Sculpting, but half the clay each time - How SMALL can I go?!...

Am 21 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • 6:26 Flashbacks to that one scene in Toy Story.

  • 16:35 thanks for the seizure

  • 6:05 I’m going ing to have nightmares

  • Can you make a siren head? I have a hack, do one part at a time then add them all together just before you bake it

  • 16:43 The smallest guy says : WEEEEEEEE

  • I luv ur vids!!!!!!!!I even sub

  • Why do I wanna eat the black and white clay....😐😐


  • Mild flash warning

  • The second to last one looks like fucking purple guy

  • Nice idea, and cool result A bit like russian dolls You should draw the smallest guys face with a fine line black pen 😋

  • Watching this while using my jazza sculpture kit!


  • Somthing about him not having eny teeth is uncanny...

  • Jazzas hands bother me.

  • How many times did you smell your hands during doing this or is it just me who likes the smell of clay on my hands

  • Why does he look like the boy from the Iron Giant-

  • This is cool. I bought bake clay few days ago. I have always wanted to play with them since I were young.

  • It hard to be the first but impossible to be the last -me and probably another person?

  • The sculptures get more cursed as they get smaller

  • In the end I just had flash backs of The Cat in the Hat Returns where each cat had another cat in the hat under their hat.. till the got all the way to tiny little cat z.. which was so small you could even see, little cat z..

  • Man I wish I had your talent!

  • They are too cute! 😂

  • They have no teeth so they are just going to gum their victims to death

  • This is a very funny sculpture group 😂🤣 but I think the white parts of the eye are too large

  • Requiem, Da.

  • 7:37 eekm bookm

  • 6:06 my new sleep paralysis demon

  • Every stage makes the face look creepier

  • their in weicht carrieng there self

  • Watching this made me feel like I was doing it too

  • This was so fun to watch lol

  • 6:02 Is that Herobrine?

  • He should’ve made mini versions of himself so at the end he could hold it

  • I did somwthing like this in my art class 2 years ago and it looked exactly like this but it was a girl in a different pose Im dead

  • 7:24 *me when i hear Jazza’s laugh

  • That thumb nail makes me uncomfortable

  • I wish I was this talented 😯

  • 9th one is nightmare fuel 😂💕

  • No hate but level 9 looks like purple guy doing a baldi cosplay

  • I commented this under a different channel a bit back: 7:44 - Precarious at best but he can do it, he’s reliable! I think we need this on some merch.

  • Like the Russian dolls

  • Sculpy has a "glue" called Bake and Bond that would have helped with this.

  • That sculpture is looking kinda THICC

  • Am I the ONLY one who feels like the character looks like that one puppet from Lazy Town?

  • Next you could make a life size person as a coat hanger.

  • respect.

  • I like Jazza but I'm not the biggest fan of when he uses art supplies in his boxes like this and says 'this is how far you can take these supplies'. *Technically* yes this is true, but it doesn't give enough credit to the fact that Jazza knows what he's doing, memes aside, and has a firm grasp of exactly how to make the supplies last and work for him the best. If you know how to combine clay to get the colors you want and you don't mess up on the proportions to get those colors and you don't mess up and lose clay via baking it wrong or breaking it or your concept not working out right, you can have a really substantial sculpture. As it's usually dealing with expensive items, I feel like there ought to be at least a mention that if you're inexperienced, it shouldn't be surprising if you fail to make the supplies go anywhere near that far.

  • This looks like something out of Dr Suess

  • I imagine this is what happen when you clone yourself.

  • i would like to see you do a collab with Ace of Clay, he's a p big inspo for my own sculpting adventures :)

  • a little terrified ngl

  • the end "show-of part" looks like a meam!

  • Your forgetting tongues

  • I always hated your drawing of yourself, the picture looks nothing like you. Just awful. Just hate your logo

  • Lvl 9 lookin' kinda creepy tho...

  • Love these sculpting videos

  • 牛逼🐮克拉斯👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jazzy:Making mini sculpture. Me who makes mini clay devices:First time?

  • Very cursed stuff but still something I could never do. Good job

  • This is so good Goose bumps

  • Engineer gaming

  • idk why but this reminds me of the *64 bits* meme

  • Wtf he baked Kids

  • I can really imagine this character to be a goofy but still skilled and powerful adventurer. He would carry a sword but still walk around in this outfit and be super goofy but still manage to slay monsters and explore scary dungeons

  • Me too!!!!

  • Josiah brooks you are so talented, jesus.

  • Video weirdly did make me happy! I say this because not much makes me happy even things I like, but something bout you and your sculpting that lets the viewer know everything is going to be alright 🙃

  • 7:05

  • 64 bits, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 4 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit!

  • the last one is my favorite

  • 6:51 Dude give me back my soul

  • That's really cool . And I hope in one of your next videos you can add a face to the tiny one and show us, but this is just so cool.

  • This was enjoyable!

  • Level nines face could be the purple guy from fnaf

  • My problem with the boxes is yes they are great value but it's still not accessable to a lot of people but mainly because of the timing of people losing jobs and money cause of covid and yes there's a segmented payment option but it's 3 weeks not 3 months .. like a lot of people don't get paid weekly so it doesn't really help ..

  • That is scary and amazing at the same time.

  • Love It !!!! I am going to make my (Big Stuff) that way thanks for the idea.

  • 64 bits, 32 bits, 16 bits, 8 bits, 4 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit, half bit, quarter bit, THE WRIST GAME

  • The character gets smaller and smaller but also creepier and creepier 😂

  • the sculptures went from 4k to 144p XD

  • i wanna see jazza try to animate with flipaclip

  • What colour do I want to use

  • 64 bits 32 bits 16 bits 8 bits 4 bits 2 bits 1 bit

  • what

  • 17:10 it’s like a 3d painting it’s getting smaller

  • Make a human size

  • Jazza

  • you also spend half of the video in the first figure, and so on

  • 3:53 someone get the raid spray, please?

  • The first one almost looks like Jim Carrey

  • When I saw de end i tocht what the fudch

  • insert comment for the algorithm to share this masterpiece

  • The last one needs eyes

  • He makes me happy when I get sad

  • I love this guy

  • To be completely honest I thought it was at se point going to break but good job it's really cool

  • He looks like my school bully

  • 6:15 This is why right at this moment, one of my humanoid art forms is presenting a toilet roll on the back of my toilet tan reverently, while the other one points at him while being doubled over laughing. Versatility is fun. 😂

  • This looks like something you'd see in a Dr. Suess book, nice job! 👍