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14:47LIQUID GRAPHITE: Revolutionary or rubbish?
11:17HOT KNIFE Foam Sculpture - SPEED CHALLENGE!!
15:40Customizing Giant THRIFT SHOP Paintings!
Customizing Giant THRIFT SHOP Paintings!Aufrufe 874 Tsd.Vor 22 Tage
10:42If I could talk to myself, 10 years ago...
16:54Testing TikTok Art Hacks and - THEY'RE GOOD??
7:03The BEST invisible ink money can buy!
The BEST invisible ink money can buy!Aufrufe 219 Tsd.Vor Monat
15:22Can I paint with my Tears? *EMOTIONAL*
12:23OIL PAINTING - in 1 HOUR | 10 MINS | 1 MIN
12:31These TikTok Art Challenges are SO FUN!!
14:59PRO ARTIST Redraws his Teenage Art!
PRO ARTIST Redraws his Teenage Art!Aufrufe 379 Tsd.Vor Monat
10:42Marvin's Magic Drawing Board: SECRETS REVEALED...
10:21CHATROULETTE ART: Is this a good or bad idea?...
11:04Microsoft Word is an AWESOME Art Program?!
Microsoft Word is an AWESOME Art Program?!Aufrufe 352 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
11:58ARTIST V.S ROBOT - Who can DRAW the best?!
ARTIST V.S ROBOT - Who can DRAW the best?!Aufrufe 835 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
I GOT MY DREAM ART STUDIO!!!Aufrufe 364 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
10:40Why you're Sketching WRONG and how to FIX IT!
7:48i customized youtubers as chairs.
i customized youtubers as chairs.Aufrufe 342 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate


  • is it just me or did the heads just get smaller than before?

  • 5:40 what about Mickey Mouse leaving the clubhouse

  • The last one is my absolute favourite 🤩. Oh and YES. 🥁 🥁 🥁 I liked and subscribed

  • Godzilla; the contrast to the scene definitely takes it over the top for me, and I would be amused whenever I think about the ladies obsequiously, blissfully picking flowers within the context of absolute, unstoppable destruction. :-)

  • You should start a kickstarter for your studio. where we can donate without you having to do anything.

  • aye is it just me or does the girl on the front of the box look like dora

  • This is awesome! Oh gosh, I have the same dream on my own to have a multipurpose studio. Congratulations Jazza to you and your team. This is a huge step forward. I wish I could live in Australia so I could be part of your team. Will you consider worldwide applicants? hehehe Wish you all the best! Zivi

  • I always love the creativity that you put in your art and I really hope that your dream will come true. Salam from Malaysia.

  • ❤️☺️ Jazza saying “You’re my hero” .... WHAT!?!? Dude.... Bro.... YOU’RE the hero in this story 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m 53 yrs old and watching you, your family and team makes me want to relocate to Australia to work at your studio - and I’m not even an artist LMAO I decided to try learning about art as grief therapy after losing my fiancé last year and his spirit led me to so many great art DEnamers such as you. I was in darkest place of my life and you sharing your amazing story has helped me more than you know. Thank you ☺️❤️👏🏻

  • I wanna be in your team! I wish i leaved there:( And congratulations about everthing happening to you and your team, you all deserved all of this. I cant even imagine how serious you are even if i know that you are selling all of your artworks. This is a big dream come true i and these people around the world support you with all of our hearts❤️ i wish you the best!:)

  • A lovely day to pick flowers... 🙈you're so disturbed 😂

  • My friend has been comparing you and bob Ross’s facial structure in ibis paint and according to his calculations you’re Bob Ross reborn so congratulations Jazza!

  • 5:30 That could easily be a short scene in Family Guy

  • stechy jazza

  • Ruining paintings be like

  • I feel the same way about crochet. It's something I do to occupy my hands and pass time when I'm bored. By the way, there were several examples from online that you showed that were actually crochet and not knitting. There are some things that can only be done with one or the other. Knitting is something I have yet to learn. I prefer hands on learning and had to teach myself to crochet after being shown several times and forgetting or just not understanding. All of my mom's knitting stuff is packed up, I believe she didn't even know how to knit herself, so I can't practice that now anyway, which is sad. Oh well. You've got me wanting to try pencil sketching.

  • Make sure to key card the studio's exterior doors. Parasocial relationships has audience thinking they can drop by for an unannounced visit.

  • Jazza went to watch Mortal Kombat instead of demon slayer mugen train 🤣

  • I love that Jazza has a hype man now.

  • Blending stump you don’t know what a blending stump is

  • 20 bucks for a stencil lol

  • lmao watch on 2x speed

  • 🤣 this was so fun to watch!

  • My drawing style is "The rough sketch looked better"

  • I that tankman behind him to the left?

  • Grubhub: N O T E D

  • 0:30 that is what there are inside copic

  • This game is just fancy deviant art

  • Was expecting something a little more professional. These are not anything I would hang in my home. Except maybe the dragon

  • Kids Use : Hand(fingers) Men Use : Blender Legends Use :Ear Buds😂

  • LOVE the dragon <3

  • Oh superraedizzle tried to use tha water suliable graphite putty

  • I would have done subzero with the water just because of the icy feel the water could have done. Granted haven’t finished this video yet Just my current though as he flipped the lid

  • Now u should take them back to the thrift shop so people can have these cool paintings lol

  • Woow jazza is soooo tale Talented!!! While he was drawing the aqua man it was raining outside 😱😱

  • This video may have been made 7 years ago, but the advice is pretty solid! Thanks jazza!

  • It looks like the gruffalos cousin! Haha

  • I’d love to buy the original paintings but i live in Asia and I don’t think my father would agree. I’ll support in anyway i can but I can’t buy anything

  • I just came across this and what you have done with these paintings is amazing! I love the paintings with Godzilla and the dragon!

  • That is probably the best drawing I've ever seen

  • 10:54 😂

  • Me to the thumbnail: That's what she said~

  • The monster is thick

  • Me :- here for the first time Sees the intro GOTTA SUB HIM NOW!!!

  • Creative! These arts were somewhere in the corner no one was interested looking at them, you brought life in them👍 just be careful of destroying millions of Dolores worth art.

  • What's a blending stump For real

  • Giants be like

  • Ellerine sağlık çok iyi olmul

  • So damn cool - you are such an amazing person and Artist. Congrats in your next adventure in your new space and look forward to seeing so much more from you and your team. Well done. Bring it on.

  • the price of those paints (michael harding) is depending on where in the world you live. In europe you can get one tube for about 8 to 30 bucks.

  • yess you can your tears and sweat are just saline water from inside your body

  • I know ur supposed to use the melt and poor soap in this situation, but if I was in this position i would have cut up the soap into tiny pieces, added a tiny amount of water, and then microwave stir microwave stir microwave stir and so on

  • Happy late birthday🎂

  • Jazza before you start the auction you should scan and digitize the artworks

  • <3

  • spheaaaar and cilindaaar xD I love you accent

  • I am wondering if it would erase with a normal eraser

  • lets go jazza we are supporting you the whole way

  • "Practice doesn't make perfect......." "Perfect practice makes perfect"

  • Fluffala was actually the blue Kuala

  • Can I buy the first one Edit: and the last too

  • I'm pretty sure I was already subscribed but apparently I'm not???? Not sure what's going on there. I subscribed again of course

  • wow its so NICE make MORE

  • a

  • Being someone who has just started their journey with markers, and until a year back had access to only Camlin Kokuyo markers, some questionable/not so familiar markers vs Copics and ShinHan Touch markers, I do feel that this video is not a fair judgment for ShinHan Touch Markers (brush-tipped) as they do actually compare to Copic and are more affordable than Copics. In the longer run, it only makes sense to compare these two as they are the only ones with a bigger range and refills.

  • I [email protected]&ing love this channel!

  • I waa eating........

  • Good luck to all of you who will be bidding!!!

  • I love what you do but I can’t buy anything at the moment so just so you know your awsome

  • It is remarkable how much you have achieved as a professional artist without ever actually selling much of your own art! I'm definitely moving to check out the auction but I can't imagine my budget will be big enough for your popularity ;)

  • Where can I find/ buy individual ShinHan touch markers in Australia? "P.S. Please don't throw the touch markers" very broke designer

  • Your my artist idol I love you bro I am also ten

  • Go Jazza, go! 🤞🤞🤞🤞😊

  • CROWD FUND. Let those of us who can throw money at you to get it off the ground.

  • ...._........1.....5..665_....___...6.6.7....___.......-......---.....664?..2.2....$..3.2.2.

  • So good! CONGRATS

  • use a drone Next time with a brush hanging ,

  • Captain Peggy haha I get it like Peggy Carter, Captain America’s girlfriend

  • Did you try to reach out to Linus from LTT? For sure they would help with server and so.

  • I thought I was the only person with stickerphobia 😆