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  • You should call him Day Dream

  • i like how he 's making a monster and putting blood everywhere but theres super chill music in the back XD

  • has anyone found the gift code yet?

  • You are a pretty professional artist.

  • Super cool! You are a great artist!

  • his name should be ryder

  • Teach us how to make characters

  • Can someone tell me what he is using on his huion to make the art( like what website or something)

  • I got the 22 for Christmas, it works amazingly

  • I actually think blank is a cool name for the rainbow adventurer

  • The first guy looks like the bully in every dramatic villain backstory

  • grians outro music

  • Jazzy bad drowning is my best drowning

  • Alternative title “kids get free commissions” XD

  • Great idea wonder if you’d consider working with us at Westminster children’s university

  • The moster looks like a balloon

  • his name could be... jack

  • It's like a Maze Runner creature X creeper

  • This looks like a mutated creeper

  • 1. Jazza on steroids

  • Does a artprogram come with the device u are drawing on? I am maybe getting one🙂

  • The first one looks like sans for the pose

  • Me over here laughing with my GAOMON tablet: *It works just fine.*

  • I thought he said Blake Me: oh he dose have a name

  • lol did I say eat I meant it lol

  • Idk if you hae done a challenge that we draw our art in our style and draw eat in your style lol DO IT!!!!

  • Hey Jazza can u do a kaiju drawing challenge that is very detailed any kaiju you want in pacific rim

  • 16:38 That thing look like it can take Alien and Predator on at the same time.....and still win😬

  • 8:33 kinda like my torso lol

  • 3:15 its a sword not a diamond

  • I’ve got to say, this art is absolutely amazing! And I thought I was good at drawing lol

  • What program do you use?

  • How about you try to recreate it blind, only by looking at the picture and not at the paper your drawing on

  • Thanks this helped with understanding how to create a scary monster

  • I really want to get a decent drawing tablet but it's too expensive 😫

  • Charles

  • I think he should be called Blue

  • Me: I see Majin buu

  • His name has to be Mini Jazza

  • what program are it??? (i don´t soeak englich)

  • I love the original adventurer drawing. It’s so adorable.

  • The hero of rainbow Island

  • That’s so badass I’m obsessed

  • can i have one i will never get one

  • That was so cool I was drawing because I want to art like your art

  • Legit looks like a super realistic creep also he had to much fun with the 2nd crazy drawing love the video.

  • name him Karl

  • You should’ve made a black hole behind the monster add in a little bit of the purple then black whole time

  • The monster looks like a doom demon

  • God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I really liked the mutant scorpion redraw

  • This was awesome. I’d love to see more of this

  • what if the green monster was the monster of rainbow island

  • I imagine Roy G. Bob has to fight the second monster who is part of the horde of monsters stealing the light on rainbow island. The dagger would be a diamond prism filled with light energy.

  • The first lad looks like he could be a Friday Night Funkin character

  • im wow cant speak

  • i thinking jack

  • Du hast krasse

  • Who else is trying to look in the comments to see where the Amazon card is lol 😂

  • Awwww I wanted one huion tablet like that

  • I kept waiting for the "Professional Artist" to show up, but it was just Jazza the entire time.

  • Damn, yeah i wouldent be able to do that. Ive only drew one face. and i dont have it cuz it was a school thing. But im better at land scapes

  • Is that boba fett in the background

  • I don't know why but you remember me of that flying wheelchair guy from the series "The flash" I'm sorry I don't know that wheelchair guys name but I know he's a villain though

  • You are amazing)))

  • Can lavoughn bailey get 1 of those Please

  • The 570 dislikes are the people that didn't get their art redrawn

  • Is it just me or does jazza look like a titan from attack on titan

  • pls continue this series. these are just amazing plssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ray N. Bow?

  • I skipped like 4 min of the video and he was still plugging the tablet. So I skipped like 4 more

  • I know I am late to the party but his name should be Aori

  • I’m subscribed

  • Rainbow adventurer name should be Razza RAINBOW + JAZZA = RAZZA

  • Simple just call him bo 😁

  • You should make a competition where you challenge really good artists around your area and try to make better art than them I personally would like to see that

  • you watched this video you want to be as good as him you realise you can't afford photoshop

  • taena mo galing mag drawing...naol..😂😂😂😂

  • R u gonna make another one of these?

  • 9:04 this will forever haunt me

  • If he didn't add the blood it wouldn't look as good

  • his name should be raino

  • Plz what is the logicial hwo he using

  • You should do Flipbooks

  • Hi, is it still open for trying to win ? Thanks ^-^

  • Your so kind to kids because they get the drawing u did and they probley send thanks ur the best I wish I was one of those kinds#xavodaman

  • Can you do some trevors next to eachother?sirenhead cartooncat cartoondog longhorse and cartoonmouse idk if u know cartoon mouse but u can look it on google😁

  • Epic

  • You didn't add the chainsaw in the tail chamber, that annoys me

  • His name is ethan

  • 16:32 that's SOOOOOOOOO cool and scary but it's still AWESOME!

  • Im just here to see if the people that drew those were here and commented on the vid

  • Epic man

  • i love the 6 handed boy

  • That’s my dream drawing tablet if it’s called a tablet I’m sooo jealous

  • Monsters are better than cartoons i reckon, in art styles i mean

  • jery

  • Hey Jazza! What tool do you use for your linework? Cheers!

  • POV: You're scrolling through the comments trying to find card timestamp even though you know it has already been redeemed. *I don't know either, kid.*