I tried Drawing with ONLY Squares...

Am 1 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Wow its like picasso Is that spell right????

  • A rectangle can be a square but a Square can’t be a rectangle! So technically you shouldn’t have used squares😜

  • Mr.Popo: "All these squares make a circle, All these squares make a circle, All these squares make a circle, All these squares make a circle!"

  • I love your videos but... I don't think I saw a single square in this entire video.. Just sayin..

  • 10:18 Deez nuts?

  • A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. Think about it Jazza

  • I suspect you cannot get a slape (at 12:10) from a square. The bottom line has right angles with vertical lines, but the top line is kinda rotated. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's hard to image from what perspective a square can look like this.

  • you cant make a right trapezoid with a square

  • Minecraft and games that uses pixels that are easy to see the blocks: first time?

  • Yes triangles

  • Jazza: I try drawing only with squares RE logic and mojang: hold my potion

  • Technically if the rule is you draw it on paper and move it to see what shaped you can make, you shouldn't be able to use rectangles, right?

  • *TRIANGLES????*

  • Try angle :)

  • Is this dude the guy from that arts and crafts show on tvo kids

  • These rules are for Squares.,

  • Reee

  • Oof

  • All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle

  • "all these squares make a circle,all these squares make a circle,all these squares make a circle,all these squares make a circle" Abridged Mr Popo

  • Jazza, reinventing tangram.

  • Are we still ignoring the odd At Gun Point video????

  • You’re such a square, Jazza 😉

  • Only “Squares” say Quadrilateral cause those arnt squares in any way shape or form made more sense for circles as a oval and circle are fairly similar but the light house you pretty much used a triangle for the light.. stupid and got the dislike as well as a comment

  • Jazza at this point ur the only one who makes me smile

  • Steve be looking a little caveman today

  • All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle

  • This is square challenge why he using rectangles?

  • Draw using only pentagons - but it's the building, not the shape

  • Everyone: Next vid he should do triangles... Nerd (me): *Dodecahedron

  • Minecraft. Good night

  • great vid jazza!


  • I really like your shirt!! What does it fully say? Where did you get it?

  • Nobody: Not even a soul: That one guy in chat: dRaW MinECrAft

  • All these squares make a circle.....all these squares make a circle.....all these squares make a circle

  • Triangle, triangle, tri- you get it

  • DO a triangle challenge!!!!

  • My 5th grade math teacher would be pretty pissed at you. Thank goodness she’s not here.

  • You should definitely do a triangle challenge.

  • these aren't squares jazza these are quadrilaterals

  • Okay, now do it actually only using squares

  • well personally i pick reading over listening, but a really good book i read and i think you might find interesting if you like mythology is called "the sea of trolls" it absolutely an amazing book.

  • the robot dragon looks like it would be in scribblenauts

  • jazza: "i've had an audible subscription longer than i've had this channel" me:*researching* jazza: *Joined DEname Mar 27, 2012*

  • HARDER!!!

  • Hexagon challenge..

  • Harder

  • *laughs in pixel artist*

  • I think the shape mashup idea sounds really fun, I'd like to see that:)

  • 13:35 got everything! ...but a door

  • Like for Lindsay Ellis

  • Actually a circle is just a bunch of 1 degree turns

    • So yeah technically he just made a circle with extra steps

  • Triangles, Yes

  • Pentagon

  • Harder

  • Pentagon challenge?

  • Can you do a octagonal landrover kingsman


  • I was already loving jazza n his artworks but my passion(I mean architecture) plus jazza 😳😳😳 ily moreeee man 💙 God bless ya more n more

  • I like seeing you do crazy creative stuff. Try one a challenge where you can only use 10 triangles, 15 squares, and 15 circles.

  • Jazza: says circles instead of squares Me: Imma comment this Jazza after I type this: oh wait did I say circles?

  • 10 Square Mansions sounds like a unit of measure. "How big is the property? About 10 mansions²..."

  • It’s awesome to see you having so much fun, love the simplicity behind the challenges!

  • dename.info/film/lsuce665s2dtaYs/video

  • no body: literally nobody : you trying to do art : the artblock : 10:20

  • You should only draw with circles. . . Of squares

  • How about pixel-art? On paper. A big one. 😉

  • Try hexagons

  • I know I am late but... SHAPE MASHUP CHALLENGE FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  • Title: squares Thumbnail: *CIRCLE*

  • but...thats cheating!

  • fake fans will say that not all quadrilaterals are squares.

  • Just play minecraft.

  • This made my brain hurt haha but looks so fun

  • circles are alot easier as they are alot more natural and organic and u can use them more for body features

  • Drawing with only hearts for val day?Idk is this a good idea

  • Jazza needs a discord server:)

  • Now draw a square with circles

  • In ur thumbnail the shape in the mid wasn’t a square, either a dodecagon or a shit circle

  • Please do a triangle challenge!

  • Draw in asterisks

  • "That little thing there, is gonna haunt me to my grave." Lmao, just don't be too triggered perfectionists and ocd ppl.

  • 10 squars will make for a boring house Between your roof and walls you already used up 5 squars Now if you just make it a flat non 3 dimensional image you can be more creative

  • You can also use kites

  • You should try origami. It is a form of art and you do art so it seams like a great idea

  • we can say that squares are every closed 2d area that have 4 lines and every line is a 180 degree from its start point to its end point

  • The random budget of different shapes reminds me of making your own portrait with the Battlefield portrait maker.

  • Well, it looks like your modern house entrance is the garage?


  • Me: Trying to preserve my nice drawing book pages Jazza: *rrrrrrriiiipppppp*

  • The squares making a circle are similar to derivatives in calculus. The derivative is a tangent line to a curve. With enough tangent lines you have the curve as it should be, but can find its value at any instant!

  • He reminds me of Gordon Ramsey but also Muselk

  • 300th dislike

  • 02:16 click here to start the video

  • Freehand spirograph

  • Triangle trial with the Try Guys 🤔

  • Jazza can you try and paint using wax?

  • So this is basically a quadrilateral challenge lol.

  • Not all those were squares. A square has to have 4 equal sides