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10:42If I could talk to myself, 10 years ago...
16:54Testing TikTok Art Hacks and - THEY'RE GOOD??
7:03The BEST invisible ink money can buy!
The BEST invisible ink money can buy!Aufrufe 205 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
15:22Can I paint with my Tears? *EMOTIONAL*
Can I paint with my Tears? *EMOTIONAL*Aufrufe 362 Tsd.Vor 14 Tage
12:23OIL PAINTING - in 1 HOUR | 10 MINS | 1 MIN
12:31These TikTok Art Challenges are SO FUN!!
These TikTok Art Challenges are SO FUN!!Aufrufe 482 Tsd.Vor 28 Tage
14:59PRO ARTIST Redraws his Teenage Art!
PRO ARTIST Redraws his Teenage Art!Aufrufe 361 Tsd.Vor Monat
11:04Microsoft Word is an AWESOME Art Program?!
11:58ARTIST V.S ROBOT - Who can DRAW the best?!
I GOT MY DREAM ART STUDIO!!!Aufrufe 359 Tsd.Vor Monat
10:40Why you're Sketching WRONG and how to FIX IT!
7:48i customized youtubers as chairs.
i customized youtubers as chairs.Aufrufe 336 Tsd.Vor Monat
15:28PEN vs. BRUSHPEN vs. BRUSH - Fight to the Death!!
13:152,600 YEAR OLD Ink Medium - This is SO COOL!!
13:48This "ART PROGRAM" was NOT what I expected...
15:09I tried Drawing with ONLY Squares...
I tried Drawing with ONLY Squares...Aufrufe 594 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate


  • I love L lol.

  • Wouldn't be the first time I've choked up, watching your videos and most certainly won't be the last, I'll bet. But, I'm glad you never gave up. You're my favorite artist on DEname for a reason and it's these moments when I'm reminded why. While you've got a lot of fun happening on this channel, we've also shared some sentimental moments together as well and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Especially when I'm struggling with my own depression and/or anxiety. This video was super touching and I just wanna say thank you because I feel like I'm in that spot you were ten years ago right now. This video gave me some hope and reminded me that things will get better. (Also, I'll be thinking about what to do for that little challenge. I think it'll be interesting. I know I don't have much time to join the competition, but I'll do it, even if I run out of time.)

  • you should make a video on all the pencils shading sets like you did you're marker video. ;)

  • Ascot tie?

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hey jazza if you watch the andimation channel he has this tool for his flip books you can buy it on his website it's a light tablet like item that lets you turn the white light on and then you can animate and see your previous frame as your drawing on paper!

  • Im impressed

  • Nice one Jazza....yeah...nah! ......LMAO

  • I wasn't ready for this video 😢😭

  • What’s that glove you where for?

  • BUT jar jar is gorgeous

  • Isn't that just a greylid (writing pencil)

  • You should make another animation short. This one was amazing.

  • Why did I read this like Ever make up owner

  • I really like the thumbnail wow 😱

  • Wow Caitlin is so gorgeous! funny! and just WOW!

  • Jazza: *Picks up hot tool* Me (literally thinking): Wait for it... Jazza: OW! Also Jazza: Yeah, don't try this at home. I'm honestly not being mean but every video I've watched that involves him using hot tools, he accidentally burns himself. On the bright side, at least he's okay because if he wasn't, I would definitely miss his fun, creative videos.

  • This is amazing... however sorry i gotta be a pedantic Geek here but... if it’s venom singing His own take on you spin me round... shouldn’t it it be more like “Watch out Here We come. You spin us right round spiderman, right round like a Web”.... I’m so sorry Venom is one of my favorite Antiheroes and superheroes in General (as a villan I think he’s meh) and part of it is the whole “We are Venom” thing where he consists of 2 bings, the Venom Simbiote and Eddie Brock Together (also something kinda awesome about something that Scary looking Being the good guy), hearing venom say “I” or “Me” just Feels wrong and is really more of a Carnage thing. Everything else, the Video, the artwork, even elements of the song and the impression are Amazing... but venom saying I or Me just makes me Cringe XD

  • You have a beautiful family Jazza, and you deserve them

  • The front screen looks like old goerge not found edit I'm crying

  • 9:58

  • i have a blackwing pencil... i didnt expect this video since i thought it was just a cooler looking pencil

  • You should do a backward drawing challenge: shading first(with no shape or outline) Normal color next Draw the outline last

  • Yes jazza you made a wideo no not a video a wideo 🤦😂😆

  • very touching

  • thats a bit sad


  • Also just use all 3. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Combining all 3 in the right way could make some really cool artwork.

  • So cool idea

  • We want a new youtubers as chairs video.

  • What tablet did jazza use in this vid?

  • I rewatch Jazza’s older videos a lot and after all these years this art is still incredibly impressive. I like rainbow and vibrant colors so I guess that’s why I like it so much. The vibrant colors work really well with the black background.

  • Loving the energy in this video lol.

  • Draw Godzilla or a king Kong

  • Draw Godzilla or King Kong

  • I hope whoever cleans that room gets paid enough to do so

  • Spoopyy

  • I want to suggest a challenge, London punk

  • It looks like Jazza is being watched by someone and even being forced to say what they want as well as drawing... He keeps looking at the side... So strange... Is the plant keeping you hostage???!! Is this the beginning of some riddle? Do you need help? Draw a BAGUETTE if you need!!! I'm confusion hahaha Are you going to do a collab with Moriah Elizabeth?

  • Nice swatchdogs to watch dogs transition

  • This is honestly one of my favorite things you've ever done. Keep writing ;;)

  • Anyone else trying extremely hard to ignore the squeaks because you want to watch the video and listen to what he's saying? 😭

  • ;_;


  • You buying the blackwings: Me getting it free then finding about the cost: WHAT!!

  • You might as well just sculpted it from scratch. It looks like a sculpture not a custom figure lol.

  • I feel so bad for that koala toy it was so cute

  • You made the stencils right? Except the fish

  • Yo that second tree looks like some straight dank

  • What your hand writing is better then mine

  • If you liked this you should really try diamond painting, exactly the same thing, placing little beads except on a sticky canvas. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cool

  • this made my spine tingle. It was amazing!!

  • What makes me cry is binge watching how to train your dragon. I miss the movies so much.

  • Every so often I come back to this video so I can hear Mrs Jazza roast the absolute shit out of Jazza

  • All of the dislikes are people with that mustache.

  • Okay so after spending SO MUCH MONEY and SO MUCH TIME trying to find the best alcohol markers thinking and hoping that you'll find a hidden gem...only to find out that it's the two brands most known for being the best alcohol markers. This would piss me off ngl. 😹😹😹😹😹

  • thats how you make an ad...you cant even tell this is an ad..lol

  • That’s how I made art at elementary/half middle school but with Giotto markers instead of crayons

  • salad lady at 13:29

  • the third one was bascally before covid and after

  • You could start by drawing something that contradicts all of the characters statements, like you could draw Clair as your dream date and then when she says I wished you had drawn me you could say “I did!!”

  • 😎👍👍👍

  • That 3 minute self advertisement was obnoxious (~4:00-7:00 mins).

  • he has not done any of the video suggestions

  • "I'm cringe in the best way possible" *Same*

  • that was the funniest thing I had ever hear the pink one was so funny when she or he say the tongue twister

  • Jazza, that video was a good 😌 for me to get my stuff from you in my car 🚘 the other stuff on your way out and you don’t get a hold for a couple hours so I’m going to go to the house 🏠 do it in a couple days if you’re still interested I would love 💕 I could have it a couple weeks I don’t want it in a while I’m not Sure 🤔 or not just because 😏 has been going through all my work I have a good 😌 that you don’t know that you don’t think 🤔 would ever want it for a long period and then we could just have you do something you would have to get your own thing you could just say you know you do that I love 💕 I think 🤔 you could do you know I don’t think 💭 can you make a big decision and

  • Jazza, that video was on a DEname channel in a movie

  • Jazza, that video was not a good idea... that was my predictive text.

  • LOVE my Blackwing Mattes!

  • i personally love it. using it mainly now since i first discovered it at the biennale of art 2019

    • all of them are hard to erase if u pressed a little bit too hard, but thats the single only downside imo

  • make art with poop do it now before i unsubscribe

  • Awesome & Hilarious!! 💖😂👍

  • I need more

  • This is wonderful! Really wonderful. Thank you Jazza🙏

  • On the left of the artwork, you can see Tale Teller recording everything

  • Could not give yourself at least ten hours 😂😂😂

  • Don’t mind me I’m just crying

  • Uh sorry what.... LOL NICE JOKE XD