🙃 Painting with UPSIDE DOWN Goggles!? - BOB ROSS: HARD MODE...

Am 9 Nov 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • 6:41 to 6:58 I don't usually find Jazza's angry outbursts to be funny because they seem a little random and overplayed at times, but this one was so genuine and so truly frustrated and the angry painting afterwards was such good comedic timing I laughed out loud. 😂 I know no one cares and this will just disappear into the abyss of comments but there ya go anyway.

  • In 33 years I have never laughed so hard for so long. 🤣 ....there was drool, wheezing, stomach cramping 🤣 I needed this ❤ Thank you for restoring my joy

  • Jazza being a family channel

  • *family friendly has left the chat*

  • This feels like the day I've had and it's oddly cathartic

  • More of the upside down episodes please 😂😂😂

  • So much cursing! 😂

  • So good!!

  • I’m 3 months too late but I’m trying my hardest to find these prism goggles lmao. I really wanna try them out!!

  • Motherfathersisterdaughter

  • "Imagine if we combined them" "OOOOOOOOO"

  • In Australia, prism glasses are right side up glasses

  • I actually kind of like the messy result of it...

  • How about 1 eye each 1 eye drunk and the other prism


  • Can we get a counter on how many times Jazza sweared?? And he said this was a family friendly channel....

  • i’m scared for jazza’s sanity

  • Who is here from The King of random

  • never before have i wanted to see the uncensored, unedited version of a video so much

  • One of Jazz’ best videos

  • Jazza paints better when he's blindfolded so why not paint with invinsible paint on a black canvist(i can't remember how to spell it)

  • Holy shit I gave myself a headache I was laughing so hard! XD "That's where we'll take out all our frustrations" *Jazza smashing the paintbrush into the canvas* That killed me! XDDD

  • Jazza’s is oddly more realistic

  • Okay, so... I turned my laptop upside down about 1/2 way through the video so I could possibly see what you were seeing... gotta say, good job Jazza .^.

  • When u beat the garbage can 🤣

  • The Aussie boy is starting to show. By crikey!

  • try following bobs video on your i pad :>

  • dename.info/film/wLtliIHWuXprk50/video

  • Jazza

  • Omg... please, PLEASE do both goggles together. That would be AWESOME.

  • I like how he complains about the upside down Australia joke. Dude I’m American...

  • can really tell his an Aussie with all the swearing ahah love it (I'm Aussie too btw)

  • Where did u get ur palette

  • yeah

  • Amazing I never laugh so much. And you’re so cute 🥰

  • Now draw a picture jazza 😂

  • 4:37 Just pick a spot, puskk😂

  • his sweat stains really complete the vibe

  • No one:........... Jazza: *ruffles rubbish with paint brush and smirks*

  • 4minutes in and I’m on the floor 🤣

  • Just paint the painting upside down and then when you're done just turn the canvas right side up again.

  • "This once was a family friendly channel" - jazaa

  • This is how it would look if I tried to do a Bob Ross painting without any goggles, and the pressure of being on camera.


  • 😂🤣🤣

  • So.., this is just an Australian painting the right way up for once?

  • Jazza trying to paint with inverse controls

  • Jazzas swearing and screaming gave me flashbacks to my childhood


  • AHHAHAHAHAHAH I was literally wheezing!!

  • Now we'll use some GRRHHGRGRHGRH

  • Better than I can do

  • All I can say is..... F*** f*** f*** aw f*** f*** f***!!!!!

  • You should try sculpting with ball magnets if not it's ok

  • Jazza ,i know that this is not a new video but when you do newer videos could you try to make them as clean as possible especially in your choice of words, many and i mean many children are probably watching these videos and you know how children are , they pick up on every word an adult says especially those who inspire , im a fan of your art but not of certain choices of language , you get what i mean ... anyway see ya soon

  • Where da fuck do you buy these. This is so jazza btw haha!❤️

  • People: Jazza, your channel is too kid oriented. Jazza: Ok i'll work on that. Also Jazza: *Beeb* *Beeb* *Beeb*ing *Beeb*

  • I felt really bad. Then he did the “pick a spot” bit and I laughed so hard I had tears. Then he did the “moooooother, father, sister, brother” and I was down for the count.

  • This turning it to a Gordon Ramsey video

  • I think that you need to do a water color painting with different styles of craft beer!

  • 5:50 An Australians daily vocabulary 😂

  • I prefer Jazza as a non-family friendly channel, everyone can bully me for thinking this but it just cracks me up

  • Bob ross painting with upside down goggles and drunk goggles

  • Just an idea: try next time to do a challenge when you watch a bob ross tutorial with vr (or those drunk ) goggles and at the same time you draw your painting (blind)

  • Shad: " I just can't bring myself to swear, even for educational purposes." Jazza: 5:50

  • He could just copy from the painting and at the end turn the painting upside down.

  • Alternate title: Why I will leave Australia and *NEVER* come back...

  • Me watching this with my dad next to me: I promise he doesn’t always curse like this-

  • use 20 colors and black and white googles / photoshop layer.

  • For a sec I thought Jazza was Gorden Ramsay 😆

  • I wonder when Jazza will do a Bob Ross using Procreate

  • Peer pressured or something into drawing visually reversed! lol 🤣

  • Drunk painting while wearing drunk goggles! Make it happen!

  • you should do a drunk goggle bob ross

  • He’s the Gordon Ramsay of painting

  • 🤣

  • Hey Jazza if you can get your hands on a VR headset of some kind you could paint with a lag. Feed a head-mounted camera to the vr headset but with a second or so delay.

  • Do the drunk gogles or ill make even worse Australia jokes. Edit: Thanks for 0 likes😩

  • I am only halfway thru but I am already crying. @jazza you are a fun guy but this .... this is the purest comedy. I feel your honest struggle!!!! thanks!!!!! :) (L)

  • Bob: “really beat the bottom to death so you take out all of your frustrations and hostilities “ Jazza: *really beats that painting*

  • My favorite video so far! So funny!!!

  • "Obnoxious but consistent." "Slightly entertaining, heartily painful." Can't wait for the next motto.

  • Jazza here is challenge paint with no sound

  • Have You ever had a dream where your perspective does that? Literally the worst.

  • Laughed sooooo hard... :D

  • I used to watch you with my daughter Jazza, but I got to tell you I don’t think I can anymore which is kinda sad bc we loved you content.

  • 🙃🙃🙃

  • i- 😀 I think he's loosing it 😀✨ just a little 😀💖✨

  • Jazza needs a big glass of water after this video

  • It's funny how Jazza can't see and then he automatically also can't talk

  • Who Else is watching this with there phone up side down too

  • This used to be a friendly channel.....

  • now that i think about it he kinda looks like a younger version of Gordon Ramsay and he acts like him in this video XD

  • Jazza u are giving more work to ur editor by making him censor out ALL of the swear words he should get paid more

  • He could have painted it upside down and at the end just flip it

  • Jazza this is me trying to follow your tutorials! im so happy to see you suffer

  • He is on the roof well that’s what he sees

  • Thank god he didn’t do anything like this when he had an abc 3 show

  • My lil brother watching with me: cai I'm scared Me: *laughing hysterically*

  • Dang, Jazza full on swore more then Deadpool