Teaching COMEDIANS how to DRAW - It goes bad... ft. Aunty Donna

Am 1 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • We just want everyone to know Jazza has always been the most generous and supportive friend to us. How he is on camera is how he is as a person. He's an absolute champion. Thanks for having us mate!

    • @amazemax would you like some morning brown ?

    • Did you know that jazza’s a drum?

    • Hes also a hottie 🙈 *Im joking... partially*

    • Omg I found your “ big ol house of fun” show before I saw this episode and when I was scrolling through Jazza’s new videos and I saw this it made my day.

    • This made me uncomfy by you guys sound nice

  • Alternative Title: Make Jazza Uncomforbale Hour

  • Really uncomfortable watching this

  • I feel like a pizza

  • These guys aren't that funny imo

    • Watch their show then say it again


  • unnatural asf jazza the only cool one

  • forced humor is not funny

  • Haha he sed sexy

  • I heard "anty doughnut" ant went down to check name


  • Aunty Donna is pretty polarizing; you either love or don't understand them, for me it's the former. I for one love seeing them garner a bigger platform and make their comedy more widespread because they've worked bloody hard for it over the years and it's one of a kind. Love your comedy boys :).

  • Funny to see the people who've never seen the donna boys' videos freak out about their jokes and "making Jazza uncomfortable" uncomfortable and absurd humour is what they do and Jazza said clearly that it's all in good fun.

  • I love how you guys did the main video serious with actual comedians !!! The vlog was a great glimpse into how hard im sure this was to film while being serious hahaha.

  • At 3:36 it looks like he made Freddy mercury/queen

  • Broden Kelly

  • the monolith bois are back

  • Jazza

  • Someone mentioned it below but this really is the difference between Irish/British/Aussie humor and American. I thought this was hilarious throughout. Jazza and Aunty Donna all on the same wavelength, they all get it. No offence meant but i don't think many Americans in the comments understand it cause they're not used to it. This is how people joke and interact in these places and a daily basis.

  • Hey I’m just wondering now if your name was jared instead of jazza. Would you have made the Jared’s jaredy art box now I would have bought that

  • All of this felt so awkward

  • Didn't like the first guy at all, second guy was better, third was the best imo. Edit: See, it's different when they're a trio cause they can bounce off each other and balance each other nicely.

  • These guys have a comedy show? Yikes...

  • People really don’t understand Australian humour and the comments show this.. lmao

  • This made me uncomftable idk It does'nt encourage me to watch their show

  • The fact that people thought they were being serious means they are true masters of their craft. I hope they have a Jazza cameo in season 2.

  • 😂

  • I think the comidiands were really mean. And they weren't funny at all

    • Theyre not mean, its part of the bit

  • best part of Aunty Donna collabs is that no amount of context will ever help 🤣

  • This is some next level humour, haha

  • Wait, so do all Australian DEnamers know each other? First it was Mr Sunday movies, now jazza

  • 8:50 I thought jazza was trying to make dinosaur noises lmao 😂

  • 11:49 has some serious The Office energy 😂

  • Haha. Funny art go ( c o m e d y )

  • 4:45 jazzas feelings :O 7:06 jazza starting to cry a little 11:30 jazza having his feelings crushed a little 12:22 to the end of vid is just jazza being teared down :(

  • i love how there slowly tearing down jazzas feeling lol

  • 6:19 That is the face of a married man who is very uncomfortable...

  • SmOotH

  • Poor poor jazza the things he saw and heard

  • This is the video that made me aware of the amazing boys of Aunty Donna, I can't stop watching their stuff, and their podcast *chef's kiss* So thanks Jazza! Just bought their Album last night it is amazing.

  • “I’m part of the big nose club” “What? Oh F***!” I died laughing.

  • Definitely wouldn't have done the caricature at the beginning quite that style, but I can see it.

  • Chop chop chip WHAT THE HECK IF A CHIP

  • Extreme discomfort is radiating from everyone in this

  • AD's caricature was surprisingly decent.

  • I thought Jazza almost said "Suicide" at 12:16 XD

  • I love having Jazza and Aunty Donna represent Australian comedy, what cool dudes

  • i love them so much you all are so funny

  • Oh my gosh, I just saw aunty Donna's big old house of fun

  • Not at all a family friend video 😂

  • Hi Jazza, you recently made a video about Powerpoint animations, and you probably don't know but there are many more things you can do in powerpoint, like games! If you search for "PPTGames" on youtube you will find a channel that makes very good games on Powerpoint! PPTGames has already discovered how to make 3D games on Powerpoint !!

  • Damn I laughed and loved this video far more than I thought I would. Good stuff Jazza.

  • “Were you born a motherfu-“ **ad plays**

  • I know that this was improv and it’s HILARIOUS but I feel bad for jazza’s kids if they watch the part at 14:24 when he tears up

  • Awesome 😂

  • So youtubers realize that there are no videos were they directed ever???

  • They're so cringe.... And not in a good way 😑🙄....

  • Seriously guys it's clearly a joke. You may not be fond if this kind of humour, but it's so ridiculous there's no way you can believe they're actually being serious.

  • Imagine if he was French Jazza


  • Jazza pauses ("Australia") That Suprising. HMMMMM

  • This is creepy

  • 1:45 is my favourite

  • Jazza just forgetting passparttout oops i Mean Jazzparttout

  • I think that **beep** was *~stiffy~*

  • "Smo0oth??? 😃" And the vidéo went downhill from there

  • This is so funny I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • I feel like when it gets bleeped at 6:32, only Australians are going to know what he said lmao

  • Why does that guy stare into the camera like that all the time, genuinely felt like he was watching me watch him

  • Jazza are you okay you were actually crying stay safe man

  • The acting was so good I'm confused if it even was a joke or jazza was actually hurt lol

  • 😂

  • Mark sort of looks like the father from farcry 5 but with longer hair and beard

  • this reminds me of the office on some levels, the awkward silences, the camera zooms, everything being slightly off.

  • No one : Absolutely no one : No even my pet banna: JAZZA: CHARACOOCHER

  • i almost died at "where are you from", i was not expecting that level of edge from jazza

  • If these guys are comedians, I don’t understand Australian comedy. It all felt like a long and awkward game of “who’s gonna shiv me?” with a trio of junkies.

  • The middle person on the thumbnail is probably one of the least funny people I’ve ever seen. Sorry.

  • Awww, Jazza looked so upset

  • I can't believe people think they're being serious hahaha.

    • Right?! So many people take them way too seriously

  • So, going by these guys, big old house of fun is obviously one to miss.

  • I never aspected the third to pullbof h us underwear LOLL

  • My aunt's actually named Donna So have fun with that information

  • **Jazza will remember that**

  • wohooo great stuff

  • Jazza only want to draw and the men fein Aunty Donna are just joking and doing fun. That’s so funny to watch 😂

  • This is their brand of comedy, no one is actually upset

  • 7:25, who knew Jazza could beatbox 😂

  • These 3 are painfully unfunny

  • Amazing ❤️ Please check mine video's also ☺️

  • Well this was an experience.

  • Nothing funny in sexual harassment.

  • Now I see why Jazza-... is Jazza... And I'm here for it

  • 14:11 That sold me lol

  • This was the perfect mix of comedy, akwardness and horniness i needed. Oh and drawing too!

  • I'm hoping there was a bit of acting going on here. Everything seems to be a bit on edge

  • jazza can beatbox?????? whaaat?? mean skills bro!! you're a multitalent

  • the small big bearded guy has the best comedian style I could ask for

  • Now I know which Netflix show I will not watch...

  • really appreciated the heads up about the style of humor in the beginning - helped me get into the right head space to fully appreciate the jokes! laughed a ton, this was so great. good video