From SKETCH to EPIC ARMY! - Drawn/Printed/Painted

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the "Ascend Online" series
"the Horus Hersey" Series
The Lightbringer (series) by Brent Weeks
Console Wars by Blake J. Harris
"Creativity Inc.", a great Pixar memoir!
the Reckoners (series) by Brandon Sanderson
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Magic 2.0 (series) by Scott Meyer
The Stormlight Archives (series) by Brandon Sanderson
Mistborn (series), also by Brandon Sanderson
The Name of the Wind -The KingKiller Chronicles (series) Patrick Rothfuss
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  • how long have you been sponsored by audible?

  • Leman Russ would be proud

  • I didn’t see what the sexy pose one when it was painted....please show when you do the general...please... love your videos!

  • Would have been really cool if you made them like different colored wolves like brown, white, grey, and black

  • I have a question. Can you make me a drawing of my d&D character? His name is darkus shadow stalker. He is a red dragon born barbarian. He is wearing hide armor and he is wielding a bloody covered rusty great axe. His armor is covered in mud and a little blood. He has 2 handaxes strapped to his belt, one on each side. The handaxes are rusty with a little bit of blood. Send it to

  • You spelt werewolf wrong

  • Werewolf! Where wolf? There werewolf! Aware of werewolf!

  • This is the kind of project I want to see more of. I'm considering joining the reddit community.

  • Jesus... Pay attention that no trash movie studio steals those as their new "stuff that the nazis made but was hidden on the dark side of the moon"-idea


  • 'ware'wolves? Are those the ones that pop out of the bush at night, to sell me Avon products?

  • Sexy-pose werewolf is best werewolf.

  • Imagine this as a cartoon or a movie!!! This would be really cool.

  • Fckn epic! 😍

  • Werewolves, large savage monsters with teeth and claws and a bad mood... made only to carry guns?

  • Great video 👍🤩🤩

  • Well all you need is some stats for them and you can play warhammer

  • The prompt makes me think of a mix of orcs and chaos from Warhammer 40K

  • jazza: makes a long video jazza: man this is gonna take a long time, so you know what calms me through big long projects audio books, oh and this video is sponsered by audible

  • What's your app name again?

  • Fair to say i want to buy one of them wolves they look so cool

  • l ❤️ werewolf

  • Wulfen infected by nurgle's rot

  • The wolfy gun man

  • My god do I freaking love this so much. These videos are so much and inspiring to watch.

  • I have warhammers but I can’t paint 😢

  • Fenris Inquisitor breeds army to rival orks.

  • Those are awesome! Are those minis for sale somewhere???

  • Sooo coooll i love them

  • Sponsored ends at 10:17

  • Wolf slave- “please master, paint me like one of ur French minis”

  • So jazza breeds werewolves in his basement considering he's the general.

  • Jazza: Army of werewolfs Me: LycanTroops

  • Wait, did you not paint sexy pose werewolf?

  • That’s so awsm!!! I’d get back to table top with something that cool

  • The way the eyes glow tho...

  • I could see these as like a literal thousand suns set of models

  • Hey Jazza, this Video was amazing! Please do more of this! I like to See How a tabletop figure get out of your Art!

  • That... breakdancing Darwinian sci fi werewolf tho. Couldn't hold back the chuckling, but it's fucking amazing. Totally gotta respect the sass.

  • Dave looks like a bootleg of shane madej

  • Jazza

  • Jazza is a very talented guy, so I subscribed to him and clicked the bell

  • Jazza: "Werewolf's in a sci-fi setting welding large guns, dirty and diseased and in an 'only the strong survive' Darwinian culture" Me: "BATTLE FURRIES"

  • Love it

  • So sick

  • Btw jazz a what dose ur app have on it

  • Y me have do pay fo app

  • Please let us buy these

  • You should Mack a chest game with them

  • Your voice alone helps me focus

  • backstory sounds like grineer from warframe

  • This was a most EXCELENT video!

  • To be as good as an artist as you are. That is the ultimate goal. I still have a loooong way to go.

  • Smeared Jazza looks like the boogy man from rise of the guardians

  • Jazza: To send back ... to ... bac ... to send to Batman. Backman: Dangit Jazza! You have revealed my secret identity!

  • This is... The Wolfe gun man

  • Pls do another colab with backMan it would be awesome maybe you could make a city on a different world or something


  • The werewolf thing looks kinda like a mancubus

  • Is there a human form for the werewolves like because werewolves right?

  • Jazza I will download your app when I have the time XD

  • Im pretry sure that is a mancibus with a wolf face

  • Werewolves and Guns! The new boardgame by Jazza and Backman!!

  • furry

  • Draw my art

  • It's an army

  • Wow

  • Awsome!!!!!

  • They look like lesser dog and greater dog from Undertale

  • werewolvesss

  • Jazza: Shouts out his sponsor Jazza fans: Tap tap tao tap tap

  • Darwinian evolution is not "only the strong survive", It means only the best suited for the environment survives. Literal physical strength plays a very small part....rather adaptation and characteristics are the noticeable change. I would have loved to see you play out that in an army instead. However, i still love how everything turned out and the video was epic; as per usual. And Backman, you wonderful person. Your art is so detailed for the Thank you, to both of you, from all of us for another 15+ video!!!!!!

  • I have a question for all the artists out there... Ive been drawing for years and still havent improve like a bit and im still in the same routine so i finally gathered enough courage to take it seriously but i have no idea where to start... Like whats the best thing to practice first? Anatomy? Shapes? I need help ;-;... Any suggestions?....

  • Those minis look amazing! Everyone involved did an incredible job!

  • The boss controlling all the wolves should be Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Basically Skaven, but like... wolves instead of rats lol.

  • You should do a clown video drawing

  • You could turn these into marketable figs

  • #smearjazza

  • funny 7:08

  • You didn't paint the sexy pose? Disappointed :(

  • Who gets dB's vibes in that wolf thumbnail

  • WOW!!! you are such a great artist got any tips

  • David looks like Shane Madej

  • what if u made a miniature ww2 bomber (just throwin ideas to ya)

  • These look so cool! They remind me of the cat character from golden axe 3 :D

  • 7:59 It's REALLY GOOD OMG I LOVE IT. Look at the colors and details. Oh my

  • My peen feels weord

  • What about the sexy one and the breakdancer? Was really hoping to see them 🤣

  • Clap clap

  • Cool.

  • Hi Jazza, you recently made a video about Powerpoint animations, and you probably don't know but there are many more things you can do in powerpoint, like games! If you search for "PPTGames" on youtube you will find a channel that makes very good games on Powerpoint! PPTGames has already discovered how to make 3D games on Powerpoint !!

  • Can we please get a package of these mini figures please

  • Omg the sexy and dancing pose were hilarious but gotta love the smear face Jazza villain. :)

  • ok they are mind controlled. the only creature capable of control them has to be .... the three little pigs. imo, they should have to ride the wolves

  • All I could thinkof uring this video was D&d?!?!?!?!

  • Make jazza arty game's free

  • Nasus new skin

  • is it possible to get a list of all the different options you use in the custom generator? didn't realize it starts as a blank slate and im really confused by what to type in

  • You can totaly start a board game with this army