PEN vs. BRUSHPEN vs. BRUSH - Fight to the Death!!

Am 12 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I would say the brush because of the extra detailing with shading and stuff

  • Brush

  • its the brush. if you went back after, and drew the female with the brush, you would fully agree your control would reign.

  • I really liked this video. You've inspired me to finally order some illustration pens and try my hand at it. I got the Tombow set! I'd LOVE to see you do an illustration where all your characters team up, allowing you to use all 3 tools to their best. It would be really helpful to see how you might switch between them, especially so fresh off the comparison video.

  • bruuuush

  • Did I just watch a 15 minute video about pens?? Yes.... Yes you did.

  • Did I just watch a 15 minute video about pens? with an ad in it? Yes... Cause it's Jazza

  • The brush and ink for sure. There's a reason it works.

  • I love videos like this alot, but one thing I'd like to see on the Vs ones is one final try using the strengths of them all. Lets be real, except for the actual brush its not that much more work to use more than one inking a drawing. That brush was a big surprise to me though, that one def won

  • So much grayscale with the brush

  • Brushpen in a heartbeat, best of both world

  • i love the 3rd one most.... I think because it's more versatile then expected for something "outdated". I do wonder though. What would happen if you dipped the other pens into water?! 🤔 Also just to say those characters represented those tools unbelievably well....Love them all 😁

  • brush wins, ez

  • The main advantage of brush pens is portability. Brushes are more versatile, but toting an inkwell around and letting your artwork dry in the open air are hassles. I think this is the reason for the invention of the brush pen.

  • I think each has its own uses and versatility in an artist's toolbox. That said, I like using aqua brushes and brush pens/markers in my art, but I'm not particularly talented at drawing anymore. I do more coloring for my art than drawing.


  • The third! The paint brush could do al the things that the first and the second one did and even more!!! It looked finished and it felt like the third drawing of a person had a personality, what the first and second didn't had that much. Only the first and the second drawing dried fast, so you can colour it in faster. The third one didn't need that. Overall the third one is the one (for me).

  • Definitely the brush. It feels more complete!

  • What camera do you use to get that really clean image? 0:

  • Brush 100% it looks the most finished

  • The last brush looks really good and the art looks a bit better than the others


  • The brush wins it stands out from all the other ones

  • Bruh the classic brush absolutely kicked butt like it’s miles ahead

  • Brush Brushpen Pen.

  • Am I the only one here who likes using pencil more just watch what you can do with pencil compared to pen it’s amazing the drawings you can get with those perfect highlights and it feels so good on the fingers I could talk about this for hours so ima stop bow before it’s to late. Also he likes the realistic type I like anime style

  • Brush

  • The brush was so much better...

  • Brush ninja is amazing!

  • The brush. You can do so much with it, and it looks a lot more finished than the other two.

  • I feel brush wins, yes I am late since everyone else is agreeing

  • All is good but the 3rd drawing looks the best

  • I liked the brush most

  • the third is the best for me. thank you for your videos

  • You're super

  • anyone else noticed that the "Pen Character" is a *PILOT*, as in Pilot Pen

  • I can't judge based on ease of use, cuz I'm not the one usin' the things, so I can only judge based on the result so... The pen is more controlled (it'd probably be the one I'd use) and refined. The brushpen is more expressive, but uncontrollable, there are so many imperfections. The brush has the richness and expression of the brushpen, but has better control like the pen. You get best of both worlds with just a little more effort. Plus, like Jazza said, few secret tricks there. With the other two, you could make good linework, but with the brush, you could have a finished piece already. So... Brush wins, Pen second. Sorry Brushpen.

  • Brush look more natural

  • "Oldschool versus New Cool!" -Griffin McElroy

  • I think the brush is the best

  • I really like the ninja paint brush, its so cool!

  • The brush pen guy reminds me of Derek Hale-

  • Brush definitely won.

  • Brusg

  • All my boys are in the brush gang

  • The pen is a master but the brush is a jack of all

  • the brush for sure

  • The brush drawing is the most epic. 🖌🤺

  • It really depends on the artist. I can't use brush because I'm a clumsy oaf and there'd be ink everywhere. That's why I haven't gotten into watercolors either. The Faber-Castel PITT pens give me the control I want with a bit of freedom, while I break out the Microns when I need even more control, like a building. If I need more flow, like capes or treetops, I'll go with a brush pen but the PITT brush pen loses its tip too quickly. After seeing a friend use the Pentel Pocketbrush like you have I tried that and it works great for those moments. Expresso pens are good for sketching, Pilot V5 for lettering, markers can be useful...I really don't stick with one tool, but the PITTs, the Microns, and Pocketbrush are my three mains.


  • It’s the brush for sure

  • Brush all the way period

  • Oh my god the brush one is by far my favorite, it wins in my book because it looks like a full on finished illustration where as the other two look like they need color like they're just the line work

  • the brush ninja wins

  • I hard agree . Brush.

  • Third >>>>>

  • AAAAAA The pen is easier to control, the brush requires a lot of skill but the possibilities of what you can do have no limits, and the brush pen is some sort of an in between, needs some skill but is easier to work with and is still expressive... This is too difficult 😫

  • Brush, hands down created the most alive character. I can see how he would move. Perhaps his pose plays into it too, but it definitely looks the best

  • Brush of course

  • brush wins!!

  • Brush!! Look at how expressive you were able to get with it! By far the easy winner.

  • The brush wins

  • Brushpen

  • Brush is first cuz it can do all Brushpen second Pen last

  • What paper is Jazza using here? I've been trying to draw with ink on paper and no matter which I try, the paper gets all wet and twists like crazy.

  • honestly, everyone says the brush won, but i think all three are like children i adopted for some reason, because the two brushes act like twins except the 2nd one is basically born a wild child and the last one is a special child for making ink and watercolors existent, but i do know i would love them all if they were my children

  • Number three✌my lord!

  • What about a quill pen? I think this should have been included too.

  • Brush and ink!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️ That is the coolest artwork ever!!

  • I think the best on is the Brush Pen, because if you practice enough it can give you fine and thick lines, it feels nice, and something else: IT IS REFILLABLE! The Tombow is not, you have to buy a new one, and the Brush you need to ink, which isn't that bad, but It can get annoying. Really great video!

  • Is it going to fight back, like Rocky; or is it going to get knocked out, because it's outdated, like Rocky? Depends on how good a brush you buy

  • Good old reliable pen, unless you draw lines too fast and the ink fades out. But it is the best pen

  • The brush seems harder to use but the results win by a landslide

  • I am looking at the Tombow pen to add to my collection.... Like I need another... But the options availible here are the soft tipped or hard tipped... Suggestions?

    • depends on whether you're heavy-handed (then i'd recommend the hard tipped) or soft handed.. both can do crazy linework. but if you're heavy handed you'll never get the lines as crisp and small with the soft-tipped. hope this helps.

  • Yeah... concensus is in, man. The brush won.

  • Come on, of course the brush wins. It can EVERYTHING that the pen and pen brush can, and far more. It just takes practice. Tbh, I think it depends highly on preference and style (and of course, skill). The pen is best for technical and tiny details, the brush pen for natural line thickness variation. You can achieve both with the brush, but it's just so much easier and quicker with the other two. Btw, the brush that Jazza used is a 'Detail Brush'. It holds a very small amount of ink/water, that's why he has to dip into ink so often. There are brushes with a longer and/or thicker body but still pointy point, that hold faaar longer without having to dip it back in.

  • The brush no doubt

  • Tombow 1st due to simplicity, 2nd goes to the actual brush because did you see that art?! 3rd is the pentel brush pen, ew

  • It really just comes down to pros versus cons. Pen pros: easy to control for anything from major focal points in the artwork to finite details inside. Pen cons: line weight is fairly limited since it's only be on how far the tip can bend without ruining the pen or your page. Brush pen pros: line weight is near limitless, ranging from lines that can rival the pen. Brush pen cons: it's very hard to control, and if not careful, it can make the illustration look messy. Brush pros: Being an older medium, many secrets can be unlocked within, such as mixing the ink with water for cell shading and adding a splatter effect (giving a whole new meaning to teaching an old dog new tricks). Brush cons: ink takes so long to dry, forcing you to go from your non-dominant side to your dominant side when you ink.

  • Brush wins

  • Why does it have to be a winner? All three has their use so why not use all three? They're obviously all capable of creating artwork.

  • The brush is the most well rounded and has more tricks up its sleeve for sure!!

  • I've been wanting to see this for a while and it's one of my favorites! I love the look and feel of all the pens, but the brush really is making me want to practice ink illustration.

  • My favorite to work with is brushpen

  • 100% it's the brush it shows so much emotion and attached me straight away

  • Best for precision: Pen Best range of line weights: Brush pen Most versatile: Brush

  • The brush is the coolest imo.

  • Brush for sure!

  • The winner is the pencil. He carried them to heros

  • Brush for sure. Tons of diversity

  • Brush, a standard nylon brush can do some crazy wonders for such a simple tool. Sable brushes can do epiclly crazy stuff, my favourite for inking is a Winsor & Newton Series 7 in either 1 or 2 size. Try one some time if you can get ahold of em Jazza, cheers!

  • Maybe it would be cool to see an illustration using the pen, brushpen, and brush. Using each of them to there full potential. Either way amazing work on all 3, I only wish to be able to pull the stuff you do

  • Felt tip pen, it was not in the vid but tye felt tip pen is my personal best

  • Brush Pens is the winner! 😅Great show jazza!

  • Brush, definetly.

  • I wish i had a brush pen

  • Brush

  • I always recommended that fudonsuke pen when I worked in art retail. But only when the requirements fit it. No art tool is good at everything and has the same character. None of these three is the winner and none is the loser. They're all winners.

  • The brush wins in a stand alone type of tool but if you’re going to use other things like markers, then brush pen would be the way to go.

  • Brush won.