SPACE ARTIST SIMULATOR: Such Art! - Can I make a Masterpiece?...

Am 10 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
I played the demo for this game, "Such Art":
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  • Magnefique killed me XD also the reflection one is sick, I love it

  • I think you can play this game in VR

  • French Jazza should dive right in

  • Dive in that game as french jazza

  • 1:47 It's sacre *bleu* not blur

  • I really like French Jazza. Think you/he could do it with a Bob Ross attitude when the full game comes out? I laughed hard during the video with the French personality. Wish I had French Jazza as a teacher when I took Art.

  • Dive! ♥

  • passpart3

  • French Jazza is the best

  • Love that he has a German accent instead of French xD

  • Damn, those mountains looked really good!

  • this video is everything ii needed. maybe you should play this again. I'd love to see how your skill improves with this limited tool. French Jazza has his moments of fun but I'd prefer to have both Jazza and French Jazza appear in the next episode, because regular Jazza has his moments too

  • Please bring back french jazza

  • Id like to see the episodic series as normal jazza lol


  • I would love to see you do a series with this game when it releases, but you don't have to stress yourself with the frenchness. Just regular Jazza would be good. I don't know maybe try recreating famous works of arts? The Lady in Blue, The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries, 1812, St. Michael. I don't know

  • French Jazza: Obnoxious.... but Consistent 👨‍🎨 😂😂😂

  • please do more!

  • We need more French jaza

  • Fench jazza for life

  • doesn't this game have twitch integration? maybe jazza can stream this next time and have chat decide things

  • French Jazza definitely needs to return... That was a good time 😂

  • can we see french Jazza beat this game when it comes out fully?

  • go french jazza

  • i literally watched this on mute

  • Dive in as that jazza 2 .0 lol

  • wooh moreeeeeee such aaaaart!!

  • French jazza for the whole series

  • Such Art Sundays with the highest requested art scenes When it comes out

  • french jazza ? now i need to lean french!

  • One of the fun-nest videos I've seen in a long time, well done and stay awesome!!

  • I love the French Jazza-Bob Ross impression

  • C'est quoi cet accent horriblement diffamatoire et presque raciste?

  • We need more french jazza and more of this game

  • Yes do itttttt!!!! Continue the story of locked up French Jazza or Jazza is fine.


  • Do it. Specifically French Jazza. He rocks. Obnoxious but consistent

  • Cool

  • Oh

  • Yes French friend!! DIVE RIGHT IN!!!

  • Welp, French Jazza was what won you a subscription by me... Note that I like watching your content, but making me laugh earns the subscription

  • As soon as I saw French Jazza in the thumbnail i let out a slight "wheee". Yay, he's back! :D

  • Return of the King

  • When you’re French and you feel like you are listening to yourself speaking English like really😂😂😂

  • FPAS



  • FRENCH JAZZA! He makes me laugh so hard. My sister was very confused why I was laughing so much. MORE FRENCH JAZZA!!!

  • ALL THE FRENCH JAZZA ALL THE TIME (Well, maybe not all the time but definitely more French Jazza)

  • Yes dive right into the deep end of Space Artist Simulator as French Jazza. He is the best 😆


  • i dont know why but you make me laugh a lot

  • Where can I find the reflection painting?

  • Ahem.. Spacepartou... *_buh dum tss_*

  • Ahem... Spacepartou *buh dum* *_tss_*

  • French jazza sounds very German at times lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pasparteu definitely must play the whole game

  • Aaaah omg I love this, I want it

  • Shouldnt that be Jazzeuer?

  • I'm french, and I feel offended, but I can deal with french jazza for the rest of the game.

  • He should have been American Jazza

  • What about a new character such as Space Jazza, or E.T. Jazza, or Astrojazza?

  • #frenchjazza all the way

  • I want your French friend to continue doing this.

  • Is no one going to talk about how good jazza’s singing is really good

  • honestly, french jazza is the kEY to these vids. quality painting < COMEDY

  • Follow a bob ross tutorial on that game

  • Yay for French jazza

  • I love this game

  • I enjoy using Such Art.. it can be a little glitchy/imprecise, but overall its good. Sometimes the tool/brush-texture seems a bit off, but hopefully the Full version will be more accurate, and allow for more control with the tools. Fine art takes time (imagination & patience). If you would like to check out some other examples, I have some artwork in the Such Art community screenshots on Steam (S!N.R) Look for the Hologram man, and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Light Prism, Sleeping Rooster, eyeball flying in space, etc...

  • I laughed the whole way🤣😂🤣😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • The real question is... who's the next Benjamin? 🥖

  • I think french Jazza has a new saga ahead of him !!

  • I would love for french Jazza to come back and play the full game once it comes out and I would probably play along

  • Return of French Jazza pls

  • “I can have my artistic tantrums” Mood. 🤣 But seriously those are a thing


  • It'd be SO COOL if they made this game multiplayer, like you can visit other people studio or collaborating on a piece with your friends, It would be a new fun genre for games

  • French Jazza dives right in, with a deep melancholic creativity and lust for art.

  • Well we’ve now all claimed this as the jazz’s hame. It’s his

  • I think French Jazza should be fun, would also love to see other Jazza nationalities get involved in some episodes too

  • hi

  • I'm seriously livin for French Jazza. French Jazza is really hilarious 😆 And yes, PLEASE let French Jazza do it when the full version comes out.

  • I needed the return of space French Jazza. Made me happy. And yes!!! French Jazza must indeed dive back into the whole game and story when it comes out, please! 😁

  • I love French Jazza!

  • french jazza is really loud

  • I really like French jazza

  • I need a part 2 😭

  • god please we need more french jazza i bet of you

  • You play but let french jazza make cameos

  • you have to play the full game as French Jazza

  • Yaaaaaas! French Jazza is baaaaaaaack! I love French Jazza! Let's play some more of that game. I want to know what you got in exchange ☺️🤣😂🤣

  • This feels like it would be better suited in Virtual Reality

  • “Send, send, sure?” Is literally me when I turn in any school assignment.

  • Either French or Normal Jazza, Yes please :D

  • regular you please!!!!!!

  • French Jazza is perfect in EVERY WAY

  • French Jazza made me laugh so hard today and I have 5 surgery holes in my tummy made yesterday. So much pain!! Art is fun, art is pain! Bring me more French Jazza sacre Bleu!!

  • I love how French jazza sounds half French and half German

  • I would absolutely a series of this games when it's fully released! I will watch the entire thing regardless of whether it's French Jazza or Regular Jazza!!