeath dot com?

  • Whats that keyboard? It looks like a wireless one.

  • I love it

  • I can't stop laughing man

  • 2 months later and we still don't have a "how to animate blood" tutorial smh😔

  • 😍😍😍😍♥✨

  • Gordon Ramsay but not a chef an animator

  • Hahahaha I made some cool PowerPoint animations

  • Aseprite ?

  • when im doing kind of funny animations for fun i always have a good laugh when im doing the animations when its always copy paste copy paste i love it xD

  • 399 Lmaooo

  • Me saving up for like 2 years to even get close to getting a good drawing tablet Jazza just non shalontly saying "Ya just got like 4 more tablets that i might just check out" Lmao

  • I actually started animating with Photoshop, didn't know this was even possible, any who, where can i get your sound effects pack?

  • 6:08 this is the first time ever that DEname subtitles say the letter of a song D:

  • You had my like after the aladdin scene. Not because of aladdin..because of the perfect duration of strech that really funny scene :D

  • i wish i knew how to do this with power point 2016 and just laptop and mouse